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    Default Demolitionist pf base class WIP

    Hello. Someone I know wants a demolitionist class, as cool as the alchemist is, an explosive specialist seems really awesome to me. so I'm attempting to make one. Sorry I don't have any good pictures or quotes for such a class.
    HD: d8
    Alignment: Any. Usually Chaotic.
    Skill Points: 6 + int modifier.
    Class Skills: Acrobatics(Dex), Craft(Int), Disable Device, Knowledge(Engineering)(Int), Knowledge(History)(Int), perception(Wis)
    {table=head]{colsp=6}Table: Demolitionist Class
    Level| BAB | Fort| Ref |Will| Special

    1st |+0 |+2 |+2 |+0 | Throw anything, bombmaking 1d8
    2nd |+1 |+3 |+3 |+0 | Invention, Evasion
    3rd |+2 |+3 |+3 |+1 | Explosion resistance, Bombmaking 2d8
    4th |+3 |+4 |+4 |+1 | Invention,
    5th |+3 |+4 |+4 |+1 |Bombmaking 3d8
    6th |+4 |+5 |+5 |+2 |Invention
    7th |+5 |+5 |+5 |+2 |Bombmaking 4d8, When in doubt, blow it up.
    8th |+6 |+6 |+6 |+2 |Invention
    9th |+6 |+6 |+6 |+3 |Bombmaking 5d8
    10th |+7 |+7 |+7 |+3|Invention
    11th |+8 |+7 |+7 |+3 |Bombmaking 6d8
    12th |+9 |+8 |+8 |+4 |Invention
    13th |+9 |+8 |+8 |+4 |Bombmaking 7d8
    14th |+10 |+9 |+9 |+4 |Invention
    15th |+11 |+9 |+9 |+5 |Bombmaking 8d8
    16th |+12 |+10 |+10 |+5 |Invention
    17th |+12 |+10 |+10 |+5 |Bombmaking 9d8
    18th |+13 |+11 |+11 |+6 |Invention
    19th |+14 |+11 |+11 |+6 |Bombmaking 10d8
    20th |+15 |+12 |+12 |+6 | Grand Invention, Fire immunity

    Class Abilities

    All abilities are extraordinary unless stated otherwise.

    Throw Anything: At level 1 the demolitionist gains throw anything as a bonus feat. They also add their intelligence to attack rolls.

    Bombmaking A demolitionist can make explosives. In 30 minutes he can make a number of bombs equal to his intelligence modifier. At first level these bombs deal 1d8 fire damage and are splash weapons with a radius of ten feet. This damage increases by 1d8 at every odd numbered level. These bombs are made from crappy cheap materials and therefore degrade within a day.

    At first level the following special abilities can be added to these bombs:

    Frag Grenade: Instead of fire damage this bomb deals piercing and bludgeoning damage.

    Rocket: The rocket is propelled forward after being lit, rather than being thrown. Attacking with a rocket has a -2 penalty against enemies of the same size category as you and an additional -2 for every size category smaller a foe is than you. However when a rocket hits an enemy it deals an additional 1d4 bludgeoning damage for every 1d8 damage the bomb. A rocket can travel 60 feet before exploding, if it misses it continues to travel until it either reaches it's limit or hits something else. A reflex save should be made for any creature in the rocket's path that is capable of movement. Objects in the rocket's path that cannot move do not receive a reflex save(duh.)

    Flash Bomb: Rather than damage this bomb causes blindness for 1d4 rounds on a direct hit. In addition those caught in the splash radius must make a reflex save or be dazzled for the same number of rounds.

    Okay, Obvious question here is, is all this too much for first level? The bombs are limited by the time needed to make them of course, a fully optimised first level character here would likely be making 5 bombs at a time, each dealing an average of 4.5 damage and 1 more to all other critters in the area. Those who know balance better than me, is this underpowered? Overpowered? Also I may be underestimating the flash bomb here, should it come in at a higher level? Is a -2 penalty enough to offset the benefits to the rocket?

    At 6th level A demolitionist gains access to the following:

    More to come.

    Inventions: A demolitionist can make different types of bombs, of course, but bombs are not the only thing a demolitionist can make. Some inventions alter the way bombs are used, others aren't really meant to go boom at all. A demolitionist gains the knowledge of how to make one at every even level.

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    Default Re: Demolitionist pf base class WIP


    Rocket Launcher: This heavy tube contraption makes it much easier to fire rockets, it increases the distance rockets can travel by 30 ft. and provides a +2 bonus to attack rolls with rockets.

    Rocketpack: This crazy thing grants a flight speed of 90 feet with clumsy maneuverability. To fuel the rocketpack the demolitionist must work for 30 minutes an give up a number of bombs during this time. The rocketpack's wearer can fly for a number of rounds equal to the number of bombs given up. These rounds don't have to be consecutive, but the rocketpack's fuse needs to be remade each time it's lit, which requires a full round action.
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    Default Re: Demolitionist pf base class WIP


    Prerequisites: bombmaking class feature
    Benefit: When you make bombs you can make 2 more bombs. You can take this feat multiple times. It's effects stack.
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