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    Default Epic Prestige Classes

    I'm currently running a campaign set in a homebrew setting. My players are level 15 and will soon be 16. I've been planning on taking them to epic levels for a while but haven't really been sure how I want to do it, as PF doesn't really have much in the way of rules for epic levels. Anyways, after a while I came up with an idea for epic prestige classes, that is, prestige classes only available at levels 21+.
    I'll have to create each one individually for all my players, plus for every major villain/ally past level 20. I'm interested in peoples opinion on the idea and my execution. I'm not really concerned with balance between these and pre epic levels, as much as I'm concerned with balance between the epic prestige classes.
    So far I have four made up, though nothing is solid, and I'd like peoples opinions and suggestions on how to make them cooler/better/more balanced between each other. Also, if any one ability is out of line with the others, I'd like feedback on how to bring it back into line. (note: the Master Diabolist is supposed to be somewhere around 50% stronger than the rest of the prestige classes, as she is the final villain).

    Blade Master

    20 BAB
    Weapon focus and weapon specialization in any light or heavy one handed blade

    fighter skills
    2+ intelligence skill points per level

    {table] Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fortitude|Reflex|Will|Special
    1|+1|0|0|0|Blade Dance, Defensive Blade|
    2|+2|1|1|1| |
    3|+3|1|1|1|Deflect Anything|
    4|+4|2|2|2|Defensive Blade II|
    5|+5|2|2|2|Dimensional Cut|
    6|+6|3|3|3|Edge of Madness|
    7|+7|3|3|3|Defensive Blade III|
    8|+8|4|4|4|Dimensional Slice II|
    9|+9|4|4|4|Sever Dreams|
    10|+10|5|5|5| All-Cutter, Dimensional Slice III, Defensive Blade IV[/table]

    Blade Dance
    The Blade Master flows effortlessly through the battlefield, striking his opponents at will, never leaving himself open to attack. A Blade Master may activate a full attack as a standard action taking his attacks at any point of his movement. In addition he does not provoke attacks of opportunity from any opponent that he attacks that turn.

    Defensive Blade
    The Blademaster's sword is his shield, turning away attacks of all sorts without any concience effort on his part. Whenever a blade master is wielding a one-handed light or heavy blade and has one hand empty he receives a +4 shield bonus. In addition his blades enhancement bonus adds to his shields bonus. At fourth level and every 4 levels thereafter he receives a +2 to his shield bonus, up to +10 at 10th level

    Deflect anything
    The Blade Master has mastered his own mind and soul, and with that mastery has come the understanding that all energy and matter may be manipulated at the edge of his blade At 3rd level a Blade Master may, as a free action once per round, deflect any targeted or area of effect spell which includes him as a target. In so doing he replaces his base save plus save attribute with his BAB plus his dexterity modifier plus his weapons enchantment. He may do this additional times per round, but every time after the first uses his next lowest iterative attack for the following round, until he has used up all his attacks for the following round. He may deflect any other thrown or fired projectile in this way, treating the attack as a DC.

    Dimensional Slice
    The Blade master can now see the vary threads which bind the multiple planes together, and those which separate them. He can cut these threads as easily as he can cut anything else. A Blade Master may freely travel between the material plane the plane of shadows, and the etherial plane. As a standard action he may open a portal to any of those dimensions. The portal will stay open for as many rounds as he wishes (determined at the time of cutting) not less than two rounds, not longer than ten. at 8th level he may travel between planes and he may choose any place in those planes to go to as the greater teleport spell. At tenth level he may travel to any plane and to any location, provided he can visualize a specific place in his mind. If he cannot visualize a specific place he can still travel to those planes, but his location will be random.

    Edge of Madness
    The Blade Master has looked within himself and seen the inner workings of a man. He can clearly see those workings now, and with a single, well-placed cut, he can sever the binds which hold a man's sanity At 6th level a Blade Master can, as a standard action, cause target monster to be inflicted with permanent insanity. The save is will based and is the Blade Master's BAB plus his intelligence modifier + his weapons Enhancement bonus.

    Sever Dreams
    I haven't thought what I'd like this ability to do. I just thought it was a cool name. lol. Any thoughts would be appreciated (I feel like I need something for ninth level)

    All Cutter
    After years of training and meditation, the Blade Master has reached true enlightenment. He has seen that all points of reality are connected, and with the proper focus he can choose where his blade cuts, regardless of physical distance At tenth level a Blade Master may cause all his attacks for a round effect every enemy within sight. He only rolls attack and damage once versus all targets. He may use this attack up to thirty times per day, with every target for every round expending a use.

