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    Default The OOTS style Deck of Many Things

    The original thread for this died in the forum migration, so here's a new one.

    Behold the Deck of Many Things... in Order of the Stick style! All the original cards from the deck of many things are included, and illustrated by yours truly. The cards contain scenes from the comic, and some original scenes with OOTS characters.

    A few samples:

    You can download the high-res printable cards here. I'd suggest you glue them to cardboard, or to playing cards you don't use. A back side for the cards is also included.

    Keep in mind that the Giant has neither approved nor disapproved the use of his characters on these cards. If he ever should decide not to allow them, I'd like to ask everyone to respect his wishes.
    Also, please do not spread these cards outside these boards. If you want to tell someone about them, link them to this thread. This way, I (and the Giant) can keep control of the cards.

    Now that that's out of the way, please post your comments here. It's been a while since I've worked on these cards, so I don't think I'll make any further changes to them. But if there's enough interest, I might be persuaded into making OOTS style playing cards.

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    Default Re: The OOTS style Deck of Many Things

    Heh. I wondered where this went. I've shown several of my DnD buddies this deck, and they all love it. I just wish they were officially sanctioned, lol, so that I could print them out without concerns. But of course, that would involve, you know, putting in the actual work of printing them out.

    (btw, Herman... what's up with Attila the gerbil in your sig? I'M THE only gerbil horde leader around here, lol)
    BladeofObliviom said:
    I've only seen a character at anything resembling this level of absurdity thrive exactly once, and he/she/what-the-jongo had the advantage of being written by Gengy, who I look up to as a writer.

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