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    Default Planning a Homebrew World PEACH

    The Realms of the world long ago suffered a great war. In the time since, the Gods have been distant. The world has undergone great changes. None alive today, even the great Dragons, recall the world that was. In the last Gods War most of civilization, and with it, the history of the realms, was lost. What exists today is a far cry from the world of old. Yet now, the Gods have awakened from their slumbers. They have started to return more fully to the world of the Mortals. But they have found a considerably different world, and so, they now reach through clandestine means to recapture the realms for their own.

    This is Ordt.

    POST 1: Cosmology and History of the Realms

    Ordt is the Material Realm. It is surrounded by the realms of the Elementals, The Shadow, Positive and Negative Energies, and other less explored realms. Between these realms exists The Aether. The Aether is the Astral Realm. It holds and binds the other realms together.

    During the last God's War residence of the Realms all came to battle on Ordt. When the war ended the Gods closed their portals, stranding the remnants of their armies on Ordt. In Slumber, they continued to empower their Clerics, and other worshipers, but there were few left that could create the passage ways from the Realms directly. As such, many of the stranded stayed and colonized the Realm, along with the races already native.

    The world has moved on for many centuries. The great powers of the Old World were either destroyed or have died int he time since.

    The Dragons: Between the God's War and their own hatred of each other the Dragons have become quite rare. Those that remain tend to be young and just beginning to find their way in the world. However, this does mean that they have lost the hatred and the bindings of the old ways. As such, there are no longer defined Alignments for many of the Dragons. In these days it is just as likely to find an Evil Gold Dragon as it is to find one that is Good. Much of their temperment was based on the societal norms, the teachings of the earlier generations, and the constant rivalries and wars they led against each other. With those factors gone, they now are forming their own beliefs, allegiances and understandings.

    The Giants: Once proud and strong, like the Dragons they have begun to die out. Few of the Frost and Storm Giants remain, keeping mostly to their own kingdoms, which have dwindled and faded. The others have become even less populace. The great Giant kingdoms of old are no more. Now they live sporadically in small clans and tribes.

    Liches, Vampires, and other "Immortals": Many of these creatures were pawns of the Gods of Death and Magic. When the God's War raged, they were called upon as leaders of their armies. As such there are now no known creatures of these types in the world. If any have survived they do so in seclusion and secrecy.

    Ordt is a world of great differences.

    The Northern Mountains are deep with forests. The area is temperate, and home to many creatures, sentient and not. Dwarves have carved out homes deep in the mountains, which they fight with against the orcs, goblins, and others. The forests are home to the Elves. They are quick and have long memories. They have peaceful relations with a race of large sentient creatures known as Yowies. These creatures are strong and hearty, they live in the deepest areas of the forests, where even the elves dare not tread. Both hold their cities high in the trees. Men and occasionally others have created few settlements in the North-Lands. The forests are thick, their protectors powerful, and few Men have lore and wit enough to make the pacts needed to clear the land for their own use.

    The Mid-lands are lush with growth. Plains, hills, valleys and the like are common. This land is home to mostly Men, Gnomes, Halflings and Leonids. The plains range from hot and humid to cool and mild. Agricultural, hunting and trading traditions are strong and of great importance in these lands. These lands are home to the great merchant houses of the Gnomes. The Elves, Yowie and Dwarves rarely venture this far from their lands. Though occasionally Orcs, Goblins and others, displaced from their homes in the North-Lands will form havens here. However, these, unlike in the North, tend to be free lands. Law and order is held in these lands by the Leonids who claim this as their ancestral home. Orc and Goblinoid townships are often mistrusted, but due to the oaths they have signed to be part of the trade routes, they more or less are reasonably safe.

