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    cool Priya the Prismatic Priestess: Buffs Across the Spectrum

    Priya the Prismatic Priestess is a level 20 optimized build that demonstrates specifically how powerful stacked buffs can be. It operates on (i.e. relies upon, or abuses) the following four concepts:
    • Infinite spells: Most characters have to carefully choose how to divide their spells per day between combat and (a small set of) buffs. With infinite spells you can buff as much as possible. Priya is effectively a solo version of Team Solar.
    • Miracle: Most characters are balanced by only having access to certain buffs. Miracle allows access to every 7th level spell ever printed. Combine with above to cast every possible buff 7th level and below.
    • Persistent metamagic: Use Persist Spell metamagic to make buffs last all day. Having all buffs up all the time and not needing to buff during battle is a huge action advantage to the persistomancer character.
    • Metamagic reduction: This needs to be reduced to zero, and infinitely repeatable, since we're persisting hundreds of up to 9th level buffs. For example, even Divine Metamagic is underpowered for our purposes, since it's limited by turn attempts.

    The Build: Sorcerer 6/Incantatrix 4/Spelldancer 1/Initiate of the Seven Fold Veil 7/Divine Oracle 2
    • Sorcerer: Base class needs to be Sor or Wiz to get access to 9th level spell Absorption. Sor chosen to take advantage of Sor only spells like (Greater) Arcane Fusion, Wings of Cover, and Wings of Flurry. No early entry tricks are needed to get into PrC's.
    • Incantatrix: Use Cooperative Metamagic and Metamagic Effect to persist Necromancy and Evocation spells already cast (ability used by Body Outside Body clones to avoid per day limits). The bonus metamagic feats are important too, since the build is feat intensive.
    • Spelldancer: Only one level is needed to persist buffs. Make yourself immune to fatigue and constitution damage so you can Spelldance infinitely. Limited in that you can't persist Necromancy and Evocation buffs with Spelldancer, so use Incantatrix for those schools.
    • Initiate of the Seven Fold Veil: For the prismatic theme, and general invulnerability. Not part of the persisting buffs ability, just nice to have. Note Wardings as spell effects can be Persisted with Incantatrix, so you can have veils up 24/7!
    • Divine Oracle: For a domain to substitute into other interesting choices, to allow access to certain 8th level spells. Not part of the persisting buffs ability, just nice to have. Note the 2nd level isn't needed, and can be replaced with some other casting progression class.

    Initiate of the Seven Fold Veil (prismatic effects) is related to the colors of the rainbow. That combined with Divine Oracle and using Miracle results in the "Prismatic Priestess" title. Priestess not priest, since the fluff for both Incantatrix and Spelldancer is that both are almost always women.

    Assumptions: D&D 3.5 is filled with so many rules which can be interpreted in different ways, that it's important to list assumptions:
    • Metamagic: Metamagic feats stack in the order you want, and influence existing effects. For example, Extend applied to Persist lasts 48 hours, and Twin combined with Repeat gives four castings (instead of three). More importantly, Ocular Spell applied to a touch or variable range spell (which normally isn't valid for Persist Spell) makes the result a fixed range spell, which can then be persisted. Without Ocular Spell, Priya loses around 25% of her persistent buffs, being still extremely powerful but measurably lower.
    • Miracle: When reproducing spells (i.e. not paying 5000 XP) it doesn't require a deity's attention. One might rule that casting Miracle a dozen or so times in a row could make the deity say enough already and stop it from working. Of course, that would depend on the deity, where for example Boccob the uncaring god of magic isn't likely to mind and should actually approve of a PC making an extreme display of magic.
    • Miracle + Metamagic: Miracle can apply metamagic feats if the total slot is still 7th level or lower, e.g. duplicate an Empowered Cone of Cold. Also, Miracle really does "duplicate the casting" of whatever other spell. That means if you Spelldance before casting Miracle to duplicate a spell, the spell brought forth by Miracle can have metamagic or additional metamagic applied to it.
    • Initiate of the Seven Fold Veil: Veils reproduce prismatic wall layers and therefore block antimagic fields. If only there were a way to work Initiate of Mystra into the build to be able to actually cast in an antimagic field! Instead Priya has to block them from affecting her, which is just as good. If veils are ruled to go down in antimagic the build still works, just has an obvious Achilles Heel, like how Superman has kryptonite. There's lots of debate on whether veils block your own actions or whether you can cast through them. This build is strong either way.

    Feats: Feats are the most significant choice in a build after class, and like levels they're limited, so need to be chosen well:
    {TABLE]Source|Feat|Needed for
    Flaw #1|Noncombatant|Casters usually don't melee
    Flaw #2|Vulnerable|Casters usually don't get hit
    Flaw #1 bonus|Combat Casting|Spelldancer qualification
    Flaw #2 bonus|Reserves of Strength|Higher caster level
    Level 1|Extend Spell|Persistent Spell qualification
    Human bonus|Maximize Spell|Good buffs
    Level 3|Skill Focus: Spellcraft|Io7FV qualification
    Level 6|Spell Focus: Abjuration|Io7FV qualification
    Level 9|Greater Spell Focus: Abjuration|Io7FV qualification
    Level 12|Persist Spell|Persisting buffs
    Level 15|Repeat Spell|Infinite buffs
    Level 18|Planar Touchstone (Catalogues of Enlightenment: Luck)|Access to Miracle
    Inx level 1|Twin Spell|Infinite buffs
    Inx level 4|Invisible Spell|Arcane Spellsurge efficiency
    Otyugh Hole|Iron Will|Incantatrix qualification
    Frog God's Fane|Skill Focus (Religion)|Divine Oracle qualification
    Heward's Hall|Skill Focus (Dance)|Thematic for Spelldancer

    Spelldancer requires the feats Dodge, Mobility, Endurance, and Combat Casting. That's a horrible feat tax, but we can pay it without actual feats. You need to cast Heroics to give yourself Dodge and Mobility, and Miracle to cast (Extended) Unfailing Endurance to give yourself Endurance (it lasts 40+ days), before Spelldancing buffs. Feat retraining (PHB2 page 193) can be used if it's ruled that when leveling up you need to quality for PrC's naturally and unbuffed. Then you take Dodge, Mobility, and Endurance as natural feats, take Spelldancer 1 at level 11, and then retrain them to other feats at levels 12 through 14, and finally buff yourself in order to re-enable and actually use Spelldancing. Or just buy a Psychic Reformation to change those three feats immediately.

    Miracle: Getting Miracle on the Sor spell list is key to this build. Planar Touchstone (Catalogues of Enlightenment) gives access to the Luck domain, where it's greater power allows casting Miracle once. An alternate method is to take the feat Arcane Disciple (Luck), however the former is preferred for Sor since Arcane Disciple also requires spending a spell known on Miracle to be able to actually cast it. With either feat, Absorption allows casting Miracle without using the per day limits of the feats themselves, since Absorption says "the spells so cast don't disappear from your list of prepared spells or count against the number of spells you can normally cast per day".

    Gaining extra feats: If you need more feats (for example the DM doesn't allow flaws or magical locations) there are ways to get more (and without resorting to utter cheese such as using certain interpretations of Chaos Shuffling to get infinite feats):
    • Dump Twin Spell: You only need Repeat Spell to get infinite spells from Absorption. Repeat + Twin just makes buffing inside nested Time Stops easier.
    • Dump Invisible Spell: It's only included for fun (e.g. with Arcane Spellsurge), but isn't necessary for the buff routine.
    • Dump Ocular Spell: You can usually apply Ocular spell by including it when casting Miracle, as long as the total spell level is less than 7. Not having this feat only prevents a few level 6 and level 7 touch and variable range buffs, such as Cloak of Stars.
    • Dump Reserves of Strength: This is only present for additional caster level, and to be able to add 3 to HD caps, which allows fun options like being able to Shapechange into a Gibbering Orb, to be able to cast 24 eye Rays and 2 spell-like abilities per round.
    • Free Extend spell: If your patron deity has the Planning domain, you can cast Substitute Domain to switch the Oracle domain (from Divine Oracle) with it, and pick up Extend Spell for free. Boccob is a good choice (Greater Deity of magic who allegedly created the first set of Seven Veils from a rainbow) assuming he's given that domain (CW page 146), as is Greater Deity Ubtao.
    • Free Combat Casting: If Web sources are allowed in your campaign, cast Mirror Move to give yourself Combat Casting (cast Summon Monster VII to bring in a Djinni, or Summon Monster VIII to bring in a Lillend, and watch it defensively cast a spell).

    Variants: Every build can be tweaked in any number of ways, and with all the details that go into this build Priya is no exception:
    • Wizard: Replace Sorcerer 1 with Wizard 1. Then you can pick up extra 8th and 9th level spells. However that misses out on powerful Sor only spells.
    • Cleric: Replace Sorcerer 1 with Cleric 1. You get Miracle on your spell list for free, and can pick up Absorption with the Divine Magician (CM) ACF, which are the only two spells needed for infinite spells.
    • Shadowcraft Mage: Replace Planar Touchstone (to get Miracle) with levels of Shadowcraft Mage (to simulate Miracle). That would replace the fluff of the build from rainbow light to shadowy darkness. An optimized Shadowcraft Mage would make a decent evil opposite for this build.
    • Dump prismatic theme: In spite of the "Prismatic Priest" title, Initiate of the Seven Fold Veil isn't needed for infinite persistent buffs. Initiate of the Seven Fold Veil provides ultra defense, but its levels could be replaced with other options.

