So here's a proposed archetype for a Barbarian type that is raised by animals. Wolves is just standard terminology; the character can be raised by any type of animal, but it makes sense plotwise to keep in mind typical lifespans, and changing dynamics within pack animals. However, it wouldn't quite make sense for the barb to be raised by a jaguar, as they're typically lone animals [with, perhaps, a nuclear family]. Good examples of background families include pack predators, so typically wolf- and/or dog-like animals, primates, the mustelidae family [for small creatures, or medium aquatic creatures for the giant otter], and lions; aerial creatures may be raised by shrikes or hawks, and aquatic creatures may be raised by dolphins, orcas, or, if in large lakes, giant otters [as mentioned above].

This archetype loses uncanny dodge, improved uncanny dodge, all damage reduction, and all trap sense. In exchange, it gains: Wild Empathy gained instead of Uncanny Dodge, and the second is replaced by a weaker animal companion. Here's where I need the most balancing help: I'm thinking of porting in the Wild Cohort feat, as opposed to the Ranger ability, but I'm not positive that's a fair trade off.

Damage reduction is lost completely, and an inherent natural armor bonus replaces the barbarian's trap sense bonus.

Damage reduction is dropped entirely.

Thoughts? Questions? Fantasies?