    These lands are hot, humid, and home to the rainforests of Ordt. Perhaps the most dangerous of the lands, few have explored here in any detail. It is said that at the heart of these lands is the ancient kingdom of Fhardahng. Once powerful and prosperous, during the God's War, it fell and was cursed. Legend says the Land reclaimed what it was owed based on old oaths. This land is thick with beasts and vermin. The Scuteri are the new kings of the Region, though there are tales of others, the Elves, even the Yowie, making homes here. It is said if you are brave of heart, that great riches and vast power lay in these lands, one must only survive to claim it.

    The East-lands are dank and full of swamps and desperation. The lands are controlled by a consortium of the Five Fens. The Men of the Red Fen harvest and grow. The Orcs of the Black Fen are mighty hunters. The Azilar of the Green Fen are potent shaman. The Kasari of the Golden Fen are considered to be among the wisest seers of any land, and their services are sought far and wide. It is their ability to foretell the future and see what others cannot that has kept them a vital part of this alliance. The Gnomes of the Shadow Fen are quick-witted and have great skills at tinkering, sneaking and misdirection. This land was the site of the last great battle of the God's War, many believe it is because of this that the land is so blighted and desolate. The stains of war are heavy here.

    The South-Lands:
    The lands of ice, snow and darkness, the South is a dangerous place. The races of Men are scarce. Only the Dwarves and the Vartook have carved any real niche from the frozen wastes of the South. This land is habitable for only one reason, it is the richest of the lands for mining. No other land holds the equal of the veins of Adamantine, Mithral, and other precious ores. Additionally there is a precious and powerful commodity here. The White Ice of the South is so cold to the touch that it can freeze Men to their very bones. It is sought often for Arcane purposes, as well as in the crafting of weapons, whom it lends this quality to. Weapons crafted from the White Ice deal an additional 1d8 of Cold Damage when they strike. However, in any combat in which they are wielded the wielder takes 2 points of cold damage. Even creatures of the Cold Sub-type are vulnerable, taking half damage from such weapons.

    The Waters of Ordt:
    There are many oceans, rivers, and other waterways that crisscross the surface of Ordt. From these places come the Merfolk (Aquatic Humans), Darfellan, and the Cephali. The Cephali have large holdings in transportation, both of people and materials. The Merfolk hold great banks beneath the waves, and the Darfellan are often found as laborers, pirates and hunters of the waves. One further race, once one of the most powerful of the land of the Waves, has found their way almost to extinction. The Orcani are strong and when provoked can prove to be mighty foes. However, they have fallen from their place of power, and in the centuries since, have become simple of mind. There are many stories of great cities lost beneath the Oceans and Lakes of Ordt. Either sunken in war, or built by long forgotten kings and queens of the Waves.
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    Default Re: Planning a Homebrew World PEACH

    Races of Ordt:

    I will work on some more of the fluff, but I wanted to get mechanics out there for PEACHing.


    The Azilar are a race of rat-like humanoids that inhabit the East-lands. They are a shamanistic people, embracing a tradition of worshiping natural forces and ancestors.

    Game Statistics:
    -2 Strength, +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma

    Small Size: As a small creature, Azilar gain a +1 bonus on Attacks and Armor Class. They also recieve a +4 bonus on Hide checks. However, they must use smaller weapons and only have 3/4 the carrying capacity of Medium Creatures.

    Base Speed: 20ft.

    Dark-Vision 60ft.


    Speak Common and Azili


    The Cephali are an aquatic race that has arisen creating a travel network all across the waters of Ordt. They are hearty and smart but tend to be slow witted and boorish.

    Game Statistics:

    +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma

    Medium Size: As a Medium Creature the Cephali have no size related special qualities.

    Base Speed: 30ft

    Swim Speed: 20ft. A Cephali gains a +8 on Swim checks and may take 10 even when threatened or it would otherwise not be possible.

    Breathe Underwater: The Cephali are able to breathe water as easily as they do air.

    Low-Light Vision 60ft.

    Speak Common and Cephali


    As per Stormwrack.


    The Dwarves are native to the Northern Mountains, though they have branched out to the South-Lands to build mines to take advantage of the deep deposits of minerals.

