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    Default [3.P] We need Mecha Zord Power, but how can Mega Thrusters "are go"???


    "They thought I was crazy making them all look like lions..."
    -High Commander Kogane of the Arusian National Guard

    Sometimes Iron Men receive the gift of the power of Justice in their journeys. Other times Sentai discover the knowledge of the power of Repulsors. The adventurers who learn how to blend these two powerful forces are known as the Mecha Senshi

    Mecha Senshi are exclusively made of adventurers who have completed the most basic training in the ways of the Iron Man and Sentai.

    Skills: Craft(armorer) 15 ranks, Knowledge(engineering) 13 ranks, Disguise 10 ranks, Diplomacy or Intimidate 10 ranks, Tumble 10 ranks, Martial Lore 10 ranks
    Feats: Battery-Powered Senshi, Extra Armor Modification, Martial Study
    Maneuvers: Must be able to initiate maneuvers of 7th level, must know at least 2 maneuvers or stances from the Golem Heart discipline of 2nd level or higher
    Special: Henshin class feature, Quickened Henshin class feature, Armor Modifications class feature, Repulsor class feature, Construct Armor class feature

    Class Skills
    The Class Name's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Appraise (Int), Balance (Dex), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disable Device (Int), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Knowledge (engineering) (Int), Listen (Wis), Martial Lore (Int), Perform (any) (Cha), Profession (Wis), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), Tumble (Dex), Use Magic Device (Cha)
    Skills Points at Each Level: 4 + int

    Hit Dice: d8

    Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special Maneuvers Known Maneuvers Readied Stances Known Armor Modifications
    1st +0 +0 +2 +0 Battery, Sentai Progression, Hero Armor Suits, Sentai Ability 1 0 0 +1 Iron Man Level
    2nd +1 +0 +3 +0 Mecha Ability 0 1 0 +1 Iron Man Level
    3rd +2 +1 +3 +1 Sentai Ability 1 0 1 +1 Iron Man Level
    4th +3 +1 +4 +1 Mecha Ability 0 0 0 +1 Iron Man Level
    5th +3 +1 +4 +1 Extra Suit 1 0 0 +1 Iron Man Level
    6th +4 +2 +5 +2 Mecha Zord Armor, Mecha Ability 0 1 0 +1 Iron Man Level

    Weapon Proficiencies: A Mecha Senshi gains no new proficiencies.

    Maneuvers: At 1st level, and every two levels thereafter, you learn a new maneuver from any discipline that you had access to from Sentai levels. You must meet all prerequisites as normal. In addition, at 2nd level and every 4 levels thereafter, you can ready an additional maneuver.

    Stances: At 3rd level, you learn a new stance from any discipline that you had access to from Sentai levels. You must meet all prerequisites as normal.

    Iron Man Progression: At each level, you gain new modifications as if you had also gained a Iron Man level, including any level required modifications. You may add your Mecha Senshi levels to your Iron Man levels to determine your effective Iron Man level for your Iron Man class features whose effects depend on your level, except for Repulsors.
    Special: This also applies to abilities gained from archetypes which advance by character level, such as War Machine's Ballistic Training and Natural Forger's Natural Surge.

    Battery: At each level, your battery pool increases by two points.

    Sentai Progression: You may count all of your levels in Mecha Senshi as Sentai levels for determining your effective Sentai level.

    Hero Armor Suits (Su): Starting at 1st level, Battery-Powered Senshi now applies to all of your Armor Suits, with the Armor Suit originally enhanced by Battery-Powered Senshi being your primary suit and all other suits secondary. While in Henshin, as the same action you took to enter Henshin, you may spend 1 battery point to change suits. Upon gaining a level, you may exchange one [Suit] ability gained from class levels for another for which you meet the prerequisites, to a maximum number of changed abilities equal to your Intelligence modifier per secondary Armor Suit. You gain Extra Suit as a bonus feat at 5th level. Whenever you gain a new [Suit] ability for your primary suit, all secondary suits gain a [Suit] ability for which you meet the prerequisites if that suit hasn't reached the maximum amount of changed abilities. Otherwise, your secondary suits gain the same ability as the primary suit.
    Special: If you have access to all three Sentai Weapon options, you may choose which two options are given up for each secondary suit.
    Special: You may add your Rider's Steed bonus to any suit while wearing it.

