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    Default Zombie Apocalypse Now!

    Do you want a Zombie Apocalypse? We know you do ;)

    Zombie Template:

    * The base creature becomes Undead. His class levels, if he had any, are converted into Undead levels. He keeps his hit points, natural armor, Strength, and any abilities he had in life. He receives an additional 12 hit points per HD, +5 stacking natural armor, DR 5/slashing, and +6 Strength. He has no Constitution or Intelligence score, half movement speed, and remains partially vulnerable to critical hits and sneak attacks.

    * Zombie Apocalypse: Zombies pass an Extraordinary disease on injury, DC 22, incubation period 1d3 days, 2d6 Constitution damage and Exhaustion. If an infected creature dies from any cause, including the disease itself, they will rise as a zombie in 10d6 minutes unless their corpse is burned, protected from reanimation, or destroyed. Successful saves, healing kits, Cure Disease, Heal and similar spells do not allow the character to recover unless a Remove Curse is cast first.

    * Zombie Resilience: A zombie can continue attacking until it reaches negative hit points equal to five times it's HD. Damage to the head (i.e. a confirmed critical hit, called shot, or sneak attack) prevents them from fighting on. Hardened skin protects the brain and spine, giving the attacker a -6 penalty to confirm critical hits, and halving extra damage from sneak attacks.

    * Fists of the Dead: A zombie's hands become hard and heavy, and the fingers sharpen into bony extrusions. A zombie causes unarmed bludgeoning and slashing damage as a Monk of equal level and size, and passes the zombie plague on every hit.

    * Zombie Hivemind: Zombies possess a form of hivemind when other zombies are around. They instinctively will attempt to trap and surround their food, and know when another zombie has spotted food or is slain. If four or more zombies attack someone at once, they gain +4 attack bonus and damage when making an attack of opportunity.

    * BRAAAAAINS: A zombie must feed to survive. It takes 1 untyped damage from decay every hour. If he would take Constitution damage from extreme conditions, he takes twice that amount as hit point damage. The only way a zombie can heal is to feed off the living.

    * Feeding Frenzy: A zombie who has spotted food goes into a frenzy. It's movement speed increases by 30 feet and it gains an extra action every round.

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    Default Re: Zombie Apocalypse Now!

    What's the range on the hive mind?

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    Default Re: Zombie Apocalypse Now!

    A big joy for zombie addicts! However, the agency is responsible for informing citizens of public health dangers. In a blog posted on Monday, May 16, the head of the CDC provided suggestions for how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. While the post is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, the recommendations are useful disaster preparedness information.

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