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    Default Chi-ninja interest test balloon

    This is just a test balloon for interest for a class that effectively emulates the chi-wielding martial arts "ninjas" that are a staple of anime series such as Naruto, DBZ, etc. I have been largely inspired by an idea for a D&D plug-in that could encompass building characters that could take on similar paths to those especially seen in Naruto.

    Balance: The class wouldn't strive to be balanced necessarily with other warrior classes. It would almost necessarily be better than a standard monk. Then again if balanced means less powerful than certain other classes with the correct choice of powers/feats it would be balanced. Additional balance features.

    1. The class would not allow multi-classing. This is not quite a limiting as it may seem becuase the chi-ninja (CN) class would offer multiple paths. Two different CNs could be very, very different. Indeed, if I pulled this off a DM could run an entire campaign where all PCs, plus all powerful NPCs were CNs, and have a great deal of variation and character roles.

    2. The class is highly specialized in one type of weapon or fighting for each ninja, and thus each CN is very limited in equipment use. This can be slightly expanded by expending feats, but only by small steps at a time.

    3. The class can not be taken by races with LA modifiers.

    4. Perhaps a few standard options to power up or power down the class given at the end.

    The basic mechanic:

    There would be a core CN progression chart outlining CN advancement at every level. In addition there would be 8 or so different specialized CN "paths" that a CN could advance in at every level. The CN could mix and max these paths freely--but, of course, as with all progression charts, each path gets more powerful as it goes along.

    Not all paths will have 20 steps.

    Some possible path examples:

    Note: Most ninjitsu would come from manifestation of a limited set of psionic powers handled in a special way. Down a few paths a few types of spells or spell effects will also be available with general special rules that modify how they are cast/used for CNs.

    Ninjitsu: The ability to use chi to achieve spell-like effects.

    Secret Ninjitsu: The development of specialized attacks that are particularly powerful--but very limited in number and number of uses.

    Genjitsu: The ability to use chi to achieve illusion and mind-altering effects

    Medical Ninjitsu: The ability to use chi to achieve healing type effects.

    The unseen path: The ability to remain unseen/invisible. The deveopment of "substitution" tricks, etc.

    Cloning: The ability to produce/summon clones of oneself, limited in power, able to do various things.

    Blood pact: Pact with an animal entity. Limited usages per week/month, etc, but can be used to summon animal with a special animal paragon template that gets larger and more powerful as one levels up on this path. The pact is two-way and the animal paragon has demands of her/his own. At the highest levels this could summon a colossal animal ally however.

    Ink mastry: The ability to make special seals and scrolls with properties that mimic magical effects.

    Sensory jitsu: The ability to perceive what can not normally be perceived.

    Anyway, I am floating a trial balloon for interest because, while I have an idea of how most of these features will work, this would be a LARGE class to produce---not a one or two page investment. I imagine it will take me quite a while to write up and fully think through in my spare time, and so there is little point if people tend to think that it is a dumb idea.

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