    Sentai Ability: At 1st level and 3rd level, you gain a new Sentai Ability for which you meet the prerequisites.

    Mecha Ability: At 2nd level and every two levels thereafter, you gain a new Mecha Ability for which meet the prerequisites.

    Mecha Zord Armor (Su): At 6th level, you gain the ability to combine three of your Hero Armor Suits into a suit of untold power as a full-round action. The character's size increases by one category (with the summary benefits and penalties of this size increase) while this Mecha Zord Armor is in effect, and gains a +8 size bonus to Strength, a -2 size penalty to Dexterity. Choose a suit to be considered the base suit. The Mecha Zord Armor's armor bonus to AC is equal to the base suit's armor bonus plus one-quarter of the combined armor bonus of the other component suits, enhancement bonuses not included in the calculation. Temporary hit points are calculated in the same manner as the armor bonus. While Mecha Zord Armor is being worn, the character has access to any wondrous items, suit abilities, or armor mods, except for Powerful Build, that the component suits have access to. Unarmed strikes and repulsors use the Strike of Justice damage type of the base and component suits, respectively. The Mecha Zord Armor's battery pool is double the normal battery pool for Hero Armor Suits. Additionally, the strain of using Mecha Zord Armor drains the character's battery reserve, costing the character ten points of battery power to fuel the armor's abilities once donned, and the character may use Mecha Zord Armor for a number of hours equal to his Constitution modifier, beyond that he is fatigued and must remove the Mecha Zord Armor. Even though this is an extension of Henshin, your normal Henshin duration (rounds or minutes) is considered suspended while you are operating the Mecha Zord Armor. The Mecha Senshi may not operate the Mecha Zord Armor again until he has rested for an hour. You may use this ability once per day.
    Special: If more than one of the component suits has the Combat Theme ability, only the base suit can make use of its Combat Theme.
    Special: You may only summon the Sentai Weapons of the base suit when in Mecha Zord Armor. Any Sentai Weapons summoned while in Mecha Zord Armor are summoned in the appropriate size and wielded without penalty.
    Special: If Mecha Zord Armor results in multiple wondrous items occupying the same magic item slot, only one item (or two rings) of your choice will be active at time of combination. You may spend 1 battery point as a swift action to change an active magic item.
    Special: The enhancement bonus to AC of the Mecha Zord Armor is based on the base suit. You also have a pool of enhancement bonus equal to half of your Sentai level. This pool can only be spent on magical armor abilities that your suits already have. These chosen abilities are applied to the Mecha Zord Armor
    Special: The Mecha Zord Armor takes 3/4 of the damage received, as opposed to the amounts listed in Construct Armor and Enduring Shields.

    Mecha Abilities:

    Adaptable Sentai Weapon System [Mecha]
    Power Matrix, all 3 Sentai Weapon options
    Benefit: Upon taking this ability, you may change the Strike of Justice damage type for any Sentai Weapon option not given up for Battery-Power Senshi for your secondary suits. Your choices cannot be changed later. You may spend 1 battery point as a free action to augment your Sentai Weapon, adding your repulsor damage to weapon damage until the end of your turn.
    Special: You may switch the base suit of your Mecha Zord Armor as a move action by spending 1 battery point. Adjust your AC and Temporary HP accordingly, however your Temporary HP cannot increase as a result of this change, only decrease.
    Special: When you gain a new suit via Extra Suit or Iron Man class levels, you may choose what Strike of Justice element it uses. This choice cannot be changed later.
    Special: You may add the attack bonus granted by Targeting Matrix to ranged attacks made with Sentai Weapons.

    Crushing Blows [Mecha]
    Knuckle Bombs, Enhanced Weapon
    Benefit: Your unarmed strikes while in your Hero Armor Suit use your full character level to determine Superior Unarmed Strike damage. The damage die step increase from Knuckle Bombs stacks with this ability.
    Special: Mecha Senshi with Iron Titan levels gain Targeting Matrix as a bonus modification known.

    Repulsors of Justice [Mecha]
    Elemental Repulsors, Strike of Justice
    Benefit: Add acid and force to the type options for Elemental Repulsors. Changing the damage type of your Repulsors is now a free action. As a swift action, you may spend 1 battery point as an augmentation to change the Strike of Justice damage to the same type of damage as your Repulsors for 1 round per Effective Sentai Level.

