Six months ago, I sought out a niche rpg that could fulfill all of my expectations. I wanted a system that allowed me to run a game that I could easily setup as the story went along, with challenges that could scale to the player, and not vice versa. I wanted a system that fulfilled all of the tropes of classic table top rpgs, but could deliver the options seen in fantasy and tactics video games. I wanted a system that had no level cap yet never made the characters feel like gods next to their common man. I wanted a system that allowed players to change the archetype of their character without needing a new character sheet. I wanted something that simply didn't exist.

So I started developing a new rpg system.

The result was Nu System, an in-development d6 based system inspired by a myriad of rpgs of all types, with a character creation and leveling system that is akin to none. Characters are created out of two specialties which determine their abilities, similar to classes. Unlike classes in linear progression rpgs, these specialties can be changed at each level, and the abilities within the specialties can be improved to their full limitations whether or not the character started out in that specialty or not. Magic and items are completely customizable using a simple crafting system that is versatile enough to create almost anything imaginable. Combat is fun and fast paced, using an action-reaction grid based format that never becomes unwieldy to manage. Leveling is quick, simple, and without an upper limit, giving players satisfaction of seeing improvement at any moment, even during combat.

The game is currently in its early testing phases with no more than a hundred or so pages written. It has so far received good feedback from several dozen testers from a wide range of different people, but has yet to be known by most online communities.


I am seeking to expand my reach with this game, and also looking for anyone who might be able to share their experiences of publishing an rpg, if anyone has done so before. Currently, I have so far been working this product only as a side project with little expectation that it would sell, but as more people grow increasingly interested in the game I've begun to think otherwise. I am only just thinking about marketing, production, and copyright issues, and am unsure about how to pursue such things. If anyone could offer any advice on this front, it would be much appreciated.