    As per PHB


    The elves are one of the oldest races in the world of Ordt. There are two main branches of the Elven race. The most prevelent live in the forests of the North. They are smarter than their wild brethren from the jungles of the West-lands.

    As per PHB


    As per Monster Manual


    The Half-Elves of Ordt are considerably more rare than in many other realms. They this is due to the limited territory that the Elves and Men share.

    Otherwise As Per the PHB.


    As Per the PHB.


    As Strongheart Halflings FRCS.


    As PHB


    The Kasari are wise and strong willed. They have carved out a niche in the inhospitable fens of the East-lands. The Kasari believe that they were once servants of the great Dragons of Ordt. Whether this is true or not is unknown, though their appearance and capabilities does lend credence to the stories.

    The Kasari are able to reach through the haze of the ages and access memories and information otherwise lost. They can also turn their energies into seeing aspects of the future. This has given them a place as seers, as powers behind the thrones of the East-land Fens. In this capacity, they have ensured that despite not being the most hardy of species, they are safe in a harsh world.

    Game Statistics:

    -2 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Con, +4 Wis, -2 Cha

    The Kasari are quick but weak. They have a poor constitution after generations of scraping by on scraps and their reptilian nature makes them susceptible to changes in their environment related to temperature and moisture. The Kasari are exceptionally intuitive and strong willed, however they have trouble relating to the world around them as they often find their minds slipping into the past or future.

    Medium: Kasari have no special qualities based on their size.

    Eye of Ages: The Kasari have an innate ability to see into either the past or future. Kasari may make a check similar to Bardic Knowledge. When the Kasari is seeking a bit of information, either from the past or future, they may roll a D20+Wisdom+Character Level and compare to the Bardic Knowledge chart in the PHB(pg. 28). Looking to the future raises the DC of the check by 5. Use of this ability takes at least 10 minutes, and if seeking particularly obscure information it may at the DM's discretion take as long as an hour. While using Eye of Ages, the Kasari is in a trance, similar to sleep for other races.

    Speed: 20ft. Kasari are slow and cumbersome due to their awkward body shapes.

    Languages: Common and Kasar.


    The Leonid are a race that has emerged as the true leaders of the Mid-Lands. They have created a strong system of bounty hunters, law enforcers and rather than installing themselves as kings, they have installed themselves as constables, sheriffs, and are the martial arms of most of the townships of the Mid-Lands. In addition, they hold a very private kingdom in which the elders of the Tribe lead.

    The Eldest, Astlar, has crafted a vision for the Mid-Lands. He recognizes how powerful his people are, but he also sees that their beastly nature can often lead them to act rashly and with emotion. As such he created their current structure to the outside world. He has cast them to the world as protectors, as guardians and as the source of wisdom and law in the Mid-lands. Few races of the Mid-lands have the military might, the or the strength to oppose their bands of Lawmakers. Not to mention that Leonid have been known to tear a Man to pieces with their bare hands.

    Game Statistics:

    +4 Str, -2 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Int, -4 Cha

    Medium: As medium creatures Leonid do not receive any special bonuses related to their size.

    The Leonid are incredibly strong and hardy. They have evolved from the great hunting cats of the Mid-Land savannahs. As such they are have inherited the strength of the Hunting Cats. They also have great endurance, able to harry and chase their prey over great distances. Due to their size and bulk they are sometimes clumsy. However, they still have somewhat primal minds. While far from stupid, they are not as intelligent as the average human. They also tend to act rashly, and with emotion rather than forethought.

    Natural Weapons: The Leonid are still more than capable of using their natural weapons in combat. Despite having sharp teeth easily capable of rending flesh, the changes in their jaw structure that allow them to speak and articulate verbally, has also caused them to lose the needed structure to use their bite in combat. However, they still have incredibly sharp claws, easily able to rend the flesh of a Man, even able to open a suit of armor like a sack of grain.

