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    Default Non Lethal crafting

    Hello people i need help crafting a net launch for 3.5 edition dungeons and dragons. My character is trying to non lethal important characters, much like a bounty hunter. I know there are prestige classes, but i only want to capture essentially boss characters. Can you beautiful people help me out?

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    Default Re: Non Lethal crafting

    I'm not sure what it is you are asking. Are you asking for a net launcher as weapon that does non-lethal damage?

    What level are you playing? What do you mean by "Boss characters?" Is this for 3.5 or 4e?

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    Default Re: Non Lethal crafting

    I think bolas are what you're looking for.
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    Default Re: Non Lethal crafting

    The merciful weapon ability is +1, converts all lethal damage to nonlethal damage, and boosts your damage by a typeless (or same-type) 1d6. That's probably your best bet for the majority of creatures you could conceivably capture.

    If you fight anything immune to nonlethal damage, you can always grapple it in hopes of pinning and hog-tying it up. However, this will work poorly against anything bigger than you are.

    Finally, invest in a few cages, a cart to carry them on, and a good lock.
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