    Repulsor Bolts [Mecha]
    Targeting Matrix, Bolt of Justice
    Benefit: You may add your unarmed strike damage to your Repulsor damage for attacks within 10 feet. As a swift action, you may spend 1 battery point as an augmentation to add it regardless of range for 1 round per Effective Sentai Level.
    Special: This damage counts as the same type as the Repulsors if Elemental Repulsors are installed. This damage is also added to Repulsor Blades.
    Special: Mecha Senshi with Repulsor Lord levels gain Knuckle Bombs as a bonus modification known.

    Mecha Senshi Knight [Mecha]
    Force Shields, Sentai Knight, Enhanced Shield
    Benefit: Your shield bonuses from Force Shields and Sentai Knight stack with each other. You may add the shield's enhancement bonus to AC to attack and damage rolls made to shield bash.

    Sentai Weapon Integration [Mecha]
    Enhanced Weapon, Power Matrix
    Benefit: As a swift action, you may spend 1 battery point as an augmentation to summon any of the Sentai Weapons that were given up for Battery-Powered Senshi for the duration of Henshin. It retains any magic weapon abilities it had. Use your effective sentai level to determine its enhancement bonus.
    Special: If you have Powerful Build installed, you may summon the weapon as one size bigger without penalty.

    Emergency Protocols [Mecha]
    Power Matrix, Heroic Endurance, Escape Artist 10 ranks
    Benefit: Henshin no longer ends due to a failed augmentation or battery pool reaching 0 points. Upon a failed augmentation, you may either let the suit restart as normal or dismiss it as a free action. If your suit's battery pool reaches 0 points, it is dismissed. When your suit is dismissed, you may summon your original Hero Suit and weapons as a free action or summon a new suit by spending 1 battery point from the summoned suit as an immediate action. Your original suit and weapons retain any magical abilities they had and use your effective sentai level to determine enhancement bonus. Alternatively, if your Henshin duration expires before your suit's battery pool reaches 0 points, you may stay in your suit until your battery pool runs out or you suffer a failed augmentation. In this state, your armor loses access to any sentai abilities and determines its enhancement based the Armor class feature.

    Ultra Mecha Zord Armor [Mecha]
    Powerful Build, Mecha Zord Armor, At least 4 Hero Armor Suits
    Benefit: If installed on the base suit, the size increase from Powerful Build carries through when in Mecha Zord Armor, being treated as two sizes larger than the base creature. When forming Mecha Zord Armor, you may combine an additional number of suits up to your Intelligence modifier. Each additional suit increases the combined battery pool by half of the normal battery pool. For each two suits combined beyond the original three, increase your size category by one, increase your size bonus to Strength by 2, and decrease the size penalty to Dexterity by -1. For every size increase above Large, your repulsor damage die increases in size, with a limit of d12 at Colossal.
    Special: You may now use your Modular Armor as the base suit, which counts as two suits for the purposes of Ultra Mecha Zord Armor.

    Enhanced Combat Theme Protocols [Mecha]
    Power Matrix, Combat Theme
    Benefit: Increase the morale bonus to AC by 1, in addition to the listed effect or ability:

    Beast - Enemies that fail the opposed Intimidate check are now shaken for 1d4 rounds. Shaken enemies that fail are frightened for 1d4 rounds plus 1 round per 4 effective sentai levels. Frightened enemies that fail are panicked a number of rounds equal to half of your effective sentai level.

    Draconic - Increase your breath weapon damage die to d8. The Reflex save increases to DC 10 + Effective Sentai Level + Charisma modifier. Increase the range of cones and line by 10 feet and 20 feet, respectively. You may spend 1 battery point as an augmentation to add your repulsor damage to your breath weapon.

    Insect - The natural armor bonus to AC increases by 2. The bonus to saves is now equal to half of your effective sentai level.

    Ninja - Sneak Attack now progresses as a rogue equal to half of your effective Sentai level. You gain Evasion and Uncanny Dodge, as a rogue.

    Military - The chosen Sentai Weapon can be mounted as a slotless armor modification that can be drawn as a free action. Switching forms is now a free action and no longer provokes attacks of opportunity. If the weapon was one of the options given up by Battery-Powered Senshi, then its enhancement bonus is the same as it was when given up. You may spend 1 battery point to increase its enhancement bonus to that based on your effective Sentai level for a number of rounds equal to half of your effective Sentai level. You also gain a fighter bonus feat.
    Special:You may now use the Combat Theme of all suits while in Mecha Zord Armor.

