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    Question System indipendant advice for alien technology and races

    Hello I have for the past few years made new RPG systems with some of my free time. They aren't anything special and after time I lose interest after the first campaign I run with the new game ends prematurely. That aside I would like your creative input on what racial abilities and technology these aliens should have. I am open to anything not silly and optimally it should be scary. I will have multiple species so just keep up the ideas as long as you keep having them. I am fine with slightly broken laws of physics when it comes to your ideas, and if your ideas inspire me to finish this system then I'll post it so everyone can PEACH it. That will take a long time and it may never happen so be warned, and if you would like some of the background I have thought of combining XCOM and Mechwarrior.

    If your willing to give some mechanics on how these ideas will effect the game you can put it in d20 terms and I'll convert it to whatever I decide to use.
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