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    Default [D&D 3.5 Multi-Class?] Spellscarred [WiP, PEACH]

    Any creature that has been touched by the spellplague and lived possesses a spellscar. A stain left by the destructive and wild magics that make up the spellplague. Although many folk see spellscars as marks of abomination, dooming those who have them to exile, others llarn to master the abilities granted by their spellscars.
    Adaptation: The exact origins of the spellplague can vary from setting to setting. It could be the product of some wizard's experiments, some curse placed by a deity, or even something native to someplace else. It could even hail from the far-realm. The origins of the spellplague and the perceptions of it in your campaign can effect it's flavor dramatically.

    Game Rule Information
    The spellscared have the following game statistics
    Special: To take 1st level in spellscared, you must have been exposed to the spellplague, which may be taken as a flaw (-1 on all saving throws and -1 AC. -2 on all saving throws against other spellscarred creatures.) In addition, you must have at least 1 level in another class. In a gestalt game, you may take this class at 1st level. This class does not have an attack bonus progression nor save progression of it's own (See class advancement under class features).

    Table 1-1: The Spellscarred
    1st|Class Advancement, Student of the Plague, Plaguefire
    20th|- [/table]

    Class Skills

    Class Advancement: Upon entering this class, select another class you possess. Every level you gain in this class, you advance the base attack bonus, saves, skill points, and class features of your previous class as if you had gained a level in it. For all intents and purposes, characters who only multi class into spellscarred are characters of their primary class of their character level with additional abilities.
    The spellscarred class does not count when determining whether or not a character takes an experience point penalty.

    Student of the Plague: Upon entering this class, select from the following traits.
    Sight of the Unseen: You gain darkvision 5 feet that extends in all directions simultaneously. This may be activated and deactivated at will. When your darkvision is on, your eyes are backlit with dancing sickly blue flames.
    Flamespeed: Once per day, you can increase you're movement speed as a swift action by 5 feet. This bonus lasts for 1 turn. Sickly blue flames lick the ground where your feet touch.
    Larger than life: Once per day as a free action, your hands flare with a blue glow and you add +5 feet to your reach for a single attack you make.
    Plaguefire: As you train to draw power from your spellscar, you begin to tap into a power that has come to be known as plaguefire. Manifesting as what has best been described as a sickly blue flame. You gain a number of plaguefire points equal to your spellscared level + your constitution modifier. You may spend these to use various abilities. Their minimum costs, maximum costs, and effects of your plaguefire powers are all listed below. The Difficulty Class of saving throws against a spellscarred plagefire power is 10 + points spent + the spellscarred's constitution modifier. When using a plaguefire power you must spend at least the minimum number of points required to use them. You may, however, spend more points on them. Doing so having an increased effect.
    When you spend plaguefire points, they begin to regenerate. You gain 1 plaguefire point per hour. While you are resting or asleep you gain them at a rate of 2 per hour. Unlike spell slots and power points, these do not automatically refill after 8 hours of rest.
    All plaguefire powers require a standard action to use.

    Plaguefire Powers

    Plaguefire Damage: Plaguefire as a damage type that interacts with two things. The most obvious of which, is resistances and immunities to fire. The second, however, are resistances and immunities to disease. Creatures that are immune to either fire or supernatural disease take half damage. Creatures immune to both are immune to plaguefire damage. Creatures resistant to fire apply half of their fire resistance to plaguefire damage, but their resistance cannot reduce the damage by more than half. Creatures with bonuses to saving throws against diseases may apply half of their saving throw bonus to saves against spells and effects that deal plaguefire damage.

    {table=head]Power|Minimum Cost|Maximum Cost|Effect
    Plagued Armor|1|5|Gain +x armor bonus.
    Plagued Burning Hands|1|5|deals xd4 plaguefire damage.
    Produce Plaguefire|2|*|1d6+1/point spent, touch or thrown.
    Wall of Plaguefire|4|*|Deals 2d4 plaguefire damage out to 10 feet. and 1d4 damage out to 20 ft. Passing through wall deals 2d6 plaguefire damage +1/point spent.