    New Feats:

    Battery-Powered Senshi [General, Multiclass]
    Armor class feature, Battery, Henshin class feature, Sentai Weapon taken as a Sentai Ability at least once
    Benefit: Your Iron Man levels and Sentai levels stack for determining effective Sentai level, qualifying for Extra Suit, and the effects of your Battery and Construct Armor class features. You may use your Charisma to determine your Iron Man class abilities instead of your Intelligence. Upon taking this feat, you may replace your Hero Suit and two Sentai Weapon options (Single Weapon, Two Weapons/Double Weapon, Unarmed) gained from Sentai levels with an Armor Suit gained from Iron Man levels. It is now treated as a Hero Suit, maintaining access to all [Suit] abilities and using the Henshin class feature instead of the Armor class feature for enhancements. The chosen suit is removed from your inventory and summoned when you enter Henshin. Modifications and components that are removable can be be summoned out of Henshin in a nonfunctional state for enchanting and maintenance purposes. While in your chosen suit, your repulsors are treated as Sentai Weapons, following the rules for two ranged weapons and replacing one of your Sentai Weapons. You may exchange your other Sentai Weapon with one weapon granted via armor modifications that do not have limited uses during battle. Your choice may not be changed at a later point. Henshin also now ends if the chosen suit's battery pool reaches 0 points or shorts out due to a failed augmentation, in addition to the normal duration mechanic.
    Special: If you have taken the Magician Archetype, you may add your Iron Man level to your Sentai level to determine your Shaper level for spellshaping effects and your Initiator level for armor modification effects.
    Special: Half of your character level (rounded down) is used to determine your Superior Unarmed Strike damage while in your Armor Suit. Knuckle Bombs increase the damage die by one step instead of their listed unarmed strike damage.
    Special: If Repulsor Blades are installed, use the rules for two weapons of different types instead for determining the bonuses granted to your repulsors.
    Special: You may add the bonus from Targeting Matrix to any ranged Sentai Weapons.

    Extra Mecha Ability [General]
    Extra Sentai Ability, one [Mecha] ability
    Benefit: You gain an extra [Mecha] ability for which you meet the prerequisites.
    Special: You may take this feat up to two times before character level 20, choosing a new [Mecha] ability each time. After character level 20, you may take this feat two more times, up to four times total.

    If a Mecha Senshi's focus is destroyed in some manner, or his source of power removed, he loses all Suit abilities and supernatural class feature until he gains access to a new focus or power source. His Armor Suits no longer function as Hero Suits and resume using the Armor class feature for enhancement. If the new focus comes from a different power source, he may reassign the Suit abilities they have gained from class levels to different abilities. They must meet all prerequisites of the new abilities.

    While it takes a certain path to become one, the Mecha Senshi are as varied in design as their Iron Man and Sentai counterparts.
    Combat: Mecha Senshi use the synergy of their Armor Modifications and Sentai Abilities to optimize their Maneuvers.
    Advancement: The combination of Repulsor, Strike of Justice, and Superior Unarmed Strike damage makes Knuckle Bombs a devastating option for melee users. Repulsor Bolts and Repulsors of Justice are the key abilities to ranged repulsor offense. Adaptable Sentai Weapon System is for those who prefer to stick with colorful Sentai Weapons.
    Resources: A Mecha Senshi might not need as much money as an Iron Man due to the power of Justice covering a portion of his maintenance costs, but that doesn't change the price of his expensive armory.

    "The last person who insulted the design of his armor was reduced to a pile of ashes..."
    -Arusian commoner talking about High Commander Kogane's colorful array of beastly-shaped Hero Armor Suits.

    The Mecha Senshi is a technological mystery wrapped in a supernatural enigma. As the intersection of two classes who are rare as it is, the small number of Mecha Senshi in the world are viewed as those who wield a great power capable of changing the world.