    Equipment: Even though Priya technically doesn't need any equipment (and is almost as effective completely naked since no parts of the build depend on equipment) she can still take good advantage of 760K gold WBL of a level 20 character:

    For the prismatic theme, we'll start with the thematic Seven Veils magic item set (which is also useful if the build ever fights a copy of itself). We'll then add a set of useful consumable items, such as inherent stat bonuses, contingent spells, and demiplane creation. Finally we'll pick up generally useful equipment to wear:

    22000|Turquoise Veil|Piece of Seven Veils (blue)
    16000|Serpent Veil|Piece of Seven Veils (green)
    11000|Veil of Doors|Piece of Seven Veils (violet)
    7000|Veil of Whispers|Piece of Seven Veils (indigo)
    4000|Veil of Storms|Piece of Seven Veils (yellow)
    2000|Caustic Veil|Piece of Seven Veils (orange)
    1000|Burning Veil|Piece of Seven Veils (red)
    261475|Staff of Wish (17 charges)|Use to get +4 inherent bonus to CON, WIS, and INT, and +5 to CHA (slightly cheaper and much faster to apply than Tomes)
    58800|Craft Contingent Celerity (x21)|20 on me, and 1 on familiar, to win the Celerity war against other optimized builds
    8825|Power Stone (Genesis) |Because every high level caster needs their own private demiplane (cheaper than a scroll)
    8825|Power Stone (Genesis)|If one demiplane is good, two are better
    3000|Otyugh Hole visit|Iron Will feat. Recorded as part of WBL.
    2000|Frog God's Fane visit|Skill Focus (Religion) feat. Recorded as part of WBL.
    5000|Heward's Hall visit|Skill Focus (Dance) feat. Recorded as part of WBL.
    150|Feat Retraining|Retrain Dodge, Mobility, Endurance
    100|Summon Familiar|Familiar gives action economy. All Priya's buffs are shared with her familiar, so it's almost as tough as she is. Her familiar is a colorful parrot (Storm page 52) which is identical to a Raven (speaks one language) but fits the prismatic theme.
    37100|Runestaff of 1/day Prismatic Sphere / Wall / Deluge / Bow|Thematic item to cast the only prismatic spells Priya can't duplicate with Miracle.
    32340|Anklet of Translocation + Horseshoes of Flame|The horseshoes ability (UMD it) are crafted on to the anklet foot slot item, so the result is a pretty anklet instead of bulky horseshoes.
    30000|Ioun Stone (Orange)|+1 caster level
    20000|Ring of Arcane Might|+1 caster level
    20000|Prayer Bead of Karma|+4 caster level
    16000|Ring of Spell-Battle|Free action counterspell
    10000|Robe of Mysterious Conjuration|Allows casting Summon Monster IX
    1500|Ivory crown|Focus item for Shapechange.
    2853|Gold|Leftover from WBL

    If you want to be really optimized, replace the Staff of Wish with a Scroll of Wish containing 40033 extra XP beyond the standard 5000 (costs 228990 gp), and use it for infinite wishes that don't depend on any other creature, and so can be spammed even inside Time Stop.

    Spells known: With infinite Miracles, Sorcerer spells known doesn't matter as much. The spells to actually know are:
    • High level spells: 8th and 9th level spells that aren't reproducible with Miracle (i.e. Absorption, Shapechange, Time Stop, Superior Invisibility, Greater Arcane Fusion, Polymorph Any Object).
    • Combat spells: Swift or immediate action spells, that you actually want to cast in combat or transfer to your familiar (i.e. Celerity, Assay Spell Resistance, Dimension Door).
    • Combo spells: 1st, 4th, and 7th levels spells that are good for combining in (Greater) Arcane Fusion, (e.g. True Strike + Orb of Fire, or True Casting + Wings of Flurry).
    • Cantrips: 0th level spells you might want to spam, since they can be cast at will forever with Absorption up.

    Some important buffs are 8th or 9th level or have expensive components, and therefore can't be simulated with Miracle. They are:
    • Absoption, Shapechange, Time Stop: Cast it normally, since it's one of Priya's 9th level spells known.
    • Greater Arcane Fusion, Polymorph Any Object, Superior Invisibility: Cast it normally, since it's one of Priya's 8th level spells known.
    • Foresight: Shapechange into Elemental Weird, give yourself free Foresight, then persist it with Incantatrix.
    • True Seeing: Shapechange into Elemental Weird, give yourself free True Seeing, then persist it with Incantatrix.
    • Mage's Disjunction: Shapechange into a Spellgaunt (MM2) and bite whatever you want to disjoin.
    • Summon Monster IX: Cast it using Robe of Mysterious Conjuration.
    • Astral Projection: Shapechange into a Nightmare or Shedu (FF) to cast it.
    • Mind Blank: Normally not needed since use Empryeal Ecstasy instead. If need full immunity to divination (and you don't want to have a Green or Violet Veil up) use Miracle to simulate Psionic Mind Blank (7th level).
    Priya doesn't have all possible 7th level buffs. Types of buffs left out of her standard list include:
    • Non-persistable spells: Fortunate Fate is a nice spell, but is dischargable, so can't be persisted even with Ocular spell. Although not part of her once a day routine, spells like this may be cast as needed, such as before a known battle, but it's not an all day buff.
    • Expensive spells: Suffer the Flesh gives a nice bonus to caster level, but has a 250 gold component not freely coverable by Miracle. Priya may pay to cast this before an important battle, but to avoid drain on WBL it's not part of her daily buff routine.
    • Redundant spells: Mage armor isn't included, because Greater Luminous Armor covers everything it does and then some.
    • Spells with downsides: Forceward is nice because it makes you immune to force spells and effects. However that also disables her own casting of Wings of Flurry. This buff would certainly be included if she knows she'll be fighting an epic Force Dragon, but not normally.
    • Minor spells: Healing Rest gives a bonus to natural healing, but that's such a minor effect when you already have fast healing it's not worth including.
    • Physical side effects: Evard's Menacing Tentacles gives you a bonus to climb checks, but it gives you a bunch of tentacles sticking out of your body. That's a bit too eerie for Priya, who wants to be able to not stand out in public.
    • Unwanted side effects: Babau Slime does damage to those that hit you, however that's bad outside combat. Priya don't want to dissolve a beggar if she gets hugged in the marketplace.
    • Short term buffs: There's a lot of cheese that can be done by mimicking Artificer Infusions with Miracle, e.g. use Item Alteration (ECS) to change the bonus type of an array of magic items to be different stacking bonuses, to raise stats even further. However they only last for 10 min / level at most, so would need to be continually refreshed. Priya normally only chooses buffs that can be persisted for 48 hours.

    Immunity list: Priya is invulnerable to just about everything, especially with a violet veil up. Here's the main immunities and their sources:
    • Damage: Delay Death (don't die at -10 hp) + Beastland Ferocity (stay conscious below 0), Shapechange (form with regeneration) + Favor of the Martyr (immune to non-lethal damage)
    • Fatigue, exhaustion, ability damage, ability drain: Sheltered Vitality (SC)
    • Energy drain, negative levels, magical death effects: Death Ward
    • Charm, compulsion, pain, daze, nausea, stun, non-lethal damage: Favor of the Martyr (SC)
    • Touch attacks, rays: Ray Deflection (SC)
    • Projectile ranged attacks: Stormrage (SC)
    • Non-magic weapons and missiles: Starmantle (BoED)
    • Poison: Ruin Delver's Fortune (SC)
    • Disease: Nezram's Amethyst Aura (LEoF)
    • Drugs: Drug Resistance (BoVD)
    • Blindness, dazzle: Vision of the Omniscient Eye (DM)
    • Deafness: Nezram's Emerald Energy Shield (LEoF)
    • Silence: Joyful Noise (SC)
    • Grapple: Freedom of Movement
    • Possession: Protection From Evil
    • Sleep, critical hits, flanking: Elemental Body (Air)
    • Sneak attacks: Heart of Water (CM)
    • AOO from moving: Lightfoot (SC)
    • Hunger, thirst: Sustain (BoED)
    • Breathing: Adapt Body, Deep Breath (SC) + Air Breathing (SC)
    • Water pressure: Transformation of the Deeps (Storm)
    • Planar effects: Planar Bubble (SC)
    • Surprise: Foresight
    • Mind-Affecting spells: Empyreal Ecstasy (BoED)
    • Divination spells: Mind Blank*, Green Veil, Violet Veil
    • Annoying spells (e.g. Blasphemy, Word of Chaos, Word of Balance, Dimensional Lock, Limited Wish, Maze): Spell Immunity

    *Mind Blank usually isn't up, since it suppresses positive Enchantment buffs, but it is an option for divination immunity without using veils.

    Initiate of the Seven Fold Veil wardings normally last 1 min / level (10 min / level for wall form). However as spell effects they can be persisted with Incantatrix. Normally you can only create wardings 4/day. Shapechange into a Gibbering Orb (HD cap raised to 28 via Reserves of Strength) allows swallowing creatures to steal their (Sp) abilities. Swallow your Body Outside Body clones to get free warding usages. That allows you to have all 7 veil colors up at once around you.

    Miracle: One spell can make you almost as strong as Pun-Pun:
    Miracle is the single most versatile spell ever printed, which arguably makes it the most powerful spell (after all, Tier 1 is Tier 2 power plus versatility). Miracle lets you do the following without XP cost:
    • Duplicate any 7th level spell. That includes 7th level spells from obscure classes like Wu Jen and from domains.
    • Duplicate any 8th level Cleric spell, including Cleric spells you have from your domains. With a domain from Divine Oracle, Priya can swap it out for other domains from her deity, and use Miracle to duplicate 8th level spells from those domains.
    • Anything else equivalent in power to the above. An obvious way to take advantage of this is to apply metamagic feats you don't have. Miracle can apply metamagic feats if the total slot is still 7th level. For example, instead of casting Miracle to duplicate Fireball (3rd level spell slot), cast it to duplicate an Empowered (+2) Widened (+2) Energy Substitution (Acid) Fireball (+0) = 7th level spell slot. Also, many spell-like abilities are equivalent to a spell of a particular level. For example, concerning indigo veil from Iot7FV, "a warding with this veil is equivalent to a 7th level spell", which means you should be able to give yourself red through indigo veils even if you have no levels in the Iot7FV PrC! (Although to avoid cheese and since we want the violet veil Priya has taken all seven Iot7FV levels.)

    There are other forms of casting that aren't standard spells, but are still available in 9 levels, or are equivalent to spells of certain levels. Miracle should be able to duplicate those forms of magic up to 7th level, such as:
    • Psionic Powers up to 7th level.
    • Warlock Invocations up to 7th level (all least, lesser, greater, and some dark).
    • Shadowcaster Mysteries up to 7th level.
    • Truenamer Utterances up to 6th level (as high as they go).
    • Artificer Infusions up to 6th level (as high as they go).

    Going through those lists gives additional buffs that make an already powerful character even stronger. Even more extreme than stacking buffs from all these spellcasting and other magic using classes is "anything equivalent in power to the above" can be interpreted as making up whatever ability you want. For example, even if there's no spell that does X in your campaign world, you can do it with an XP free Miracle as long as your DM agrees that if it were a spell it would be 7th level or lower. That effectively makes casting Miracle like a minor version of Pun-Pun, since you're only limited by your imagination. However like Pun-Pun, we'll restrict our buffing to duplicating spells from published WotC sources.

