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Thread: Template

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    Default Template

    This is a template for a homebrew setting I've created and am running. I'm curious as to what LA y'all would give it.

    [] Template

    [] is a base template that can be added to any human or demihuman creature. The Anas’ri uses the base creature’s abilities and statistics except as noted here.

    Size and Type: The creature’s type changes to shapechanger. Do not recalculate base attack, saves, or hit dice.
    Speed: As base creature.
    Armor Class: As base creature
    Special Attacks: As base creature
    Spell Like Abilities: The [] has the following spell like abilities:
    Calm Animals, Speak with Animals, Longstrider, Comprehend Languages 3/day
    Detect Thoughts, Nondetection, Calm Emotions, Dispel Magic
    The caster level for these abilities is equal to the creature’s HD, and the save DC is Charisma-based. The creature must have an Intelligence or Wisdom of 8 or higher to use these abilities.
    Special Qualities: All the special qualities of the base creature plus the following special qualities:
    Shapeshifting(Su): This ability functions precisely as the spell Alter Self, except that it is a swift action and is a supernatural ability.
    Immunity to disease: [] are immune to all nonmagical diseases, poisons, and infections. They heal any normal wounds twice as quickly as the base creature.
    Unaging: [] do not age past adulthood and have no natural end to their life span.
    Spell resistance: An [] has SR equal to its HD + 10.
    Abilities: [] have an adjustment of +2 to each ability score.

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    Default Re: Template

    Several Useful SLAs: +1
    Supernatural Shapeshifting: +1
    Immunity To Disease And Age: +1
    Spell Resistance: +1
    Ability Adjustment Of +12: +2

    Total LA: +6.

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