    Plaguefire Armor
    Minimum Cost: 1 Plaguefire Point
    Maximum Cost: 5 Plaguefire Points
    Range: Touch
    Target: Creature touched
    Durration: 1 hour/point spent
    Saving Throw: Fort negates (harmless)

    A substance a lot like blood seeps from your palm, but it is enveloped in blue flame. As you lay your hand on the subject it suddenly moves around them, forming a thin layer over their own skin. The subject gains +1 bonus to their armor class per plaguefire point spent on this ability. Unlike mundane armor, plaguefire armor entails no armor check penalty, arcane spell failure chance, or speed reduction.

    Plagued Burning Hands
    Minimum Cost: 1 Plaguefire Point
    Maximum Cost: 5 Plaguefire Points
    Range: 15 ft.
    Area: Cone-shaped burst
    Durration: Instantanious
    Saving Throw: Reflex half
    Spell Resistance: Yes

    As you point your palm towards your target, blood wreathed in blue flame surfaces on your palm before flying forward in a burst. Any creature in the area of the blood and flames takes 1d4 points of plaguefire damage per plague fire point spent. Flammable materials such as cloth, paper, parchment, and thin wood burn if touched by the flames.

    Produce Plaguefire
    Minimum Cost: 2 Plaguefire Point
    Maximum Cost: Character level
    Range: 0 ft.
    Effect: Blue flame in your palm
    Durration: 1 min/point spent
    Saving Throw: None
    Spell Resistance: Yes

    A shallow pool of what appears to be blood forms in your palm. As quickly as it appeared, sickening blue flames as bright as a torch appears in your open hand. The flames harm neither you nor your equipment.
    In addition to providing illumination, the flames can be hurled or used to touch enemies. You can strike an opponent with a melee touch attack, dealing plaguefire damage equal to 1d6 +1 point per point spent. Alternatively, you can hurl the flames up to 120 feet as a thrown weapon. When doing so, you attack with a ranged touch attack and deal the same damage as with the melee attack. No sooner do you hurl the flames than a ne west appear in your hand. Each attack you make reduces the remaining duration by 1 minute. If an attack reduces the remaining duration to 0 or less, the effect ends after the attack resolves.
    This does not function underwater.

    Wall of Plaguefire
    Minimum Cost: 4 Plaguefire Point
    Maximum Cost: Character level
    Range: medium (100 ft. + 10 ft/point spent)
    Effect: Opque sheet of blue flame up o 20 ft long/point spent or a ring of blue flame with a radius up to 5 ft. per 2 points spen; either form 20 ft. high.
    Durration: Concentration + 1 round/point spent
    Saving Throw: None
    Spell Resistance: Yes

    Flame enveloped drops of blood fall from your palm. The blood quickly moves along the ground and erupts. An immobile, blazing curtain of blue fire springs into existence. One size of the wall, selected by you, sends forth waves of energy, dealing 2d4 points of plaguefire damage to creatures within 10 feet and 1d4 points of plaguefire damage to those past 10 feet but within 20 feet. The wall deals this damage when it appears and on your turn each round to all creatures in the area. In addition, the wall deals 2d6 points of plaguefire damage +1 point of plaguefire damage per point spend to any creature passing through it.
    If the wall forms so that it appears where creatures are, each creature takes damage as if passing through the wall.
    If any 5-foot length of the wall takes 20 points of cold damage or more in 1 round, or if a cure disease spell is cast upon a 5-foot length of the wall, that length goes out. (do not divide cold damage by 4, as normal for objects)
    Wall of plaguefire can be made permanent with a permanency spell. A permanent wall of plaguefire that is extinguished becomes inactive for 10 minutes, then reforms at normal strength.

    In essence, I want to take the spellscar 'class' from 4e, and turn it into a 3.5 'class'. If you have any ideas, advice, so on, just say so. If you want to help clean up the language, then by all means. In this, I'm trying to emphizise the plague portion of the name spellplague.

    This is a Work in Progress.
    Please Evaluate And Critique Honestly.
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