    Infinite buffing: This is key to the build, so need to be done properly:
    Priya casts Repeat Maximized Absorption. She, her familiar, and/or other allies target Priya with nukes or other spells to absorb 9 or 10 spell levels. Use those 9 spell levels to cast Miracle to duplicate a buff. Now repeat the nuking to do the same with the other casting of Absorption. Use those 9 spell levels to cast Repeat Maximized Absorption again to repeat the process. Note this works even if one tries to rule that multiple castings of Absorption replace each other, because Repeat Spell casts the spell separately again at the beginning of the next round, and one can cast a free spell using the first Absorption instance before the second instance gets cast.

    To get free metamagic to apply Repeat Spell to Absorption (or to apply Persist Spell to whatever buff) Spelldance before casting it, or use Incantatrix. Make one of your early free Miracle buffs be Body Outside Body, and tell your clones to use Metamagic Effect (which as a Su ability isn't considered spellcasting) so you don't have to use your own limited per day abilities. Once your clones have exhausted their uses of Metamagic Effect, cast Body Outside Body again.

    Where do the targeted spells to power up Absorption come from? Certain spells can allow you to select different creatures to target over multiple rounds, like Glorious Master of the Elements, Stormrage, and Celestial Aspect. With these up (i.e. Persisted) you and your familiar can target yourself continually. You can also cast Call Faithful Servants (BoED) several times to bring in a "cutie brigade", i.e. 10 Musteval Guardinals that serve you for a year, and have them all ready actions to target you with their at-will Magic Missile.

    From a fully unbuffed state, it takes a few spells to get the loop started. Before you can Spelldance free metamagic, you need to cast Owl's Wisdom to buff your Wisdom past 19, Heroics to give yourself Dodge and Mobility, and Unfailing Endurance (duplicated with Miracle) to give yourself Endurance. One 9th level slot is needed for Absorption to cast that Miracle. Once Spelldancing is online, you need to cast one more Repeat Absorption to start infinite spells. In summary the total initial cost is three 2nd level slots + two 9th level slots.

    Buffs: Some powerful buffs and spell combinations:
    • Domains: Cast Substitute Domain to convert Oracle domain into some other domain of your deity. That allows Miracle to simulate the 8th level spell from that domain, which ordinarily isn't allowable from Miracle. For example, assuming Boccob, convert to Force domain, then use Miracle to cast Telekinetic Sphere. Good deity choices with lots of domains are Taiia (creator aspect) with 12, and especially the Sovereign Host with 40. If your deity is good alignment (e.g. Mystra, meaning they have the Good domain) switch to it for +1 CL to all spells due to Mark of the Enlightened Soul.
    • Reserves of Strength: This feat not only gives +3 caster level, it increases caster level caps by 3 for cast spells as well. For example, Shapechange can give you a form with up to 28HD instead of just 25HD, Orb spells do 18d6 damage instead of just 15d6, and so on. Numerous buffs and nukes become better. For stats listed later, additional bonuses from RoS will be inside {}'s.
    • Immune to damage: Delay Death makes it so you don't die at -10 hp. Beastland Ferocity makes it so you don't fall unconscious below 0 hp. Together you can take infinite damage, and with infinite spells you can heal yourself from any deficit. Also cast Pact of Return (HoH) to give yourself free True Resurrection for as many specific causes of death you can think of.
    • Saving Throws: Cast Heroics x4 to gain the feats Martial Study x3 (Mind Over Body, Action Before Thought, and Moment of Perfect Mind) and Martial Stance (Stance of Alacrity). That allows you to replace all three saving throw types with Concentration skill checks (meaning no failure on natural 1) as a free action. That means Priya is guaranteed to never fail a saving throw DC 56 or below, unless forced to make the same saving throw multiple times in an encounter.
    • Immortality: Stay in an Astral Projection which keeps your real body in stasis. Once you're astral projected, presumably both your real self and your projection can be buffed separately. Priya's real self in stasis on her private demiplane has a Contingent Revivify and Pact of Return instances, so if her projected cord gets cut somehow her real self gets revived.
    • Agelessness: To be young again, kill yourself while having a Contingent Last Breath (SC) up to be reincarnated in a new young adult body without level loss, and then use Miracle to get your old body shape back.
    • Shapechange: Change into a Chronotyryn (FF), for 2 actions a round. That makes Time Stop (and hence pulling off infinite Time Stops) twice as efficient. Not necessary for infinite buffing and infinite actions, but very nice. This is Priya's default Shapechange form when buffing. Other excellent Shapechange forms are Dire Tortoise to guarantee going first in any combat (Priya's default Shapechange form before combat or when not doing anything else), and Gibbering Orb {since HD cap raised to 28} for 24 eye rays and 2 spell-like abilities per round (Priya's default Shapechange form during combat). As a Gibbering Orb, consume your Body Outside Body clones so you get extra Iot7FV warding usages. Have all 7 veil colors up at once instead of just 2.
    • Shapechange #2: Another nice Shapechange form is Air Elemental Weird (FF). You get Breathsense, Regeneration 10, high DR, SR 25. Most significant is Prescience, allowing you to cast all of the following at will as a free action: Analyze Dweomer, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Contact Other Plane, Detect Thoughts, Discern Location, Find the Path, Foresight, Greater Scrying, Legend Lore, Locate Creature, Locate Object, Tongues, True Seeing, Vision!
    • Polymorph Any Object: Polymorph into a form with high INT, i.e. Sarrukh (SK) at 30 INT is the highest form with <= 15 HD {18 HD with RoS}. Polymorph Any Object is the only form changer giving INT, while Shapechange is the only form changer giving (Su) abilities. Cast both so you get both the high INT and the (Su) abilities of the best forms.
    • Draconic Polymorph: It's better than normal Polymorph since it supports creatures up to 20 HD {23 HD with RoS} and gives untyped stat bonuses on top of it. Polymorph into a Ha-Naga after the above two spells (the later spell will replace or render irrelevant the physical stat changing parts of the earlier spells) to get the best base physical stats.
    • Alter Self: You're allowed to change into yourself, so cast it after all the above to replace your current form with your original human form, while still having the good stats of a Ha-Naga, the INT the Sauukh, and the (Su) of the Chronotyryn, Dire Tortoise, or Gibbering Orb. Be aware that selecting any new form via Shapechange will also overwrite your appearance and physical stats with whatever creature, requiring casting Draconic Polymorph and Alter Self again.
    • Nuking: Priya makes a decent mailman. For high damage, cast a Metamagic Effect Repeat Twin Ocular Maximized + Reserves of Strength + Empowered Hammer of Righteousness (from Miracle). Releasing from both eyes in the next eight hours then does 39x(8+1d8)x2x2x1.5 = 2106 to 3744 force damage to an evil creature. Another excellent nuke is Repeat Twin Ocular Maximized Empowered Moonbow, which does 3x(10{+1})x(6+1d6)x2x2x1.5 = 1386 to 2376 electricity damage to an evil creature. If you need to hit something with high SR or in an antimagic field, add Acid Sheath (SC) to your buffs then cast a Repeat Twin Ocular Maximized Empowered Orb of Acid, which does (15{+3})x(6+1d6+2)x2x2x1.5 = 972 to 1512 acid damage to an evil creature.
    • Rerolls: The Luck Domain granted power gives one reroll per day, which helps avoid natural 1 autofails. Battle Hymn (SC) allows one will save reroll a round. Some non-Persistable spells allow rerolls that can be cast before a known battle: Insight of Good Fortune (PHB2), even though it only lasts 1 round / level, allows at one point rolling twice and taking the best result. Lucky Cape (MoE), even though it only lasts 10 min / level, allows rerolling a saving throw. Forced Dream (MoE), even though it only lasts 1 round / level, gives the ability to back up time to the beginning of turn, which is useful to do things over.

    Infinite Time Stop: Time Stop can't be Persisted, however we can still do what amounts to an infinite Time Stop:
    Priya can cast Time Stop repeatedly (casting it again before the first instance ends) for what amounts to an infinite Time Stop. That allows her to apply her buffs inside a Time Stop, in effectively zero time. Body Outside Body clones are presumably frozen and not inside the Time Stop with you, however your familiar (who you Share Spells with) is, and you can still apply metamagic with Spelldancer inside Time Stop. Hence you can't do ALL buffs inside Time Stop, but you can do over 90% of them.

    Casting a Maximized Twin Repeat Time Stop gives 20 free rounds of actions, and uses 10 rounds of Spelldancing, for 10 rounds of actions profit. Do it twice so you have 20 free rounds. Use 14 of those rounds to Spelldance cast a Maximized Twin Repeat Absorption, giving you 4 free spells. 3 of those free spells are used to cast Absorption and the two Time Stops. Use the last free spell to cast Miracle to apply a buff or do whatever else you want. This allows 1 free buff to be applied every 40 rounds on average, while keeping the infinite Time Stop going. That's an awful lot of dancing, but with Endurance, immunity to fatigue, and no need to sleep or eat Priya won't get tired.

    Infinite actions: You can't damage opponents inside Time Stop. How about infinite standard actions instead? Priya can do that too:
    Cast Greater Arcane Fusion. In the 7th level spell granted cast Celerity, and use its standard action to do whatever you want. In the 4th level spell slot also cast Celerity, and use that standard action to cast Greater Arcane Fusion again. That gives you free standard actions until you run out of spell slots. (We're assuming a balanced interpretation here that provides up to a 7th level spell slot for a single spell you know, instead of a 7th level spell after arbitrary metamagic, to avoid cheese of casting Sanctum Greater Arcane Fusion to easily do infinite spells in a row. However we can still get infinite spells even with the more restrictive interpretation.)

    Anyway, every other time in the Greater Arcane Fusion loop use your free standard action to cast Time Stop, and inside Time Stop use the techniques from before to give yourself a free Twin Repeat Absorption, so when Time Stop ends you have four free 9th level spells. Of those four spells, use 1 to pay for the next Time Stop, 2 to pay for the two castings of Greater Arcane Fusion, and the final to pay for whatever you want to cast in your free action. This allows you to keep the Greater Arcane Fusion loop going, which means infinite standard actions in a row. (Remember the first standard action used to cast the first Greater Arcane Fusion never actually stops, since you're getting additional nested standard actions within it.)

