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    Default [D&D 3.5 feats and additional content] Eberron Heritages [PEACH]

    So far, I've developed some content and will develop more content, relating to Daelkyr Half-bloods, Kalashtar, Empty Vessel, and Umbragen. If you have any requests/opinions/ect., by all means say so.

    Daelkyr Half-Blood

    One of the races introduced in Magic of Eberron is known as the Daelkyr Half-blood. They are, after a fashion, half Daelkyr. It says most of them are born to humans, but that isn't universal. So, why should all Half-bloods be the same stat wise?

    Benefit: You acquire the Daelkyr Half-Blood template
    Special: This feat can only be taken at 1st level.

    Daelkyr Half-Blood[Template]

    Size and Type: The base creature's type changes to aberration.
    Special Qualities: The base creature gains the following special qualities:
    Personal Symbiont (Ex), Symbiont Dependency (Ex), and Unbalanced Mind (Ex).
    Feats: The base creature gains the Symbiont Mastery feat as a bonus feat.
    Bonus Language: Daelkyr is added to the base creatures' list of possible bonus languages.
    Favored Class: Rogue. This replaces the base creature's favored class.
    Kalashtar and Empty Vessels

    Both being types of humans, after a fashion. I feel that, like standard humans, should be able to mix with orc and elves. As such, apply the adjustments below to reflect the desired hybrid. Due to the similarities between Kalashtar and Empty vessels, statistically there may be no difference between a mix of an Empty vessels and an Orc, and a Kalashtar and an Orc. The difference would, then, be entirely cosmetic and reflected in the roleplaying. The DM can decide this takes up a character's 1st level feat, requiring that they be a half-elf or half-orc, but I do not feel the change is great enough to require a feat slot.

    Half-Kalashtar/Half-Empty Vessel

    A half-kalashtar or half-empty vessel has all of the racial traits of the half-elf or half-orc listed in the Player's handbook, with the changes to either listed below.

    - Naturally Psionic: Half-Kalashtar and Half-Empty Vessels gain 1 extra power point per character level, regardless of whether they choose a psionic class.
    -Half-Kalashtar and Half-Empty Vessels have Quor as an automatic language.

    The Umbragen, the shadow elves of Xen'drik, are a type of drow mentioned in Dragon Magazine #330. In Drow of the Underdark exists a feat for half elves with drow ancestry, which grants them a number of drow traits. Thinking about the two, I felt umbragen were notable enough for a similar feat.

    Umbragen Legacy
    The umbragen blood in your veins runs true and grants you some abilities from that heritage
    Prerequisite: Half-elf with Umbragen ancestry.
    Benefit: You have a +2 racial bonus on Hide and Move Silently checks. You have darkvision out to 60 feet. You receive Martial Weapon Proficiency (Shortbow), as well as, Undercommon and the Umbragen dialect of Elven as automatic languages.
    If you have an Intelligence score of 13 or higher, you also gain the following spell-like abilities, each usable once per day; dancing lights, darkness, and faerie fire. Your caster level equals your class level.
    In addition, you become able to qualify for Umbragen racial feats.
    Normal: A half-elf with umbragen ancestry normally just receives the half-elf racial traits as described in the Player's Handbook.
    Special: Taking this feat also causes you to have light sensitivity; You are dazzled (-1 circumstance penalty on attack rolls, saves, and checks) in bright sunlight or within the radius of a daylight spell.

    Being half-umbragen, as with half elves, you may have them able to qualify for both human and umbragen (and drow, and elf..) racial feats naturally. But, if you would not allow that normally, this feat would open up the option. While shadow elves are not truly a separate sub-race from drow, the differences exist and are profound enough to possibly have a need for some separate content.

    Umbragen are essentially a cultural group of drow that have been separated from the rest of their kin for tens of thousands of years. They look just like drow, though they have eyes that are solid orbs of black. They tend to be lawful evil, and are gifted with bows rather than crossbows. They favor the warlock class (Including fluff that states all of their invocations and eldritch blast appear to be made of darkness), and have substitution levels for Soulknife. Sacrifices for power, so far as even giving up one's soul, are respected in their culture. The Shadow is worshiped, in a sense, in their culture. In place of a bonus on saving throws vs spells, they are better at hiding and moving silently.
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