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    Default Kenny's Pokemon Journey-A Pokemon Let's Go Story

    Hello everyone. I'm going to post my Pokemon Fan-Fiction Story called Kenny's Pokemon Journey here.

    Ok, let the story begin.

    Chapter 1

    The story begins at the Kanto Region in Pallet Town. Kenny Daargen, an 11-year-old boy who moves from Viridian City wants a fresh start with his Pokemon journey. Kenny's Pokemon partner happens to be a male Sandshrew that his father gave him for his birthday. Kenny described himself as short, thin, light-skinned with short black hair. He was wearing a green shirt with a Pokeball in it, with blue pants, white sneakers with white socks on his feet.

    "Sandshrew. We have to go to Professor Oak to get my Pokedex," said Kenny.

    "A Pokedex? Isn't that a machine that gives information about every single Pokemon in this region?" asked Sandshrew.

    "Yes, Sandshrew. It is a machine that gathers information from every Pokemon we capture," said Kenny.

    "I thought so," said Sandshrew. Kenny and Sandshrew went to Professor Oak's home.

    "Hello, Professor Oak," said Kenny.

    "Hi, Professor Oak," said Sandshrew.

    "Hello, Kenny and Sandshrew. I'm so glad both of you came. I have your Pokedex ready." said Professor Oak.

    "All right," said Kenny as he was excited to get his Pokedex.

    "Hey, that reminds me, Kenny. Are Stan, Kyle, and Eric going to join us on our adventure?" asked Sandshrew curiously.

    "The three boys came here early with their starter Pokemon and their Pokedex and they left early, Sandshrew," said Professor Oak.

    "Oh ok. I want to battle their Pokemon to see how tough they are," said Sandshrew.

    "You'll get your chance battling them Sandshrew, I guarantee it," said Kenny. Professor Oak approached Kenny.

    "Here's your Pokedex," said Professor Oak as he gives the Pokedex to Kenny. The Pokedex is described as an electronic red smartphone.

    "For some reason, I thought the Pokedex might be a bit different. Maybe a laptop or some sort of," said Sandshrew.

    "Yes, this is the updated version of the Pokedex Smartphone Version," said Professor Oak.

    "Ok, let see the Pokedex in action." Kenny presses the button on the Pokemon.

    "Sandshrew, a mouse Pokemon: Sandshrew's body is configured to absorb water without waste, enabling it to survive in the arid desert. This Pokemon curls up to protect itself from its enemies." said the Pokedex.

    "Wow, I can curl up. I didn't know I can do that," said Sandshrew as he was amazed hearing the Pokedex information.

    "Yes, Sandshrew. So far the Pokedex has information just about by 150 Pokemon," said Professor Oak.

    "150 Pokemon. That's a lot of Pokemon," said Kenny.

    "It's not an easy goal to catch all 150 Pokemon. There will be challenges along your Pokemon journey. There will be a reward to catch all 150 Pokemon." said Professor Oak.

    "Cool, I really can't wait to catch all 150 Pokemon," said Kenny.

    "Oh yes, One more thing I forgot to give you. Your Pokeballs," said Professor Oak as he gives Kenny 12 Pokeballs.

    "These are Pokeballs that you catch wild Pokemon in battle," said Professor Oak.

    "Cool. Thank you, Professor Oak," said Kenny.

    "Now that you got your Pokedex and Pokeballs, your Pokemon journey begins now," said Professor Oak.

    "Bye Professor Oak and thank you," said Kenny.

    "Goodbye Professor Oak," said Sandshrew.

    "Goodbye, Kenny and Sandshrew. Good luck with your Pokemon journey," said Professor Oak as Kenny and Sandshrew left Professor Oak home as their Pokemon Journey begins now.

    To Be Continued

    So what do you think of my very first chapter of my Pokemon story? Tell me your thoughts and opinions.
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