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    Default List of Craft Skills

    There exists a finite number of well defined knowledge skills, but the same can not be said for craft skills. If such a list were to exist, which craft skills do you think would be on it?
    For the purposes of this exercise we're starting from scratch, so feel free to ignore the existence of any craft skills that are used as prerequisites for other character options.

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    Default Re: List of Craft Skills

    My house rules define the following Craft skills:

    C/metal (includes copper, bronze, tin, and precious metals)
    C/wood (includes plastics and fibre glass at higher tech levels)
    C/stone (includes pottery, ceramics, and masonry)
    C/leather (includes cloth, silk, weaving, and stitch-work)

    I add the following in suitably advanced-technology campaigns:

    C/explosives (dynamite, grenades, ammo for muskets and modern rifles)
    C/clockwork (includes wheels, levers, hinges, and pulleys)
    C/mechanic (includes steam engines through to internal combustion and turbines)
    C/electronic (includes anything up to and including computers)
    C/atomics (nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons, force screens)
    C/weird science (time travel, warp drives, transdimensional collapsitrons)

    Alchemy is separate to this (I classify it as part of K/chemistry), and includes poisons. I assume any PC can cook basic food (ie. they have the equivalent knowledge for their time period of knowing how to make toast, use a microwave, and add boiling water to something). Masterchef-type stuff is an art rather than a craft. d20 Modern's Craft/writing is really just a written version of Perform/Oratory, and uses that skill in my house rules.

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