Ok long story short I am going to have an arena / coliseum contest that takes place annually or at least semi annually in one of the city's of my game and I really want to use the idea from BF3 used in the Balio and Sunder arc of the game. The Contest of Champions. The link is not great, but most general information is found in game faqs or walkthroughs. Hopefully you have already played the game if you have come to read this post!

If you have not played the game and plan to please do not open the spoiler

If you are reading this then you have played the game or you don't plan on playing it.

In the contest of Champions there are 3 rooms for fighting that they mention:

The Hall of Fire

In the Hall of Fire, you fight one-on-one against another team. Your team stand on top of platforms in a lake of fire, held up by Dodai(creature from BF3, but any suggestions for a replacement creature would be great). You can attack these Dodai, but the opponents can attack yours as well.

In the Hall of Fire, if you die, you will be replaced with the next character in your party. Your opponent will fight with what health he has left.

You win by either defeating all the opposing team's members or by defeating the creature holding up the platform.

Null Magic Hall

3 vs 3 battle in an anti-magic field.

First team to beat all 3 other members of the opposing team win.

Hall of Kings

Team leader vs team leader of each team.

First team leader to fall loses the match.

Now what I am looking for is suggestions on other possible rooms or halls with different rules for "battles" between teams. Also if you have suggestions for the other 3 rooms from the original game please offer your suggestions!