    Infinite standard actions means infinite spells in a row, which means dealing infinite damage. For example, Priya could disintegrate the entire planet as an immediate action, one 10 foot cube at a time, if she dances enough. Abusing time in this manner may get Quarut Inevitables after you, but a measly CR 17 monster is hardly a threat at this point. She can even take out epic characters stronger than her (since she has infinite actions while the universe is eternally frozen around her) unless she activates their contingent spells, or they have specialized feats like Spell Stowaway (Time Stop). Priya may even be able to challenge deities (barring portfolio sense) because it takes a standard action to use a Salient Divine Ability, and she may be able to get her infinite actions started before they have time to do anything. Spam the transport option of Wish to teleport your godly victim outside of their divine realm to you, and then lay the smackdown.

    All this gives Priya a unique Mage's Disjunction defense. She giggles, basks in the magic and lets it dispel all her buffs, then as an immediate action casts Celerity + Time Stop and reapplies all her buffs inside nested Time Stops and free standard actions. The enemy caster wonders why after casting Disjunction all her buffs still seem to be in place!

    Stats: All six of Priya's stats are in the 40's and 50's:
    Given 38 point buy (the number of points for Champion Array or the equivalent to 18,16,14,12,10,8) arrange them as follows:

    STR|8|8|Dump, since you can replace with Draconic Polymorph.
    DEX|14|14|Need at least 13 to qualify for Dodge and hence Spelldancer. Can dump if you allow qualifying for feats and PrC with buffs.
    CON|8|12|Dump, since you can replace with Draconic Polymorph.
    INT|16|20|Should be at least 14, since need lots of skill points, with Perform (Dance), Tumble, Knowledge (Nature), and Knowledge (Dungeoneering) needed cross-class.
    WIS|14|18|Needs to be at least 19 with buffs, to be able to cast Miracle.
    CHA|18|28|Needs to be high, since Sorcerer uses CHA.

    Level up points add +5 CHA. Inherent bonuses add +4 CON, +4 INT, +4 WIS, +5 CHA. Priya is young adult, but could gain additional mental stats by being venerable. With buffs up (which they are 24/7) base stats get significantly higher:

    STR|59|35 base (Draconic Polymorph into Ha-Naga) + 16 enhancement (Bite of the Werebear) + 4 sacred (Holy Transformation) + 4 morale (Aura of Vitality).
    DEX|58|38 base (Draconic Polymorph into Ha-Naga) + 10 enhancement (Divine Agility) + 4 sacred (Inner Beauty) + 4 morale (Aura of Vitality) + 2 untyped (Horseshoes of Flame).
    CON|54|34 base (Draconic Polymorph into Ha-Naga) + 4 inherent + 8 enhancement (Bite of the Werebear) + 4 sacred (Holy Transformation) + 4 morale (Aura of Vitality).
    INT|48|30 base (Polymorph Any Object into Sarrukh (SK)) + 4 inherent + 4 enhancement (Chasing Perfection) + 10 untyped (Horseshoes of Flame).
    WIS|41|18 base + 4 enhancement (Chasing Perfection) + 19 insight (Owl's Insight).
    CHA|50|28 base + 8 enhancement (Nixie's Grace) + 4 sacred (Inner Beauty) + 4 morale (Snowsong) + 6 untyped (Horseshoes of Flame).

    Note 50 CHA exceeds Aphrodite (DaD, CHA 47), and equals Sune (FaP, CHA 50). Priya is as Charismatic as it's possible to get without exceeding all the deities and getting into trouble from their jealousy.

    Caster Level: All these are untyped bonuses except Adept Spirit which is an insight bonus:
    20|Base caster level
    1|Orange Ioun Stone
    1|Ring of Arcane Might
    1|Create Magic Tattoo
    2|Harmonic Chorus
    1|Mark of the Enlightened Soul|Makes all spells [good], combined with Good domain
    3|Reserves of Strength
    1|Adept Spirit|One spell
    2|Spell Enhancer (SC)|One spell
    1|Mystic Surge (PHB2)|One spell
    2|Caster Lens (ToM)|3 rounds
    4|Prayer Bead of Karma|10 minutes

    Priya's caster level for spells is always at least 26. With a few rounds of preparation she can raise that to 35. For the most important buffs during her morning buff routine, she can raise that again to 39.

    The DC to dispel is 11+CL. Dispelling Buffer gives +5. Hence even for lesser buffs the DC is 11+5+26 = 46. The highest a non-epic dispel check can ever be is 40 (20 on 1d20 roll + Max CL 20 for a spell like Reaving Dispel). Therefore barring specialized builds it's impossible to remove any of Priya's buffs with any non-epic Dispel Magic spell.

    With all her buffs at a high enough CL that they can't be dispelled, the only way to beat Priya is to remove them with Mage's Disjunction. However getting Disjunction to stick isn't trivial. Here's what you need to do:
    • Cast Disjunction at Priya #1: As immediate action she casts Celerity and moves or Dimension Door's out of the way.
    • Cast Disjunction at Priya #2: Familiar has readied action to cast Dimension Door (given via Imbue Familiar with Spell Ability) to teleport them both out of the way.
    • Cast Disjunction at Priya #3: As free action with Ring of Spell-Battle she counterspells.
    • Cast Disjunction at Priya #4: As free action with Battlemagic Perception she counterspells.
    • Cast Disjunction at Priya #5: As free action she says keyword to activate casted Contingent Celerity on herself, and moves or teleports out of the way.
    • Cast Disjunction at Priya #6: As free action she says keyword to activate casted Contingent Celerity on familiar, who teleports them both out of the way.
    • Cast Disjunction at Priya #7-27: As free action she says one of 21 different keywords to activate the 20 crafted Contingent Celerity instances on herself (or the 1 crafted Contingent Celerity instance on her familiar) which can then be used to move or Dimension Door them both out of the way.
    • Cast Disjunction at Priya #28: No actions or contingencies left, so finally her buffs go down. Now you can take her out, but you better do it in one round before it's her turn again and she can reapply all her buffs and go nova on you.

    In summary you need 28 mages that can cast Disjunction in a row (with readied actions to continually interrupt Priya's counters) before you can attack her, or one powerful Mage who also has numerous immediate actions, metamagic reduction, and/or contingent spells that allows him to cast Disjunction 28 times in a row to interrupt all Priya's countermeasures. Such is the nature of high level combat.

    Skills: Skills are the bread and butter of non-combat D&D:
    First, all skills get +10: +5 competence (Wieldskill) + 4 morale (Greater Heroism) + 1 luck (Prayer) + 1 circumstance (Focusing Chant) + 2 untyped (Share Talents) + 1 untyped (Interfaith Blessing: Boccob) - 4 untyped (Empyreal Ecstasy). For some specific skills we have:
    • Concentration +55: 23 ranks + 22 CON bonus + 10 other.
    • Spellcraft +57: 23 ranks + 2 synergy + 3 feat (Skill Focus: Spellcraft) + 19 INT bonus + 10 other.
    • Diplomacy +50: 0 ranks + 4 synergy + 20 CHA bonus + 10 enhancement (Voice of the Dragon) + 6 untyped (Beguiling Influence) + 10 other.
    • Bluff +92: 5 ranks + 20 CHA bonus + 10 enhancement (Voice of the Dragon) + 10 {11} insight (Serene Visage) + 30 untyped (Glibness) + 6 untyped (Beguiling Influence) + 10 other.
    • Intimidate +58: 0 ranks + 2 synergy + 20 CHA bonus + 10 competence (Towering Oak) + 10 enhancement (Voice of the Dragon) + 5 sacred (Divine Presence) + 6 untyped (Beguiling Influence) + 5 other.
    • Perform (Dance) +51: 10 ranks + 20 CHA bonus + 3 Skill Focus (Dance) + 8 untyped (Sirine's Grace) + 10 other.
    • Knowledge (Arcana) +54: 21 ranks + 19 INT bonus + 4 insight (Spiritual Advisor) + 10 other.
    • Spot +57: 0 ranks + 2 Alertness + 15 WIS bonus + 8 racial (Eyes of the Avoral) + 10 insight (Vision of the Omniscient Eye) + 8 untyped (Essence of the Raptor) + 4 untyped (Tojanida Sight) + 10 other.

    With pre-buffing for one-time checks, skills can be significantly increased by up to an additional +56 (depending on stacking): +15 {+18} insight (Divine Insight) + 18 luck (Improvisation) + 20 competence (Guidance of the Avatar).

    More Stats: Hp, AC, DR, initiative, speed, saves:
    919 hp: 51 base + 440 CON bonus + 20 (Heroics: Improved Toughness) + many different sources of temporary HP: 156 (Bear's Heart) + 52 (Ruin Delver's Fortune) + 40 {52} (Righteous Fury) + 30 {36} (Heart of Earth) + 23 {26} (Mass Aid) + 39 (Divine Power) + 20 {23} (False Life) + 20 {23} (Greater Heroism) + 1 (Virtue). Priya doesn't really care about HP, since she's immune to damage.

    AC 100: 10 base - 1 Flaw (Vulnerable) + 24 DEX bonus + 2 natural (Righteous Fury) + 8 armor (Greater Luminous Armor) + 6 circumstance (Holy Star) + 4 shield (Shield) + 1 dodge (Haste) + 20 deflection (Sirine's Grace) + 4 sacred (Glorious Raiment) + 3 luck (Recitation) + 4 insight (Snowsong) + 5 armor enhancement (Magic Vestment) + 8 natural armor enhancement (Bite of the Wearboar). Priya doesn't care about AC either, since she's immune to damage and grappling.

    DR 20/- (Greater Shield of Lathander), DR 10/adamantine (Sudden Aegis), DR 10/evil (Channeled Divine Shield), DR 10/magic (Blessing of Bahamut), DR 5/cold iron (Nixie's Grace). Again, not important since immune to damage.

