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    Default Exalted Scholar (of Delleb) [3.5 PrC PEACH]

    Continuing the good god prc series with the lesser-known greyhawk deities. This is another full-caster, so the class abilities are limited by design.

    Exalted Scholar

    To humbly serve truth is also an act of grace.

    Exalted scholars are those who dedicate their lives to the cause of knowledge: gaining, spreading and preserving it. They often live in libraries, but go adventuring when a sufficient need exists. If an adventurer slips into the lair of a dragon, spells the creature to sleep, duplicates a single rare volume the dragon possesses and then slips out again without taking anything, that adventurer is likely and exalted scholar.

    • Alignment: lawful good
    • Spells: able to cast 3rd level divine spells
    • Skills: 8 ranks in each of 4 different knowledge skils

    Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special Spellcasting
    1 0 0 0 2 Knowledge Spontaneity; Lore +1 of existing divine class
    2 1 0 0 3 Eclectic Studies +1 of existing divine class
    3 1 1 1 3 Bonus Metamagic Feat +1 of existing divine class
    4 2 1 1 4 Understanding +1 of existing divine class
    5 2 1 1 4 Scribe Scroll +1 of existing divine class
    6 3 2 2 5 Knowledge Metamagic +1 of existing divine class
    7 3 2 2 5 Greater Eclectic Studies +1 of existing divine class
    8 4 2 2 6 Bonus Metamagic Feat +1 of existing divine class
    9 4 3 3 6 Greater Understanding +1 of existing divine class
    10 5 3 3 7 Scroll Flexibility +1 of existing divine class

    Hit die: d6
    Skill Points: 6+int
    Class Skills: Concentration, Craft(bookbinding or related), Decipher Script, Knowledge(any), Speak Language, Spellcraft

    Knowledge Spontaneity(su): An exalted scholar can sacrifice a prepared spell to cast a spell of equal or lesser level from the knowledge domain.

    Lore(ex): Thanks to long hours of study, an exalted scholar has a wide range of stray knowledge. This ability is identical to the bard's bardic knowledge class feature, using the exalted scholar's class level in place of the bard level. If the she already has a lore or bardic knowledge ability, the class levels stack.

    Eclectic Studies(ex): Any subject is fit for the interest of an exalted scholar. At this level, she selects one skill to add to her class skill list permenantly.

    Bonus Metamagic Feat(su): An exalted scholar gains any metamagic feat for which she meets the prerequisites.

    Understanding(ex): A deep understanding benefits all pursuits. An exalted scholar selects one ability other than wisdom. She adds her wisdom bonus to all skill checks based on that ability.

    Scribe Scroll(su): An exalted scholar gains the Scribe Scroll feat. If she already has it, she gains any feat for which she qualifies instead.

    Knowledge Metamagic(su): All metamagic feats applied to spells from the knowledge domain (whether prepared as domain spells or not) cost one less level for an exalted scholar, to a minimum of zero.

    Greater Eclectic Studies(ex): At this level, an exalted scholar selects two related skills to add to her class skill lists permenantly. To skills are related if there exists a feat which grants a +2 bonus to both of them, or if they are likely to be used in conjunction.

    Greater Understanding(ex): Like understanding, but two different abilities (neither of which is wisdom, or the ability chosen earlier).

    Scroll Flexibility(su): An exalted scholar can trigger any scroll, regardless of type, level or class list.
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