    Most Mecha Senshi use their gifts for the betterment of society by protecting those who cannot protect themselves; however, a select few see their strength as means of destruction and acquiring power.
    Daily Life: When he isn't out saving the world, the Mecha Senshi can likely be found in his workshop. Every last moment of free time is usually devoted to tinkering and researching new ways to imbue his suits with the power of Justice.
    Notables: The first Mecha Senshi was actually the accidental result of the early Modular Armor experiments, a warforged named Voltron. Voltron, who exhibited the strange ability to change his plating's appearance and power, surprised researchers when the Armor Suit merged with his enhanced form. When the Modular Armor protoype was applied, Voltron absorbed that one as well. By the end of the experiment, he had become a massive sentient combination of five Armor Suits. Disassembly of Voltron led to the discovery that his creator, an extradimensional wizard who could weave Justice into his creations, could be responsible for the powers and equipment Sentai wield. When the drow King Lotor of the Kingdom of Doom led the siege of Castle Stark, he found the Voltron experiment files in the private lab of Antonius the Invincible. Lotor used this knowledge to create a Mecha Zord Armor named Lotron. Lotron allowed Lotor to traverse the Drule Continent quickly to launch a surprise attack on the nation of Arus, nestled deeply in The Grove of Angels. The Occupation of Arus lasted for decades until an explorer named Thomas Oliver Kogane discovered the broken remains of Voltron and rebuilt him as a Mecha Zord Armor. Kogane's victory over Lotor and the Doom Army earned him the title of High Commander of the Arusian National Guard.
    Organizations: The Arusian National Guard's Central Command Center also doubles as the world's foremost Mecha Senshi research facility; there they train the Sentai from all walks of life how to use science to enhance their supernatural abilities and teach Iron Men how to integrate the power of Justice into their suits. There are rumors that King Lotor still lives, recruiting Psycho Sentai to serve as test subjects for his experiments with Haggarium.

    NPC Reaction
    Unless the Mecha Senshi's true identity is public knowledge, most NPCs will see him as whoever his alter ego is trying to be. NPCs are typically in awe when they see a Mecha Senshi's Hero Armor Suit. Unscrupulous NPCs who discover the true identity of the Mecha Senshi may sell that knowledge to the highest bidder.

    The Mecha Senshi is designed as a 15th level entry late-game PrC. As such, you may run into MAD issues until you have Construct Armor and Battery-Powered Senshi. The sudden rise in power over 6 levels makes up for starting on the lower end of the spectrum. Starting as an Iron Man is preferred as it alleviates physical MAD by 8th level, provides a means of stable offense and defense while out of Henshin, and raises your Initiator Level before gaining any martial maneuvers.
    Adaptation: This class needs to be in a campaign setting where science and the supernatural have begun to intersect. It also works really well in a story with a superhero feel to the team. A Psycho-based Mecha Senshi would be a dynamo of raw destructive power in an evil campaign. This is considered a dual-progression PrC for gestalt rules. If this is used in a game that goes into epic level play, there are sections below explaining how certain class features interact with those gained from other related PrCs or further progression of the base classes.
    3.5 Adaptation: As the Iron Man class was designed for Pathfinder, the following adjustments are made to the base class:

    Class Skills: Iron Men have access to the following skills: Appraise (Int), Balance (Dex), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Disable Device (Int), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Knowledge (engineering) (Int), Knowledge (history) (Int), Listen (Wis), Profession (Wis), Search (Int), Spot (Wis), and Use Magic Device (Cha).
    Skill Points at 1st Level: (4 + Intelligence modifier) x 4.
    Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Intelligence modifier.
    Bonus Feat: At 4th level, and again at 11th and 18th level, the Iron Man gets a fighter bonus feat of his choice. He must meet all prerequisites for this feat to select it.
    Extra Armor Modification/Extra Suit/Flight Mastery: Increase the skill requirements 3 ranks for each feat. For Flight Mastery, replace Fly with Balance as the required skill.
    Repulsor Lord: Replace Acrobatics with Tumble (Dex) and Jump (Str).
    The Steel Shadow: Replace Stealth with Hide (Dex) and Move Silently (Dex).
    Pathfinder Adaptation: The following adjustments are made to the class for Pathfinder:

    Replace Tumble with Acrobatics as an entry requirement skill.

    Reduce all skill entry requirements by 3 ranks.