    +45 Initiative: 24 DEX bonus + 5 competence (Primal Instinct) + 6 {7} insight (Combat Readiness) + 4 untyped (Heroics: Improved Initiative) + 5 untyped (Nerveskitter). If you know combat is coming soon, you can also cast non-persistable spells Sign for +4 untyped, and Weapon Augmentation (Eager) on a weapon for +2 untyped, to get an additional +6. Also in Dire Tortoise form Priya always gets a free surprise round at start of combat while opponents are flat-footed (so she only needs to care about initiative when fighting opponents also in Dire Tortoise form).
    • 145 land speed: 60 base (Unicorn Heart) + 30 enhancement (Haste) + 50 untyped (Footsteps of the Divine).
    • 230 fly speed (perfect): 100 base (Celestial Aspect) + 30 enhancement (Haste) + 30 untyped (Cloud Wings) + 30 untyped (Wings of Swift Flying) + 30 untyped (Aerial Alacrity) + 10 untyped (Lord of the Sky).
    • 120 swim speed: 60 base (Heart of Water) + 30 enhancement (Haste) + 30 untyped (Wings of the Sea).
    • 80 burrow speed: 30 base (Burrow) + 30 enhancement (Haste) + 20 untyped (Rapid Burrowing).
    • 90 climb speed: 60 base (Walk the Mountain's Path) + 30 enhancement (Haste).

    Saving throws: Priya rarely needs to make a saving throw since they are usually replaced with Concentration checks (see above), allowing her to never fail a saving throw DC 56 or below, even on a natural 1. For actual saves when they happen, they all gain +20 luck (Ruin Delver's Fortune) + 6 resistance (Superior Resistance) + 5 morale (Conviction) + 4 sacred (Holy Transformation) + 3 insight (True Prayer of the Chosen) = +38.
    • Fort +64: 4 base + 22 CON bonus + 38 other.
    • Reflex +71: 8 base + 24 DEX bonus + 1 dodge (Haste) + 38 other.
    • Will +73: 20 base + 15 WIS bonus + 38 other.

    Melee: Let's beat the Hecatonceries to death in a single round!
    Although focused on spellcasting, Priya is also an effective melee combatant and can kill opponents without casting anything at all. She only needs to use a zero gold non-masterwork quarterstaff, however with buffs it will effectively be an epic colossal adamantine +5 keen holy frost shocking flaming burst ghost touch weapon.

    Useful melee buffs not directly related to attack and damage rolls are Heroics (for Power Attack), Wraithstrike (to always hit touch AC), Lion's Charge (so can move and full attack each round), Sakkratar's Triple Strike (effectively double haste), Touch of Adamantine (effectively adamantine), Weapon of Impact (keen), Fracturing Weapon (reduces enemy DR), Ghost Touch Weapon (for incorporeal opponents), and Undead Bane Weapon (for undead opponents).

    Attack rolls: 20 BAB (Divine Power) -2 (Noncombatant flaw) +1 Weapon Focus (Quarterstaff) +28 STR bonus +5 enhancement (Greater Magic Weapon) +5 {+6} luck (Nature's Favor) +4 morale (Greater Heroism) +2 competence (Create Magic Tattoo) +1 circumstance (Focusing Chant) +1 untyped (Haste) +1 untyped (Burning Rage) +1 untyped (Interfaith Blessing: Boccob) -20 (Power Attack) +2 (roll, ignoring natural 1's) = 50. Priya's attack sequence is at least 50/50/50/45/40/35.

    Damage rolls: 4d6 (Greater Mighty Wallop: Quarterstaff) +42 STR bonus (2H) +10 enhancement (Brambles) +5 {+6} luck (Nature's Favor) +3 morale (Righteous Wrath) +19 untyped (Ferocity of Sanguine Rage) +2 untyped (Burning Rage) +40 (Power Attack) +6 holy (Blessing of the Righteous) +6 sacred (Flamebound Weapon) +6 cold (Frost Weapon) +6 cold (Snowsong, stacks with Frost Weapon) +6 electricity (Weapon of Energy) +6 sonic (Sonic Weapon) +8 fire (Blades of Fire) +1d6 fire (Flame of Faith, stacks with Blades of Fire) = 177 to 202.

    Each hit does at least 177 damage, and six hits do 1062 to 1212 total. Assume 5% of attacks are misses due to natural 1's (reduce damage by 5%), and 10% of hits are criticals (double damage), and Priya does 1188 average damage to a target a round (barring resistances and unpenetratable DR).

    The above is just with Priya's default configuration. If you really want to be good at melee, additional buffs can increase your damage, such as Draconic Polymorph: Firbolg (44 base STR), and Giant Size (+32 size to STR), which increase STR from 67 to 108. Also pick up temporary buffs Weapon Augmentation (Collision) and Weapon Augmentation (Eager) for 5+2 = +7 untyped damage. These give Priya +61 attack and 208 to 233 damage per hit, or 1248 to 1398 total.

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    Default Re: Priya the Prismatic Priestess: Buffs Across the Spectrum

    Well, this seems to be a nice evolution of Kerri the Merry Fairy. Iot7V can fend off a whole lot of nastiness just by itself, and is just great with Persistent buffs. I just checked your immunities against a prior similar character of my own and you seem to have all of them. I would get Ruin Delver's Fortune for Reflex Saves as it gets you Evasion, which eliminates the possible edge case of a kill by Earthquake.

    There are a few things that will penetrate Delay Death+Beastland Ferocity, mostly effects that not only kill but destroy the body. Probably the most pertinent one is someone getting you with a Disintegrate and dropping you below 0 that way (as you'd turn to dust), the only problems are making it a melee touch rather than ranged touch (via Spellsword/Duskblade etc.) and actually making it stick past all your Contingencies.

    Someone who uses Domain Substitution (Scalykind) can probably Rebuke you as you're using a Ha-Naga form. I'd suggest not bothering with super-high ability scores and just using a creature that can't be Turned/Rebuked.

    You are also still vulnerable to the Time Stop/Energy Transformation Field/Disjunction/kill spell move. As I said earlier, I don't think there's a way out of this one.

    I will say that this build is very nearly impossible to kill, and that the Repeating Absorption trick is a pretty cool one. I may end up adapting this character for the next really-high-op game I'm in.
    On creating medieval thermobaric detonations:
    Quote Originally Posted by Ravens_cry View Post
    *strokes chin*
    Hmmm, I like the way you think.
    On rewriting your own past into a stable time loop of invulnerability:
    Quote Originally Posted by rockdeworld View Post
    Kardar233's Illithid:
    *strokes chin*
    Hmmm, I like the way you think.
    Quote Originally Posted by rockdeworld View Post
    kardar233's Tyr: So ok, it seems to me that your character evades death o_O. Congratulations *fanfare*

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    Default Re: Priya the Prismatic Priestess: Buffs Across the Spectrum

    This is quite fascinating.

    You need to persist Shield so you're immune to Magic Missiles.
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    Post Re: Priya the Prismatic Priestess: Buffs Across the Spectrum

    Quote Originally Posted by kardar233 View Post
    Well, this seems to be a nice evolution of Kerri the Merry Fairy.
    Cool, you remembered my earlier Kerri the Merry Fairy build from December. Kerri relied on early entry cheese, and Rainbow Servant being full casting. Kerri also completely avoided using equipment. Discarding those build tricks, and allowing use of the best equipment (although still not relying on it), results in this stronger build. More importantly, Kerri intentionally avoided Absorption. Using that spell, and hence having infinite spells, made me question exactly how much higher stats and such could get with so many additional spells. Priya is the result of that math.
    Quote Originally Posted by kardar233 View Post
    I would get Ruin Delver's Fortune for Reflex Saves as it gets you Evasion, which eliminates the possible edge case of a kill by Earthquake.
    Priya already does have Ruin Delver's Fortune on her 4x (see "More Stats" section), to get +20 luck bonus to all saves, and +52 temporary hp. So she does have Evasion, which I probably should have explicitly mentioned.
    Quote Originally Posted by kardar233 View Post
    Probably the most pertinent one is someone getting you with a Disintegrate and dropping you below 0 that way (as you'd turn to dust)
    Delay Death + Beastland Ferocity can be combined with regenerate + immunity to non-lethal damage. Then you need to give Disintegrate a quality similar to Searing Spell that can penetrate immunities in order to deal damage. A nice thing about Priya is there are several levels of defense. Pact of Return can be cast any number of times to cover as many potential causes of death (e.g. "if my Astral Projection cord gets cut") as you can think of.
    Quote Originally Posted by kardar233 View Post
    You are also still vulnerable to the Time Stop/Energy Transformation Field/Disjunction/kill spell move. As I said earlier, I don't think there's a way out of this one.
    Epic levels may help. Get Spell Stowaway (Time Stop) and you can prevent people from doing things without you being able to respond. Note that feat takes effect if they "use" the spell, as opposed to "cast" the spell, which could potentially mean they can't even cast Time Stop more than 300 feet away from you, and then move next to you before Time Stop ends.
    Quote Originally Posted by Juntao112 View Post
    You need to persist Shield so you're immune to Magic Missiles.
    Shield is already persisted. See "More Stats" section, in which Priya's 100 AC includes a +4 shield bonus from the Shield spell.

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    Post Re: Priya the Prismatic Priestess: Buffs Across the Spectrum

    Quote Originally Posted by kardar233 View Post
    Someone who uses Domain Substitution (Scalykind) can probably Rebuke you as you're using a Ha-Naga form.
    The Scalykind Domain says, "Granted Power: Rebuke or command animals (reptilian creatures and snakes only)". (SC page 279) Nagas and Ha-Nagas are Aberrations, not Animal type, so Scalykind Domain Clerics shouldn't be able to rebuke them.

    On a related subject, Priya effectively has Eschew Materials. If you lose your spell component pouch, Polymorph or Shapechange into a Couatl or Naga which has Eschew Materials as a racial bonus feat. Or just cast Summon Component (CM). It's too bad they forgot to also give Ha-Nagas Eschew Materials, since Priya usually spends her time polymorphed into one. (How does that thing cast spells with somatic components anyway?)

    The original post didn't say this, but (as with many build exercises) Priya is designed for level 20. (For example, if you started at level 1 you probably don't want to dump CON.) Up through level 17, it plays little different from a Tier 2 Sor. At level 18, getting Absorption (and access to Miracle through the level 18 feat) is the big leap which allows infinite buffs. Levels 19 and 20 add Time Stop and Shapechange to the Sor spell list, allowing additional combos.