    Leonids may use both claws as a full attack, make a single claw as a standard action, or may combine their claws with manufactured weapons. A Leonid wielding a weapon in one hand may make a single claw attack as part of a full attack action, the claw is made as a secondary natural attack rather than being treated as Two-Weapon Fighting.

    Bonus Feat: All Leonid are trained to use their claws to their best advantage from the time they are a cub. As such they gain Improved Natural Attack: Claws as a Racial Bonus Feat.

    Due to this, the Leonid deal 1d8 damage with their claws.

    Fire Sensitivity: Like the Great Cats of old, the Leonid despise fire. They take a -2 penalty on saves against spells with the [Fire] sub-type or that deal fire damage. In addition, any time they are successfully attacked with fire, they must make a Will Save DC equal to 5 + Damage Dealt. If they fail they are shaken for the remainder of the scene.

    Darkvision: As they are the descendants of nocturnal hunters, the Leonid are able to see as well in the dark as a Man can in day light. They possess Darkvision to a distance of 90'.

    Natural Hunters: The Leonid receive a +4 racial bonus on Survival, Jump, and Climb checks. This reflects their racial capabilities as hunters, their ability to move quickly, making leaps, and using their claws to climb, and their animal nature allows them to track their prey and to find food in even the most difficult environments.

    Languages: The Leonids once spoke a language of their own, but in the modern times it has been lost. A few of the elders still speak this language, but it is not widespread even amongst the tribe. Leonid speak Common.


    The Merfolk of Ordt are among the oldest creatures left on the planet. There are stories of them existing well before the God's War. There are rumors of cities so deeply sunken that the other races dare not dive. The Merfolk hold secret knowledge and vast arrays of lost treasure.

    Game Statistics:

    -2 Strength, +4 Constitution, -2 Charisma

    Merfolk are hearty but relatively weak. They have adapted to pressures deep beneath the waves and are physically sturdy, however they are slender and lithe, lacking great musculature.

    Movement: Base land speed of Merfolk is the same as a Human, 30ft. They also have a Swim Speed of 60ft. Merfolk may always take 10 when swimming and receive a +8 racial bonus on swim checks.

    Medium: As medium creatures, Merfolk gain no advantages based on size.

    Weapon Training: All Merfolk are trained in the use of nets and tridents. Merfolk Monks may treat these as Special Monk Weapons.

    Tongue of the Sea: Merfolk have the ability to speak and understand aqautic animals. They may use either Handle Animal or Diplomacy when training such creatures. This ability does not extend to any aquatic creature that is not of the Animal Type.

    Languages: Merfolk speak Mermish and Common.


    As per the Monster Manual.


    The Scuteri are a race of powerful but dimwitted creatures. They have taken ownership of the West-lands through their strength and numbers. They greatly outnumber the other sentient races that call the jungles of the West-lands home, this combined with their physical prowess means few challenge them. The Yowie and Elves of the area generally live high above in the canopy of the trees, and as such the Scuteri often do not realize that their kingdoms overlap. the Yowie and Elves accept the rule of the Scuteri on the ground as it protects their kingdoms above.

    Game Statistics:

    +4 Strength, -4 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, -4 Intelligence

    The Scuteri are powerfully built and possess immense strength, however they are slow and lack agility. They are hearty creatures, but they lack intelligence. They view the world as what they see. Anything more is unimportant.

    Medium: As Medium creatures, Scuteri gain no special benefit due to their size.

    Natural Weapons: The Scuteri are mostly vegetarian. They do scavenge on occasion but prefer to eat bamboo and other such plants. In order to eat these plants they use long sharp claws to slice the bamboo into small pieces. These same claws are deadly in combat. Measuring several inches, these claws can easily tear through the flesh of most beings, and look even deadlier than they are.

    Scuteri may use both claws as a full attack, make a single claw as a standard action, or may combine their claws with manufactured weapons. A Leonid wielding a weapon in one hand may make a single claw attack as part of a full attack action, the claw is made as a secondary natural attack rather than being treated as Two-Weapon Fighting.

