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    Default Why is Psionic Artificer broken.

    Psionics and Artificers in general tend to be slightly more balanced than a high op vacnian casters so what can a psionic artificer do thats so horribly broken that they can't even be measured by the tier system?

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    Default Re: Why is Psionic Artificer broken.

    You know those trick that breaks the game that High-Op Casters can do? Synchronicity abuse? Or the Psionic Samwich Trick? Persist-o-Mancy? The Mailman? GOD?

    The Psionic Artificer can do all of those things, and more. They can, in fact, do everything in the game given enough time. Just because they don't pick up the normal Item Creation Feats through their class list doesn't mean they can't take them normally. They can make every item in the game, and every spell, power or ability can be replicated with an Item.

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    Default Re: Why is Psionic Artificer broken.

    Specifically any power the Erudite can learn they can make an item of. The Erudite can use spell to power to learn every arcane spell ever. That includes the entire cleric and druid lists because of dragons.

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    Default Re: Why is Psionic Artificer broken.

    There is also the sidebar of pg 232 in the MiC, stating psionic versions of normal magic items can be made. Since MiC is the primary source for magic items, its rules trump others. With this, they pretty much lose nothing and instead gain the ability to craft psionic items.

    Also, slight correction: Psionics in general is more balanced than standard vancian casting. Artificers, however, are more powerful.
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    Default Re: Why is Psionic Artificer broken.

    On top of the other reasons mentioned (can create almost any item due to MiC/Erudites), Psionic Artificers are also not subject to the same restrictions as regular ones. Namely, a regular Artificer's scrolls and wands are neither divine nor arcane, making them difficult for other classes to use; but psionic artificer items are still psionic, so psions, wilders etc. can use them just fine.

    The MiC rules make them capable of tricks that no other manifester can match as well, such as emulating Psionic Genesis to create a scroll of Regular Genesis.
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