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    Post Re: Priya the Prismatic Priestess: Buffs Across the Spectrum

    One more part of this build that might be of interest is Priya's actual list of buffs. The following table is the complete list of buffs Priya gives herself from Miracle (up to 7th level, and up to 8th level Cleric). There are 284 different spells from a variety of sourcebooks, and counting multiple castings result in 325 spells total. Even at one buff a round, it will still take Priya over half an hour to apply them all! That's another use of Invisible Spell, to avoid visible energy fluctuations from so many overlapping Persistent abjurations.

    A nice thing about Persist Spell is it automatically maintains concentration for Concentration duration spells, meaning Priya can have all Detect spells up simultaneously. Some spells can and should have Enlarge Spell (to double their range) applied through Miracle, so spells like Detect Good have range 120 feet instead of just 60.
    • Spell: The name of the buff.
    • Source: Abbreviation of the source book containing the spell. "F:" are Forgotten Realms books, and "E:" are Eberron books.
    • School: The school of the spell. Remember that Evocation and Necromancy school buffs can't receive metamagic from Spelldancer, and that all Enchantment school buffs turn off if you cast Mind Blank.
    • Level: The spell level of the buff.
    • #: The number of times the buff is applied. Some buffs can give differing effects, so can be applied more than once. For example, Energy Immunity gets applied 5 times, to be immune to each of the 5 elements.
    • Bonus: A summary of the main benefits from the buff, in terms of measurable character sheet stats. The numbers assume the spell has been Maximized. Any numbers inside {}'s are additional bonus that come from the +3 higher CL cap from Reserves of Strength.