    Class Skills: The Mecha Senshi's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Acrobatics (Dex), Appraise (Int), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disable Device (Int), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Fly (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Knowledge (engineering) (Int), Martial Lore (Int), Perception (Wis), Perform (any) (Cha), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Swim (Str), Use Magic Device (Cha)

    Magician-based Mecha Senshi do not gain Concentration as a class skill. He may make concentration checks using the key ability for his spellshapes + his shaper level.
    Magician Sentai: Magician Sentai entering the class apply these alternate entry requirements and class features to the Mecha Sentai:

    Replace the Martial Lore, Martial Study, and Maneuvers entry requirements and class features with:
    Skills: Spellcraft 10 ranks
    Feats: Formula Study
    Spellshaping: Must be able to shape formulae of 7th level, must know at least 2 formulae from the Unseen Impetus spellshaping circle of 2nd level or higher

    Replace Martial Lore (Int) as a class skill with Concentration (Con) and Spellcraft (Int)

    Replace Maneuvers and Stances with:
    Spellshaping: At 1st level, and every two levels thereafter, you learn a new formula from any spellshaping circle that you had access to from Sentai levels. You must meet all prerequisites as normal. In addition, at 2nd level and every 4 levels thereafter, you can ready an additional formula.
    Rider Archetype: The Rider archetype's class features interact with the Mecha Senshi's as listed.

    Battery-Powered Senshi/Chivalrous Rider/Intelligent Weapon: If you have taken the Rider Archetype and have made your steed intelligent, you may treat your primary suit as your Rider's Steed via Chivalrous Rider, except you only take one set of actions per turn and you only use the bonus HD to determine BAB and saves. Treat your armor modifications, repulsors, and unarmed strikes as the steed's natural weapons for the purpose of proficiency, feats, and abilities, but otherwise attack as normal including iterative attacks. An Intelligent Armor Suit may act on its own if the Rider is unable to take action. The Rider has access to any feats the Intelligent Armor Suit has, provided that she has 3/4 (round down) of the prerequisite feats herself; she may ignore any other prerequisites.
    Battery-Powered Senshi/Chivalrous Rider/Intelligent Weapon/Fight as One/Trampling Charge: The extra attacks granted by these maneuvers are made with weapons and armor modifications not used by the Rider during that turn. However, the Armor Suit must be Intelligent in order to make these attacks.
    Emergency Protocols/Intelligent Weapon: An Intelligent Armor Suit may activate the Emergency Protocols to summon a new suit or eject the Rider if the Rider is unable to take actions.
    Prism Ranger/Arcane Prism: If the Mecha Sentai has levels in either Prism PrC, certain class features interact in specific manners described below.

    Hero Armor Suits/Form Gain: Without Advanced Sentai Weapon Systems, you may only change the Sentai Weapon and Strike of Justice damage type for as many suits as you have forms gained through Prism PrC levels. The chosen suits cannot be changed later. Arcane Prisms can use Unseen Impetus as the associated spellshaping circle for a suit with a Strike of Justice that deals force damage and may exchange it as such for other spellshaping circles.
    Hero Armor Suits/Form Fuse: You may use Form Fuse with any Sentai Weapon summoned via Mecha Ability or Sentai Weapon option not given up.
    Emergency Protocols/Form Gain: If you choose not to summon a new Hero Armor Suit, you assume the form associated with the last used Hero Armor Suit. If there is no form associated with the suit, you assume your default form.
    Emergency Protocols/Form Fuse/Form Reshaping: If Emergency Protocols are activated, you may use Form Fuse/Form Reshaping when either summoning a new Hero Armor Suit or assuming a Sentai form.
    Mecha Zord Armor/Form Reshaping: Form Reshaping uses the base suit's associated spellshaping circle as the one the reshaped formulae are treated as belonging to.
    Super Senshi: These Super Senshi class features interacts with Mecha Senshi class features, as follows:

    Powerful Build/Superior Weapon: A suit with both of these abilities summons and wields the Superior Weapon as a weapon two sizes larger than the base creature without penalty.
    Repulsors/Superior Weapon: Repulsor damage die change from d6 to d8.
    Magical Senshi: The following rules apply to Mecha Senshi with levels in Magical Senshi:

    Hero Armor Suits/Sentai Staff: A wand built into a Hero Armor Suit cannot be used as a Sentai Staff.
    Force Shield/Sentai Knight/Shielded Spell Combat: You only lose the shield AC bonus provided by the Sentai Knight shield. You still retain any shield bonus provided by Force Shield, if active.
    Force Shield/Spellshield of Justice: The shield bonuses granted by these abilities stack completely. However, the rules for Sentai Knight still apply.
    Mecha Zord Armor/Sentai Custom: The Eidolon has to be the same size as the Mecha Zord Armor in order to use Sentai Custom. The temporary HP are treated as temporary HP for the Mecha Zord Armor. Therefore, HP damage would affect the Mecha Senshi's HP totals in the following order: Eidolon HP -> Mecha Zord Armor HP -> Mecha Senshi HP.
    Iron Man and its archetypes: Certain Iron Man class features interact with the Mecha Senshi class features in specific manners, as listed below:

    Battery-Powered Senshi/Modular Armor/Extremis Armor: You must choose your primary suit as the favored suit for the Modular Armor and Extremis Armor class features. Your Modular Armor has all of the same [Suit] abilities as your primary suit
    Battery-Powered Senshi/Extremis: The ability to don an armor suit as a full-round action only applies to armor suits not affected by Battery-Powered Senshi. This part of the ability effectively no longer matters after becoming a Mecha Senshi, unless the Mecha Senshi is borrowing an armor suit from another Iron Man with the Lend Armor feat.
    Hero Armor Suits/Extremis Armor: Instead of the chosen armor suit being kept within the Mecha Senshi's body and summoned as move action, The Mecha Senshi gains Hastened Henshin as a bonus feat (even if he doesn't meet the prerequisites) but it only applies to the chosen suit.
    Mecha Zord Armor/Modular Armor: The suit granted by Modular Armor cannot be used as either a base or component suit as it is not a true Hero Armor Suit.
    Sentai Weapon/Powerful Build: Any Sentai Weapons summoned by a suit with Powerful Build modification can be summoned as one size larger without penalty.
    Scrap Smith: Anything that applies to Repulsors uses the Scrap Shot damage instead.
    Natural Forger/Enhanced Suit: If Enhanced Suit is taken twice, it allows one of the suits to be made of a special material, superceding the Natural Forger's restrictions for the chosen suit.
    The Iron Titan/Sentai Knight/Perfect Sentai Knight: If Force Shields are active, you may bash with your shield as if it were a heavy steel shield, even though it is treated for all other purposes as a light steel shield or tower shield, respectively.
    Archetype Combinations: The following Iron Man/Sentai archetype combinations may work well together:

    Natural Forger/Magician
    The Iron Titan/Mysterious Guardian
    Repulsor Lord/Psycho Ranger
    The War Machine/Rider
    The Steel Shadow/Loner
    Encounters: NPC Mecha Senshi are usually encountered by themselves as they range from CR 15-22 depending on gear and level. Multiple NPCs in a battle is typically reserved for mid-to-late-game encounters.

    Sample Encounter
    Due to amount of bookkeeping that can come with the level of customization this class provides, the following archives contain all of the sheets necessary to play each character. The characters were created using the Pathfinder rules.

    Voltron Lv 20
    Voltron Lv 30
    Voltron Lv 40
    Lotron Lv 20
    Lotron Lv 30
    Lotron Lv 40 (Coming soon)
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    Default Re: [3.P] We need Mecha Zord Power, but how can Mega Thrusters "are go"???

    After having playtested a couple Iron Men recently, I changed the way Mecha Zord Armor splits damage to give more durability before nonlethal damage takes you out of commission.

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    Default Re: [3.P] We need Mecha Zord Power, but how can Mega Thrusters "are go"???

    Upon review before submission for Tier rating, I decided that the combined armor bonus needed a nerfing. I'll update the sample builds to reflect the change. It gives me a reason to finally finish Lotron lv 40.

    EDIT: Changed the way Battery-Powered Senshi replaces Sentai Weapons to be more flexible with the different Iron Man archetypes. Also granted Iron Titans a bonus via Crushing Blows similar to the one Repulsor Lords gain for Repulsor Bolts.
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    Default Re: [3.P] We need Mecha Zord Power, but how can Mega Thrusters "are go"???

    I am sorry for necroing and nitpicking but could I suggest fixing the tables? This PrC is nice.
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    Default Re: [3.P] We need Mecha Zord Power, but how can Mega Thrusters "are go"???

    I'll get to it later tonight. It's one of those things that slipped my mind over time.

    EDIT: And it's done.
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