I'm running an Equestria campaign that is going to be centered around three items of great power. Here is the first one. I'm posting it here to see what you all think of it.

{table=head] |
5th | Spellsplit 2/day

6th | +2 Longsword

7th | Spell Circumcision 1/day

8th | Spellsplit 4/day

9th | +3 Longsword

10th | Spell Resistance

11th | Spellsplit 6/day

12th |

13th | +4 Longsword

14th | Spellsplit 8/day

15th | Spell Circumcision 2/day

16th |

17th | Spellspit 10/day

18th | +5 Longswod

19th |

20th | Split the World [/table]
Spellspliter is a longsword, fashioned to resemble a Unicorn's horn.
Nonlegacy Game Statistics: +1 Mithril Longsword; Cost 2315 Gp; Weight 4 Lb.
Omen: Spellspliter seems to hum slightly and will change its pitch as spells are cast

Long ago, during the time the 3 clans were fighting, there was an Alicorn known only as the Faceless Envoy. He was connected to the underlying magic of the world on a deep level and lived in his icy fortress, The Glacial Citadel. He kept only one servant, a young, beautiful mare name (insert Unicorn pony name here), who the Faceless Envoy had feelings for. The Faceless Envoy spent his days contemplating the universe and trying to uncover the secrets of magic itself. However, the fact that he would outlive his loved one constantly nagged him. (DC 15)

Eventually, the Faceless Envoy developed a ritual called the Ordeal of Ascension that could turn any pony into an Alicorn. However, the ordeal required that three vessels, each containing one of the three basic magics of the world (Unicorn, Pegasus and Earth Pony), be consumed. Not wanting to kill ponies for the ritual, the Faceless Envoy crafted three items and put parts of his magic and soul into each of them. These items became Spellsplitter, Earthenshield and Stormwalker, each carried within it the magic of one of the pony races and a portion of the Faceless Envoy's soul. These three items became known as the Trinity of the World. (DC 18; The Ordeal)
So the Faceless Enovy attempted the Ordeal of Ascension on his servant but it goes horribly wrong, killing the servant in the process, though the items are unharmed. Distraught, the Faceless Envoy, threw the three items into the ocean. Far south, where the three pony tribes were in conflict, the Trinity of the World washed up. One day, the trinity was found by an Earth Pony, Pegasus and Unicorn. The three began to fight over who found the items first. Each pony took the item that held the magic they had (so the Unicorn took Spellsplitter, the Pegasus Stormwalker and the Earth Pony Earthenshield) and the items bonded themselves to the ponies. (DC 25; The New Wielders)

At this point, the Faceless Envoy realized that he was dying. He had put too much of his power into the Trinity of the World and he needed to get the Trinity back. However, when he teleported the home of the pony who had taken Spellsplitter the Faceless Envoy found he could not take the Trinity which had bonded to the other ponies. The Faceless Envoy realized that he needed to get the three ponies to befriend each other so that the essence of the Trinity could intermingle. To accomplish this, the Faceless Envoy froze the three ponies in time and put them in a cave. The Faceless Envoy hoped that when the spell broke the three tribes would be on better terms. (DC 32; The Sleeping Power)

Legacy Rituals
The following rituals are required to unlock the least legacy abilities (level 5 -level 9)
The Ordeal: You must use Spellsplitter to defeat an enemy who can cast spells, use spell-like abilities or supernatural abilities and who’s CR is at least equal to your level. You must then spend 1 hour practicing with Spellspliter and focusing your power into it. Cost: 1,500. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Spellsplitter)

The following rituals are required to unlock the lesser legacy abilities (level 10 -level 14)
The New Wielders: You must use Spellsplitter’s Spellsplit ability on yourself to know the pain of being cut from the magic of the world and understand what your blade’s power does to your foes. Cost 13,000. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Spellsplitter)

The following rituals are required to unlock the greater legacy abilities (level 15 -level 20)
The Sleeping Power: You must use Spellspliter’s Spellsplit ability on a willing Alicorn to show your weapon’s complete dominion over magic. Cost: 35,000. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Spellsplitter)

Legacy Weapon Abilities
All of the following are legacy abilities of Spellsplitter.
Spellsplit(Su): You use your sword to cut through the magical link to the world that grants all ponies their powers. You must succeed on a melee touch attack against your target. Your target must then make a DC 10 + ½ your level + your Int modifier or become spellsplit for 2d4 rounds. While spellsplit, your target cannot cast spells, use any Supernatural or Spell-like Abilities or activate spell completion items (such as scrolls). If you use Spellsplit on a magical item it becomes nonmagical for as long as it is spellsplit. You may use this ability twice per day at 5th level and gain 2 more uses per day every 3 levels thereafter, maxing out at 10 times per day at 17th level.
Spell Circumcision(Su): Starting at 7th level you can use Spellsplitter to cut the spells from a caster’s memory. First make a Intelligence check. The table below gives you the Hit Dice of the most powerful spell caster you can affect. On any given circumcision attempt you cannot circumcisize a spell caster whose caster level exceeds the result on this table. If your result on the table is enough to circumcise the spell caster, make a melee touch attack against your target. If you hit, roll 2d6 + ½ your level + you Intelligence modifier for circumcision damage. Your target loses spells per day whose total level does not exceed the circumcision damage. 0 Level spells are not affected. 1st Level spells are affected first and if the spell caster has no 1st Level spells left then 2nd Level spells will be removed. For example a level 5 Wizard/ level 2 Warblade attempts to circumcise a spell caster with 3 1st level spells, 2 2nd level spells, and 2 3rd level spell left. The Wizard Warblade rolls, adds his modifiers for a total of 11 circumcision damage. First all 3 1st level spells are removed from the caster's available spells for that day. Next all 2 2nd level spells are removed and finally one 3rd level spell is removed for a total of 10 spell levels removed. Both 3rd level spells cannot be removed because then the total would be 13 which would exceed the circumcision damage roll. At 7th level you may use this ability once per day. Once you reach 15th level you may use this ability one additional time per day.
Spell Resistance: Starting at 10th level, Spellsplitter grants it’s wielder some inate protection from magic. You gain Spell Resistance equal to your level + 9.
Split the World(Su): At 20th level you can use Spellsplitter to its most potent ability: cutting the very fabric of magic around you, creating an area were magic will not function. Once per day you may activate this ability as a full-round action. You create a 60ft radius ‘dead magic’ zone, centered on you for 5 rounds. No magic functions in this zone; spells cannot be cast by anyone inside the zone, nor can spell effect be created in the zone. Supernatural and spell-like abilities also do not function. Permanent magical effects are suppressed while inside the zone though they reappear once the zone dissipates. Summoned creatures of any type and incorporeal undead wink out if they enter an antimagic field. They reappear in the same spot once the field goes away. Time spent winked out counts normally against the duration of the conjuration that is maintaining the creature. Spellsplitter protects you from this dead zone however; you and all of your magical items still function normally. Also, artifacts and gods are not affected by this zone.