    Spell Source School Level # Bonus
    Summon Holy Symbol CC Conjuration 0 1
    Detect Crossroads F:MoF Divination 0 1
    Easy Math SaS Divination 0 1
    Read Magic SRD Divination 0 1
    Virtue SRD Transmutation 0 1 Temp +1
    Prestidigitation SRD Universal 0 1
    Conviction SC Abjuration 1 1 Save +5 morale
    Ectoplasmic Armor SC Abjuration 1 1 AC +9 armor (incorporeal touch)
    Endure Elements SRD Abjuration 1 1
    Joyful Noise SC Abjuration 1 1 Immune silence
    Protection From Evil SRD Abjuration 1 1 Immune possession
    Protection From Winged Flyers F:SS Abjuration 1 1
    Shield SRD Abjuration 1 1 AC +4 shield
    Shield of Faith SRD Abjuration 1 1 AC +5 deflection
    Surefoot SC Abjuration 1 1 Skill balance, climb, jump, tumble +10 competence
    Suspend Disease BoVD Abjuration 1 1 Immune disease effects
    Blades of Fire SC Conjuration 1 1 Weapon: +8 fire
    Deep Breath SC Conjuration 1 1 Breath: always have air
    Appraising Touch SC Divination 1 1 Skill appraise +10 insight (touching)
    Bloodhound SC Divination 1 1 Skill survival retry
    Combat Readiness DotU Divination 1 1 Initiative +6 insight; Immune flanking bonus
    Comprehend Languages SRD Divination 1 1
    Detect Animals or Plants SRD Divination 1 1
    Detect Dragonblood DM Divination 1 1
    Detect Dragonmark E:MoE Divination 1 1
    Detect Fire Frost Divination 1 1
    Detect Incarnum MoI Divination 1 1
    Detect Secret Doors SRD Divination 1 1
    Detect Snares and Pits SRD Divination 1 1
    Detect Taint HoH Divination 1 1
    Detect Undead SRD Divination 1 1
    Detect Vestige ToM Divination 1 1
    Detect Weaponry City Divination 1 1
    Discern Bloodline RoD Divination 1 1
    Divine Inspiration BoED Divination 1 1 Attack +3 sacred (evil)
    Eyes of the Avoral BoED Divination 1 1 Skill +8 spot racial
    Guided Shot SC Divination 1 1 Ignore range penalty, cover (except total), concealment (except total)
    Know Greatest Enemy SC Divination 1 1
    Livng Prints SC Divination 1 1 See tracks as if just made
    Locate Water Sand Divination 1 1
    Scholar's Touch RoD Divination 1 1
    Speak With Animals SRD Divination 1 1
    Wieldskill F:PGtF Divination 1 1 Skill any +5 competence
    Beastland Ferocity SC Enchantment 1 1 Immune disabled, dying
    Drug Resistance BoVD Enchantment 1 1 Immune drug addiction
    Focusing Chant SC Enchantment 1 1 Attack, skill, ability +1 circumstance
    Ray of Hope BoED Enchantment 1 1 Save, Attack, Ability, Skill +2 morale
    Wings of Swift Flying RotD Evocation 1 1 Speed fly +30 untyped (magic)
    Friendly Face RoD Illusion 1 1 Skill diplomacy, gather information +5 circumstance (INT 3+ non-hostile)
    Magic Aura SRD Illusion 1 13
    Serene Visage SC Illusion 1 1 Skill bluff +10 {+11} insight
    Towering Oak SC Illusion 1 1 Skill intimidate +10 competence; STR +2 enhancement
    Ventriloquism SRD Illusion 1 1
    Accelerated Movement SC Transmutation 1 1 Speed normal when balance, climb, hide, move silently, tumble
    Burning Rage PHB2 Transmutation 1 1 Attack +1 untyped; Damage +2 untyped; DR 2/magic
    Camouflage SC Transmutation 1 1 Skill hide +10 circumstance
    Climb Walls SC Transmutation 1 1 Skill climb +30 circumstance
    Ebon Eyes SC Transmutation 1 1 Vision darkness, magical darkness
    Hawkeye SC Transmutation 1 1 Skill spot +5 competence
    Hoard Gullet DM Transmutation 1 1
    Improvisation SC Transmutation 1 1 CL*2 luck points up to CL/2 luck bonus on skill, ability, attack
    Jump SRD Transmutation 1 1 Skill jump +30 enhancement
    Kuo-Toa Skin Storm Transmutation 1 1 Skill escape artist +8 untyped; Immune webs
    Lightfoot SC Transmutation 1 1 Immune AOO moving
    Pass Without Trace SRD Transmutation 1 1
    Primal Hunter DM Transmutation 1 1 Skill climb, jump, swim +5 competence
    Rapid Burrowing SC Transmutation 1 1 Speed burrow +20 untyped
    Remove Scent SC Transmutation 1 1
    Ride of the Valenar E:RoE Transmutation 1 1 Skill ride +5 competence
    Rooftop Strider RoD Transmutation 1 1 Skill balance, jump +5 competence
    Sea Legs F:SS Transmutation 1 1 Succeed skill balance DC 20; Move full speed while balance on ship deck
    Second Wind SC Transmutation 1 1 CON +4 ability check untyped
    Share Talents PHB2 Transmutation 1 1 Skill +2 untyped (trained)
    Showshoes SC Transmutation 1 1 Speed normal on ice and snow
    Snowsight Frost Transmutation 1 1
    Sticky Fingers SC Transmutation 1 1 Skill slight of hand +10 untyped
    Waste Strider Sand Transmutation 1 1
    Webfoot Storm Transmutation 1 1 Skill swim +4; Move unhindered in bog
    Wings of the Sea SC Transmutation 1 1 Speed swim +30 ft untyped
    Familiar Pocket SC Universal 1 1
    Earthen Grace SC Abjuration 2 1 All damage non-lethal from earth source
    Gaze Screen F:DoF Abjuration 2 1 Gaze protect 50%
    Glorious Raiment BoED Abjuration 2 1 AC +4 sacred; DR 5/evil
    Peaceful Serenity of IO RotD Abjuration 2 1 Skill concentration +4 morale; Save compulsion, fear +4 morale (and suppress effects)
    Create Magic Tattoo SC Conjuration 2 2 CL +1; Attack +2 competence
    Balancing Lorecall SC Divination 2 1 Skill balance +4 insight
    Detect Aberration LoM Divination 2 1
    Detect Chaos (Enlarged) SRD Divination 2 1
    Detect Good (Enlarged) SRD Divination 2 1
    Detect Law (Enlarged) SRD Divination 2 1
    Detect Thoughts SRD Divination 2 1
    Discern Shapechanger SC Divination 2 1
    Find Traps SRD Divination 2 1 Skill search +10 insight (traps)
    Listening Lorecall SC Divination 2 1 Skill listen +4 insight
    Locate Node F:Under Divination 2 1
    Magic Savant CM Divination 2 1 Skill use magic device +4 insight
    See Invisibility SRD Divination 2 1 Vision see invisible
    Speak With Plants SRD Divination 2 1
    Wild Instincts E:RoE Divination 2 1 Skill listen, spot +10 insight
    Aid SRD Enchantment 2 1 Temp +18 {+21}
    Battle Hymn SC Enchantment 2 1 Save will reroll 1/round
    Elation BoED Enchantment 2 1 STR, DEX +2 morale; Speed +5 untyped
    Harmonic Chorous SC Enchantment 2 1 CL +2 morale
    Interfaith Blessing (Bahamut) CC Enchantment 2 1 Save +1 untyped; Attack +1 untyped
    Bladeweave SC Illusion 2 1 Weapon: 1/round enemy damaged save Will or daze
    Mask of the Ideal CM Illusion 2 1 Skill bluff, diplomacy +4 competence; Skill disguise (self) +4 competence
    Shadow Mask SC Illusion 2 1 Gaze protect 50%; Save +4 (light, darkness)
    Beguiling Influence CA Least 2 1 Skill bluff, diplomacy, intimidate +6 untyped
    Leaps and Bounds CA Least 2 1 Skill balance, jump, tumble +6 untyped
    False Life SRD Necromancy 2 1 Temp +20 {+23}
    Soul Boon MoI Necromancy 2 1 Essentia +5
    Spawn Screen SC Necromancy 2 1 Immune rise as undead
    Align Weapon SRD Transmutation 2 1 Weapon: lawful
    Aura of Glory F:MoF Transmutation 2 1 Skill bluff, diplomacy, handle animal, intimidate +2 sacred (NPC attitude); Ability CHA +2 sacred (NPC attitude)
    Bite of the Wererat SC Transmutation 2 1 DEX +6, CON +2 enhancement; AC +3 natural enhancement; Feat Weapon-Finesse
    Brambles SC Transmutation 2 1 Wood weapon piercing + bludgeoning, +10 {+13} damage enhancement
    Burrow SC Transmutation 2 1 Speed 30 burrow
    Cloud Wings SC Transmutation 2 1 Speed fly +30 untyped
    Divine Presence CC Transmutation 2 1 Skill intimidate +5 sacred (non-deity); +10 sacred (evil, chaos); +15 sacred (CE)
    Fuse Arms SC Transmutation 2 1 STR +8 untyped (arms)
    Heart of Air CM Transmutation 2 1 Skill jump +10 enhancement; Speed fly +10 enhancement
    Heroics SC Transmutation 2 8 Feat Improved Initiative, Weapon Focus (Ray), Improved Toughness, Martial Study x3 (Mind Over Body, Action Before Thought, Moment of Perfect Mind), Martial Stance (Stance of Alacrity), Weapon Focus (Staff)
    Lion's Charge SC Transmutation 2 1 Attack full after charge
    Master Cavalier CC Transmutation 2 1 Skill ride +10 untyped
    Mountain Stance SC Transmutation 2 1 Free action gain +CL to resist grapple, bull rush, overrun, trip
    Nature's Favor SC Transmutation 2 1 Attack, damage +5 luck (animal)
    One With the Land SC Transmutation 2 1 Skill +2 handle animal, hide, move silently, search, survival competence
    Primal Instinct DM Transmutation 2 1 Skill survival +5 competence; Initiative +5 competence
    Spider Climb SRD Transmutation 2 1 Speed climb 20 ft
    Substitute Domain CC Transmutation 2 1 Domain Oracle -> Planning
    Tojanida Sight Storm Transmutation 2 1 Skill search, spot +5 untyped; Immune flanking; Can't avert gaze
    Tremorsense SC Transmutation 2 1 Tremorsense 30 ft
    Wraithstrike SC Transmutation 2 1 Attack melee is touch attack
    Anticipate Teleportation SC Abjuration 3 1
    Antidragon Aura SC Abjuration 3 1 AC +5 luck (dragon), Save +5 luck (dragon)
    Blessing of Bahamut SC Abjuration 3 1 DR 10/magic
    Bolster Aura / Subdue Aura CC Abjuration 3 1 Aura HD +CL/2
    Channeled Divine Shield PHB2 Abjuration 3 1 DR 10/evil
    Disobedience CS Abjuration 3 1 Immune mental control
    Nezram's Amethyst Aura F:LEoF Abjuration 3 1 Immune poison, disease
    Nondetection SRD Abjuration 3 1
    Safety SC Abjuration 3 1 Know path to safe place
    Sudden Aegis E:FoW Abjuration 3 1 DR 10/adamantine
    Tongues SRD Abjuration 3 1
    Analyze Portal SC Divination 3 1
    Analyze Touchstone Planar Divination 3 1
    Battlemagic Perception HoB Divination 3 1 Skill spellcraft +5 competence (spell identify); Sense casting within 100 ft; Counter one spell as free action
    Blessed Sight BoED Divination 3 1 Detect Evil 120 ft
    Detect Metal and Minerals F:RoF Divination 3 1
    Detect Ship Storm Divination 3 1
    Ferocity of Sanguine Rage DM Divination 3 1 Melee damage +CL/2
    Spellcaster's Bane CM Divination 3 1 CL +2 insight (dispel)
    Treasure Scent SC Divination 3 1
    Understand Device F:PGtF Divination 3 1 Skill disable device, open lock +15 insight
    Vision of the Omniscient Eye DM Divination 3 1 Skill spot +10 insight; Immune dazzle, blindness
    Aid, Mass SC Enchantment 3 1 Temp +23 {+26}
    Good Hope SRD Enchantment 3 1 Save, Attack, Ability, Skill, Weapon damage +2 morale
    Inspired Aim BoED Enchantment 3 1 Attack +2 insight (ranged)
    Prayer SRD Enchantment 3 1 Attack, Weapon damage, Save, Skill +1 luck
    Verraketh's Shadow Crown F:RoF Enchantment 3 1 Skill perform +4 competence
    Displacement SRD Illusion 3 1 Miss 50%
    Air Breathing SC Transmutation 3 1 Breathe air
    Arms of Plenty LoM Transmutation 3 1 Grow 2 arms
    Celestial Aspect BoED Transmutation 3 1 Speed fly 100 ft
    Devil's Eye FC2 Transmutation 3 1 Vision darkness, magical darkness 30 ft
    False Gravity SC Transmutation 3 1 Choose gravity direction
    Fell the Greatest Foe SC Transmutation 3 1 Melee damage +1d6 per size larger
    Flame of Faith SC Transmutation 3 1 Weapon: +1 flaming burst (non-magic)
    Flexform E:SoS Transmutation 3 1 Skill escape artist, tumble +10 untyped
    Footsteps of the Divine (Fharlanghn) CC Transmutation 3 1 Speed land +50 ft untyped
    Forestfold SC Transmutation 3 1 Skill hide, move silently +10 competence (terrain)
    Ghost Touch Weapon LM Transmutation 3 1 Weapon: Ghost touch
    Girallon's Blessing SC Transmutation 3 1 Grow 2 arms
    Glibness SRD Transmutation 3 1 Skill bluff +30 untyped
    Haste SRD Transmutation 3 1 Attack extra; Attack +1 untyped; AC +1 dodge; Reflex +1 dodge; Speed +30 enhancement
    Heart of Water CM Transmutation 3 1 Speed swim = land; Skill escape artist +5 enhancement; Immune critical hit, sneak attack
    Magic Vestment SRD Transmutation 3 1 AC +5 armor enhancement
    Magic Weapon, Greater SRD Transmutation 3 1 Weapon: +5 enhancement
    Primal Senses DM Transmutation 3 1 Skill listen, spot +5 competence; Vision Low-Light
    Righteous Fury F:MoF Transmutation 3 1 Temp +40 {+52}; Natural armor +2; STR, DEX +2 enhancement; Fort +2 sacred
    Shadow Phase SC Transmutation 3 1 Miss 50% physical, 20% magic
    Spiderskin SC Transmutation 3 1 AC +5 natural enhancement; Skill hide +5 racial
    Walk the Mountain's Path RoS Transmutation 3 1 Speed climb = land; Skill balance, jump +10 enhancement
    Weapon of Energy SC Transmutation 3 1 Weapon: shocking +6
    Weapon of Impact SC Transmutation 3 1 Weapon: keen (blunt)
    Enhance Familiar CA Universal 3 1 Familiar save, attack, damage +2 competence; AC +2 dodge
    Freedom of Movement SRD Abjuration 4 1 Immune grapple
    Luminous Armor, Greater BoED Abjuration 4 1 AC +8 armor, Enemy -4 melee
    Nezram's Emerald Energy Shield F:LEoF Abjuration 4 1 Immune deafness; Immune language-dependent mind-affecting spells; Resist sonic 10
    Ray Deflection SC Abjuration 4 1 Immune ray, ranged touch attack
    Sacred Haven SC Abjuration 4 1 AC +2 sacred
    Sheltered Vitality SC Abjuration 4 1 Immune fatigue, exhaustion, ability damage, ability drain
    Recitation SC Conjuration 4 1 AC +3 luck; Attack +3 luck; Save +3 luck
    Tree Stride SRD Conjuration 4 1
    Detect Scrying SRD Divination 4 1
    Greater Status BoED Divination 4 1
    Spiritual Advisor CC Divination 4 1 Skill knowledge +4 insight, attempt untrained knowledge checks
    Telepathic Aura SC Divination 4 1 Mentally communicate to all allies
    Blessing of the Righteous PHB2 Evocation 4 1 Weapon: Melee, ranged deal +6 holy damage and are good
    Divine Power SRD Evocation 4 1 BAB 20; STR +6 enhancement; Temp +CL
    Sirine's Grace SC Evocation 4 1 CHA, DEX +4 enhancement; AC +CHA deflection; Skill perform +8 untyped; Speed swim 60 ft
    Delay Death SC Necromancy 4 1 Don't die below -10 hp
    Favor of the Martyr SC Necromancy 4 1 Immune non-lethal, daze, exhaustion, fatigue, nausea, stun; Feat Endurance
    Aerial Alacrity RotW Transmutation 4 1 Speed fly +30 untyped; Fly maneuverability +1; AC +1 dodge (flying), Reflex +1 dodge (flying)
    Bear's Heart DotF Transmutation 4 1 STR +4 enhancement; Temp +CL*4
    Bite of the Wereboar SC Transmutation 4 1 STR +4, CON +6 enhancement; AC +8 natural enhancement; Feat Blind-Fight
    Blinding Beauty BoED Transmutation 4 1 Blind humanoids within 60 ft
    Blindsight, Greater SC Transmutation 4 1 Vision blindsight 60 ft
    Draconic Might SC Transmutation 4 1 STR +4, CON +4, CHA +4 enhancement; AC +4 natural enhancement; Immune magic sleep, paralysis
    Dragon Breath SC Transmutation 4 1 Breath weapon 15 ft cone sleep
    Essence of the Raptor SC Transmutation 4 1 Speed 60 ft; Skill hide, jump, listen, spot, survival +8 untyped; Scent
    Fire Stride SC Transmutation 4 1 Teleport between fires
    Heart of Earth CM Transmutation 4 1 Temp +30 {+36}; Resist +8 bull rush, trip, overrun
    Inner Beauty FC1 Transmutation 4 1 DEX, CHA +4 sacred
    Mark of the Enlightened Soul DM Transmutation 4 1 Spells are [good]; Spells up to level [expended]-1 do +50% damage against evil
    Ruin Delver's Fortune SC Transmutation 4 4 Save +CHA luck; Immune poison; Immune fear; Evasion; Temp +32+CHA
    Sustain BoED Transmutation 4 1 Immune hunger, thirst
    True Prayer of the Chosen ToM Transmutation 4 1 Save +3 insight; AC +3 insight
    Unfailing Endurance DotF Transmutation 4 1 Feat Endurance
    Voice of the Dragon SC Transmutation 4 1 Skill bluff, diplomacy, intimidate +10 enhancement
    Life's Grace SC Abjuration 5 1 Immune death effect, energy drain, negative energy
    Spell Resistance SRD Abjuration 5 1 SR 12+CL
    Dimension Door, Greater SC Conjuration 5 1 Dimension Door 25+5*(CL/2) ft as move action
    Dimension Jumper CM Conjuration 5 1 Teleport 30 ft as move action
    Vigor, Greater SC Conjuration 5 1 Fast healing 4
    Bolts of Bedevilment SC Enchantment 5 1 Gain ray attack: ranged touch for daze 3 round
    Greater Heroism SRD Enchantment 5 1 Attack, Save, Skill +4 morale; Temp +20 {+23}; Immune fear
    Righteous Wrath of the Faithful SC Enchantment 5 1 Attack extra; Attack, damage melee +3 morale
    Fire Breath CA Evocation 5 1 Ranged touch attack 80 fire
    Shadow Form SC Illusion 5 1 Skill escape artist, hide, move silently +4 competence
    Adapt Body SRD Psychometabolism 5 1 Breathe water, airless
    Blink, Greater SC Transmutation 5 1 Miss 50%
    Disrupting Weapon SRD Transmutation 5 1 Weapon: Destroys undead
    Divine Agility SC Transmutation 5 1 DEX +10 enhancement
    Dragonsight SC Transmutation 5 1 Darkvision 10*CL ft; Blindsense 5*CL ft; Low light vision
    Heart of Fire CM Transmutation 5 1 Speed +10 enhancement; Resist fire 20
    Lord of the Sky DM Transmutation 5 1 Speed fly +10 untyped; Attack lightning 20 damage (to flier while flying)
    Owl's Insight SC Transmutation 5 1 WIS +CL/2 insight
    Pass Through Ice Frost Transmutation 5 1
    Sakkratar's Triple Strike F:LEoF Transmutation 5 1 Three weapon attacks at full BAB + keen flaming burst, not stack with haste
    Telekinesis SRD Transmutation 5 1
    Touch of Adamantine BoED Transmutation 5 1 Weapon: masterwork adamantine
    Transformation of the Deeps Storm Transmutation 5 1 Immune water pressure; Darkvision 60 ft
    Unfettered Heroism E:RoE Transmutation 5 1 Action point 1/round
    Valiant Fury SC Transmutation 5 1 STR, CON +4 morale; Will +2 morale
    Wings of Air, Greater Draco Transmutation 5 1 Fly (wings) maneuverability +2
    Xorn Movement SC Transmutation 5 1
    Empyreal Ecstasy BoED Abjuration 6 1 Immune mind-affecting; Skill -4 untyped; Half damage melee, ranged
    Energy Immunity SC Abjuration 6 5 Immune acid, cold, electricity, fire, sonic
    Hidden Truename ToM Abjuration 6 1 Save +2 untyped (utterance)
    Karmic Retribution CM Abjuration 6 1 Stun creature that damages you
    Resistance, Superior SC Abjuration 6 1 Save +6 resistance
    Spellmantle F:PGtF Abjuration 6 1 Absorb 9 levels total of CL/4 spells (Dispel Magic)
    Starmantle BoED Abjuration 6 1 Immune non-magic weapons, missiles; reflex for half damage otherwise [requires Ocular Spell]
    Bones of the Earth PHB2 Conjuration 6 1 Conjure pillars from ground
    Freezing Glance Frost Enchantment 6 1 Gain gaze attack: Paralyze 1 min/CL
    Snowsong Frost Enchantment 6 1 CHA +4 morale; Attack +4 morale; AC +4 insight; Fast healing 1; Melee damage +6 cold
    Contingency SRD Evocation 6 1 Celerity
    Dispelling Buffer SRD Psychokinesis 6 1 Save dispel +5 untyped
    Bite of the Werebear SC Transmutation 6 1 STR +16, DEX +2, CON +8 enhancement; AC +7 natural enhancement; Feat Blind-Fight, Power Attack
    Chasing Perfection PHB2 Transmutation 6 1 STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA +4 enhancement
    Incarnum Vigor MoI Transmutation 6 1 Fast healing 1; Heal spells heal extra SPL*2 hp
    Nixie's Grace SC Transmutation 6 1 Speed swim 30 ft; Low-Light vision; DR 5/cold iron; DEX +6 WIS +2 CHA +8 enhancement; Breathe water
    Spellstaff SRD Transmutation 6 1 Store spell in staff (Miracle)
    Imbue Familiar With Spell Ability SC Universal 6 1 Familiar gains CL/3 spells up to 5th level (Celerity, Dimension Door)
    Greater Shield of Lathander F:PGtF Abjuration 7 1 DR 20/-; immune negative energy, energy drain; resist acid, cold, fire, electricity, sonic 10
    Holy Star SC Abjuration 7 1 AC +6 circumstance; or turn 7 spell levels; or 60 {+66} fire damage
    Planar Bubble SC Abjuration 7 1
    Shield of the Archons BoED Abjuration 7 1 Save +4 bonus untyped (area); Block targeted spells, sp, su
    Arcane Sight, Greater SRD Divination 7 1
    Glorious Master of the Elements DM Evocation 7 1 Ranged touch attack 60 {66} acid, cold, electricity, or fire
    Pact of Return HoH Necromancy 7 10 True resurrection if die due to condition
    Aura of Vitality SC Transmutation 7 1 STR, DEX, CON +4 morale
    Channel the Dragon (Silver) DM Transmutation 7 1 DR 5/adamantine; Breath 15 ft cone paralysis
    Elemental Body (Air) SC Transmutation 7 1 Immume to poison, sleep, paralysis, stun, critical hits, flanking; Darkvision 60 ft; Speed fly perfect = land
    Holy Transformation SC Transmutation 7 1 STR, CON +4 sacred; Darkvision 60 ft; Save +4 sacred; DR 5/evil
    Open Lesser Chakra MoI Transmutation 7 6 Chakra arms, brow, crown, feet, hands, shoulder
    Unicorn Heart CM Transmutation 7 1 Speed land 60 ft; Ability STR, DEX, CON skills +4 enhancement
    Arcane Spellsurge DM Universal 7 1
    Spell Immunity, Greater SRD Abjuration 8 1 Immune to CL/4 level 8 spells (5: Blasphemy, Word of Chaos, Word of Balance, Dimensional Lock, Limited Wish, Maze)
    Moment of Prescience SRD Divination 8 1 Once: Attack, opposed ability or skill, save, AC +25 insight (Luck domain)
    Visions of the Future PHB2 Divination 8 1 Save +2 sacred; AC +2 dodge
    Spread of Contentment BoED Enchantment 8 1 Improve status of creatures one step
    Stormrage SC Transmutation 8 1 Speed fly 40 ft; Immune projectile ranged attacks; Ranged touch attack 60 {+66} electricity
    Total 856 325
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    Default Re: Priya the Prismatic Priestess: Buffs Across the Spectrum

