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Thread: A Campaign Idea

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    Default A Campaign Idea

    This is a campaign that I am currently running
    Setting: Fairly standard fantasy world, I don't have a map but the general idea is a single large continent with mountainous regions to the north and a series of good size islands to the far west. Dwarves live in the mountainous regions while elves inhabit the islands (I imagine them sort of like Japan or Korea, isolationist, advanced culture but very stylized rather than pragmatic in their designs). Humans inhabit the main body of the continent. Halflings have some farms and settlements sort of between dwarves and humans. While they are technically in human territory they don't pay many taxes since the dwarves affectionately think of them as younger cousins and just like having them around. As a result the humans can't really afford to threaten them. There are some roving goblinoid tribes but not enough to matter on a large scale.

    For centuries the humans were broken up into 10 or 12 minor nations constantly fighting one another. The elves and dwarves with their longer lifespans and greater perspective had no desire to be involved with people they believed were as likely to kill them as talk to them. Eventually a group known as the Paladins of Kaluus (the god of juctice and peace) began manipulating the politics of the human realms. By nudging kingdoms in certain directions and providing support in some battles they allowed the human nations to be absorbed into two empires, Savon and Maldonia. The empires had no grudges with one another (having been on opposite sides of the kingdoms previously) and were so amazed by their success that they settled down and there was peace.

    After a decade with little to no violence trade was established between the humans and the other races. This lead to a brief golden age of prosperity for all three major races. However later generations of human nobles were not so content with their territory and eventually minor disputes lead to open war. the Paladins once again came down from their strongholds to try to mediate a peace but at the negotiations tempers flared and a fight began. In the fight the venerable leader of the paladins was slain. The Paladins withdrew, waiting for the next generation of noblemen to arise, ones who had seen the horrors of war, to begin their work anew. The elves and dwarves quickly withdrew but a decent number were left scattered. The war raged for ten years but little advantage was gained by either side and eventually the armies and treasuries were left exhausted. An uneasy truce was established as resources were rebuilt for another war.

    During this truce rumors arose of a powerful artifact within the underdark capable of changing the course of history in the hands of one of royal blood. Naturally the various spies and assassins of either nation were sent to find it and it was recovered by agents of Savon. However Maldonians ambushed them and stole it, taking it to a small stronghold town just past the borders. With their armies still mustering and their agents dead Savon has no hope for recovering the artifact before it reaches the king except perhaps a band of mercenaries sent in undercover. (Our heroes)

    DM only info:
    The artifact is actually a crown set with many gems. The gems contain the spirits of a circle of ancient mages who were masters of mind control. They hope to gain control of the world by dominating the mind of a ruler, or one who could easily be accepted as such (royal blood doesn't actually matter to them, they just want someone in power or with a strong tie to power) The idea is eventually the PCs will put the crown on someone in power and thats when the fun will begin. The wizards have the capability to control others easily, over the course of a battle they could convert hundreds or thousands of soldiers to their side.

    My plan is the heroes will in some way be tipped off on these plans (or possibly have an assassination attempt made on them as people who might have knowledge about the item) and will flee, soon afterward the war will resume with one side massively overmatched. The PCs will then have a choice of what to try next, deal with the problem themselves, or try to get allies from the Paladins, Dwarves or Elves or try to investigate the artifact's history. This whole thing is meant to be done by someone comfortable with improvising a lot of the story as you go.

    I set this mainly in a low-magic kind of setting. Power is based off of physical abilities while control is based off of mental ones. Overall magic is fairly common but weak and a non spellcaster has a good chance of taking down a mage easily if he's prepared. Also my system is based off of traveller ( a sci-fi RPG where you start out as people with a lifetime of experience but with little advancement as you play) As a result there aren't major gulfs in power between the PCs and most people they will fight.
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