    The Claws of a Scuteri due to their incredible sharpness and length deal 1d6 points of damage and threaten a critical hit on an 18-20.

    Language: The Scuteri are unable to speak most languages due to their primitive vocal structure. They must spend twice as many skill points to learn a new language and do not gain bonus languages from a high intelligence. Scuteri begin play speaking only Scut, which is a combination of vocalizations, posturing, and shifts in scents. As such other races cannot speak Scut, though they can learn to understand it.


    The Vartook are a race of powerful hunters and gatherers. They have learned to eek out an existence where others have found nothing. They are native to the South-lands, the only sentient species that has adapted to live natively in such a harsh landscape. They survive by hunting fish, seals, whales, and other marine creatures and cultivating beds of kelp. Unlike the Dwarves that have moved into the mountains and created their own strongholds, the Vartook exist living directly off the ice floes and the tundras.

    Game Statistics:

    -4 Dexterity, +4 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma

    The Vartook are hardy but cumbersome. They can survive in climates, even tolerating the frigid waters of the South-Land when hunting. They are however slow and plodding creatures. They have a strong sense of understanding of the natural order, a natural Wisdom. However, due to generations of isolation they can sometimes be strange or alien in their perspectives.

    Frigid Adaptation: Due to generations of living amongst the ice and snow of the South-Lands the Vartook have the [Cold] sub-type. And if they are spellcasters, they can cast spells with the [Cold] descriptor as if they were 1 level higher and with a +1 to the DC of such spells.

    Base Speeds: Vartook move only 20ft per round on land but are capable of moving much faster in the water. Vartook have a Swim Speed of 40ft. They may always take ten and receive a +8 racial bonus on all swim checks.

    Weapon Familiarity: Vartook are very primitive beings. If they take levels in any class that grants greater than Simple Weapon Proficiency, they instead choose a single Martial Weapon with which to be proficient. Additionally, the Vartook is considered proficient in all spears, harpoons, nets, and with picks.

    Language: Vartook speak only Tookish initially, but may gain other languages through use of skill points or a high Intelligence.


    The Yowie are a race of strong but peaceful arboreal hunters. They prefer to live high in the trees where their natural coloration helps them to blend in. They are gifted warriors and hunters, and possess an innate connection to the world around them.

    The Yowie refused to participate in the God's War, they moved deep into the North-Land forests where they built their greatest cities. They built high in the ancient forests, where few would even look. Their patron God, Yrshi put all of his strength into protecting his children rather than engaging in the war with his brothers and sisters. As such the Yowie society has continued much as it always has. However, they lack any real records of the time before. They do have a fascinating oral tradition of storytelling. The Elves claim that if one listens to the tales told by the Yowie, one might find the lost wisdom of the ages, or at the very least, adventure.

    Game Statistics:

    +4 Strength, +2 Dex, -2 Intelligence, -4 Charisma

    The Yowie are isolationists at best. There are a fair few that decide to strike out and see the world, but still they have so little understanding of culture outside their own they often lack comprehension of social situations. As a culture that lacks written records and formal teaching structures, the average Yowie is less knowledgable than many other races. However, they make up for such short comings with incredible physical skills. The Yowie are strong, quick and agile.

    Medium: As Medium creatures the Yowie gain no special benefit for their size.

    Movement: The Yowie is deceptively quick, using their large, lanky frame to take large strides. A Yowie has a base speed of 40ft. Yowies do not possess a Climb speed, but do recieve a +8 Racial bonus to Climb and may always take 10.

    Weapon Training: Yowie treat spears, bows and axes as simple weapons.

    Language: The Yowie speak Yrsh and Elven for free. Yrsh is a language of howls, grunts, smacks, and bangs and is very difficult for an outsider to learn. All other races must spend twice as many skill points to learn Yrsh and it may not be taken as a bonus language for having a high Intelligence.
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