    How are you charging absorption in your infinite standard actions loop? I get how it works when you're not in the infinite loop by using something with an at will ability or something. But while you're in the loop it appears to not work because I can't figure out how you can recharge your absorption.

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    Default Re: Priya the Prismatic Priestess: Buffs Across the Spectrum

    I don't think you have enough buffs, Priya.


    More seriously, the Absorption trick is great innovation, and I appreciate the lack of early entry cheese in this iteration. Disjunction resistance is also difficult to get. This is high-quality research and presentation you've got going.

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    Default Re: Priya the Prismatic Priestess: Buffs Across the Spectrum

    Book marking this one in my builds folder. I didn't think I would see a new TO trick after all this time, but I was wrong. :D
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    Post Re: Priya the Prismatic Priestess: Buffs Across the Spectrum

    Quote Originally Posted by Seer_of_Heart View Post
    How are you charging absorption in your infinite standard actions loop? I get how it works when you're not in the infinite loop by using something with an at will ability or something. But while you're in the loop it appears to not work because I can't figure out how you can recharge your absorption.
    Absorption gets "charged" (i.e. a casting of it is converted into levels of stored energy you can then use to cast a spell) in the same way as before: By being targeted by spells or spell-like effects, such as your familiar nuking you (who's also inside your Time Stops with you via Shared Spells). The casting of Absorption and the "charging" of it take place inside Time Stop (or nested Time Stops), so take place in zero time to an external observer. The Time Stop is cast from a free Celerity, and that Celerity is brought forth by Greater Arcane Fusion. In other words, to an outside observer it looks like you're casting Greater Arcane Fusion to bring forth two Celerity instances over and over:

    Greater Arcane Fusion:
    -- Celerity: Time Stop (acquire four charged Absorptions inside it)
    -- Celerity: Greater Arcane Fusion (nested):
    ---- Celerity: Do whatever you want
    ---- Celerity: Greater Arcane Fusion (nested again, to repeat the process)

    To an inside observer, i.e. from your own point of view, most of the activity happens inside the Time Stop. The challenging part about making this work isn't charging Absorption, which is relatively easy and takes place in effectively zero time if your familiar has a readied action. The important part is getting enough time (inside Time Stop) to be able to Spelldance up a Maximized Twin Repeat Absorption, so your spells are free. Doing that requires 10 rounds of Spelldancing (5 as a Chronotyrn). Also to have a long nested Time Stop you want to Spelldance up a Maximized Twin Repeat Time Stop, for 20 rounds of free actions, so you can actually acquire your Absorptions.

    Like a fully loaded semi truck, this loop is powerful once it gets rolling, but requires a few spells to get started. You have to spend real spell slots to cast the initial Greater Arcane Fusion, the first Time Stop, and probably another Time Stop inside it to give you enough time to Spelldance up a Maximized Twin Repeat Time Stop (10 or 5 rounds). Once you get the long Time Stop cast, you have enough time to get your Absorption instances to pay for the spells, so the process can be repeated without running out of spell slots. Priya likes to maintain a few charged Absorption instances ahead of time, so she can bring forth her next infinite standard actions loop without using real spell slots.

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    Lightbulb Re: Priya the Prismatic Priestess: Buffs Across the Spectrum

    The good news is that this. Looks. Awesome.

    The bad news is that, according to your build, you don't qualify for Reserves of Strength until after you take Iron Will.

    The good news is that this is easily fixed by putting Reserves of Strength @L6.
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    Default Re: Priya the Prismatic Priestess: Buffs Across the Spectrum

    Burn the foul necromancer!!

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    Default Re: Priya the Prismatic Priestess: Buffs Across the Spectrum

    I just provided a link to Priya in another thread today... so probably my fault as well.

    But cool builds are cool and shouldn't be subject to the anti-necro rules I think...

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