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    Default [PEACH] Legacy Weapon: Brakval's Sorrow

    Did you like Innocents' Vengeance? Did you want more? Well here it is! Another potent legacy weapon with fluffalicious fluff? Behold Brakval's Sorrow!

    Brakval's Sorrow
    {table=head] Level | Legacy Abilities
    5th |Sorrowful Arrow (-2)
    6th |
    7th |+2 Composite Shortbow (Str +3)
    8th |Chosen Wielder, Sorrowfull Arrow (-3)
    9th |
    10th|+3 Composite Shortbow (Str +4)
    11th| Strength Through Loss
    13th| Shouts of the Innocent
    14th| +4 Composite Shortbow (Str +5)
    15th| Kentarx's Fire
    17th| Tragic Determination
    19th| +4 Speed Composite Shortbow (Str +6)
    20th| Brakval's Guidance [/table]

    Brakval's Sorrow is a pitch black Composite Shortbow with sliver runes etched into it.
    Nonlegacy Game Statistics: +1 Composite Shortbow (Str +2); Cost 2525 Gp; Weight 2 Lb.
    Omen: The runes on the bow read in Draconic: May this bow's arrows avenge Kentarx's death.

    The story of Brakval's Sorrow begins with when the twin dragons Wynak and Kentarx were banished from Drakemor. The two dragons flew north and into the Darklands only to discover Reesha, a powerful Blood Mage, and her horrid life farming operations. Reesha had been using the life farming to fuel her conquest of the mainland which had almost succeeded. Realizing that Reesha was a force of evil that threatened the whole world Wynak and Kentarx joined the people of the mainland in a war against Reesha. At the final battle Wynak, Kentarx and their two seconds Fanrir and Brakval respectively faced off against Reesha. Reesha was killed but in her last breath she used blood magic to completely destroyed Kentarx. Brakval was sent into shock by the even and ran off into the Darklands with nothing but his bow. (DC 15)
    Distraught by Kentarx's death Brakval himself that it was his own fault that Kentarx died. Brakval then went on a mission of self redemption: He swore to find a way to resurrect Kentarx. However every cleric Brakval required a body to resurrect Kentarx. Brakval decided that if he could not use Kentarx's body he would make one. Brakval's plan to kill a number of dragons with his bow, a gift from Kentarx, and find the perfect body parts from all of these dragons to create a new body for Kentarx. (DC 18; Descent Into Sorrow)
    Brakval, now single minded went on a rampage, killing dragons and harvesting their body parts. Once Brakval felt he had a collection of perfect pieces he assembled them into a macabre body for his lord Kentarx. However, greater tragedy struck when Kentarx's spirit apeared to Brakval in his sleep. Kentarx explained of how he was disgusted with Brakval's slaughter of the dragons and condemned his action. Brakval woke up to find the body, his life's work burning with draconic fire. (DC 25; Missguided)
    Now completely insane, Brakval decided that his own life must be taken. He climbed to the tallest mountain in the Darklands and shot himself through the neck with his bow. And yet, Brakval did not die. By a cruel twist of fate an enchantment on the bow prevented it from harming it's wielder. This fact, that all he had left of Kentarx would not kill him, snapped Brakval out of his suicidal mindset. Bow in hand Brakval went to the ruins of Reesha's fortress were Kentarx had died. Brakval built a small shrine to Kentar and lived out the rest of his days in the ruined fortress, praying for Kentarx every day. (DC 32; The Final Solution)

    Legacy Rituals
    The following rituals are required to unlock the least legacy abilities (level 5 -level 9)
    Decent into Sorrow: You must witness the death of a loved one or someone who you hold as a friend. Afterword you must pray for 1 hour. Cost: 1,500. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Brakval's Sorrow)

    The following rituals are required to unlock the lesser legacy abilities (level 10 -level 14)
    Misguided: You must kill at least 4 creatures for no other reason than to complete this ritual. You must also collect the bodies of these victims. Cost 13,000. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Brakval's Sorrow)

    The following rituals are required to unlock the greater legacy abilities (level 15 -level 20)
    The Final Solution: You must resurrect the creatures you killed by any means and then spend 2 hours in repentance and prayer. Cost: 35,000 + the cost of the resurrections. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Brakval's Sorrow)

    Legacy Weapon Abilities
    All of the following are legacy abilities of Brakval's Sorrow
    Sorrowful Arrow(Su): The arrows loosed from Brakval's Sorrow fill their target's with sadness and doubt. Any creature that takes damage from an arrow fired from Brakval's Sorrow must make a DC 10 + 1/2 your level + your Wisdom modfier Will save or take a -2 morale penalty to attack and damage rolls for 1 minute. At 8th level the morale penalty bestowed increases to -3. This penalty can stack with itself.
    Chosen Wielder: Once you reach 8th level Brakval's Sorrow will attach itself to you. The magic and legacy abilities of the bow will now only work for you, to everyone else Brakval's Sorrow acts as a masterwork bow with a strength rating of +2. Additionally any arrow fired from Brakval's Sorrow, no matter the wielder, does no damage to you. When you die, the bow will become unattached and can attach itself to anybody else who completes the correct ritual and attains 8th level.
    Strength Through Loss(Su): At 11th level the story of Brakval teaches you how to turn your personal defeat defeat into power to fuel your actions. Any time you would take a morale penalty you instead ignore that penalty and gain a +2 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls for as long as the penalty would last.
    Kentarx's Fire(Su): Once you reach 15th level some shred of Kentarx that resides in the bow moves into you and grants you the ability to breath fire. Once per day you may breath fire in a 15ft cone that deals 20d6 damage. Any foe hit gets a DC 10 + 1/2 your character level + you Constitution modifier Reflex save. If they suceed they take half damage.
    Tragic Determination(Su): The sorrow of Brakval's spirit grants you a tragic determination at 17th level and higher. Once you gain this ability you become immune to all fear and mind-effecting effects.
    Brakval's Guidance(Su): At 20th level Brakval's spirit will guide your shots and let you shoot several arrows with perfect accuracy. When you make a full attack with Brakval's Sorrow you do not take a -5 penalty for every additional attack.

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    Default Re: [PEACH] Legacy Weapon: Brakval's Sorrow

    Although I don't use legacy weapons in my games, I rather like this. The only problem is that it has too many dead levels.

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