    Master Diabolist

    Wizard level 20
    Any Non-good (Evil isn't required, since, in my opinion, killing a devil and stealing its power isn't really any more evil than killing a devil and taking its stuff. If you disagree, let me know why and you may convince me :))

    Wizard skills plus Knowledge: Devils
    2+intelligence modifier per level


    A Master Diabolist receives one free spell per spell level. Any additional spells must be created by the Master Diabolist and approved by the GM. (I haven't figured out what spells I want exactly for the Diabolist, I've been looking at Epic spells lately, and they seem to be somewhat difficult to balance. I'm thinking the spell line for MD will probably be some Summon Demon spells, maybe working their way through the ranks of demons, 10th level will be summon pit fiend 11th will infernal duke and so on. Let me know if this is a terrible idea :))

    Devilish Aspect
    The Master Diabolist has learned an ancient and forbidden magic to steal the power of a devil and draw it into herself. A Master Diabolist absorbs the life energy of a devil into herself to bolster her own body and steal its abilities and traits. A master Diabolist has the physical stats of whatever devil corresponds to her level, as well as all natural attacks, supernatural, exceptional, and spell like abilities available to that devil. She knows anything that particular Devil knew and her skills are set to whichever is highest, hers or the devils. Her hit points are not determined by her new constitution score, instead her hit points are the total of the devils hit points, plus her own before the increased con score. The Devilish Aspect appears as an angry red aura around the Master Diabolist in the shape of the Devil she currently has. The Aura possesses the size and range of the devil. She may make this aura vanish or appear as a free action. Once a Master Diabolist gains enough xp for the next level she may challenge a devil of the next available type to a one on one fight. If she wins she may increase a level, effectively replacing her old devils abilities, stats and so on with the new devils. The Devils available by level are:
    1. Bearded Devil
    2. Erinyes Devil
    3. Bone Devil
    4. Barbed Devil
    5. Ice Devil
    6. Horned Devil
    7. Pit Fiend
    8. Infernal Duke
    9. Archduke of Hell
    10. Ruler of Hell (Azmodeus or his equivalent)

    Devilish Split
    The Master Diabolist may separate herself from her devilish powers, allowing the creature to act under her control, at its full former capacity A master Diabolist may, as a free action, effectively summon the devil which she is currently holding, placing it within any square adjacent to her. In so doing she temporarily gives up all bonuses granted by Devilish Aspect, but gains the Devil in its original form. The devil may act on her turn under her command, and the Master Diabolist may take her own actions as normal. She may maintain this a number of rounds equal to her class level. These rounds need not be consecutive. [/LIST]

    Master Abjurer

    Abjurer Level 20

    Wizard skills
    2+intelligence modifier per level

    Master Abjurer
    A master Abjurer may prepare one additional abjuration spell per spell level up to 9th. In addition A 1st level Master Abjurer may prepare 1st level abjuration spells with metamagic and treat those metamagics as if they required 2 less level adjustments, or prepare those spells with two metamagics, each requiring 1 less level adjustment (What I'm going for here is the base spell is what is affected by this ability, not whatever spell level you'd end up as. So you could quicken a first level mage armor to increase it to third level as a first level Master Abjurer, not sure if I worded it right.). A second level Master Abjurer may do this for 2nd level spells and so on, up to tenth level spells.

    Master Resistance
    A Master Abjurer may now designate 2 energy types to be immune to in the morning. At 5th level he may designate 3 and at 10th he may designate 4.

    Master Ward
    A Master Abjurer's ward ability now is an immediate action and extends to 40 feet. In addition the deflection bonus increases to +6 at 3rd level and gains +1 for every 2 levels thereafter, up to +9 at 9th level.

    Master Absorption
    A master Abjurer may store energy absorbed by his energy absorption ability and release it in a cone, ray or burst at his choosing. He may store up to ten times his level this way. Every point of damage absorbed after this point is lost. The damage done by stored energy is considered to be of all energy types. Only a character with resistance or immunity to all energy types receives those resistances or immunities.
    • Cone- If the Abjurer releases the energy in a cone it causes 2/3 of the tal damage absorbed to everyone in the cone. The save is reflex based for half damage. The DC is 20 plus Intelligence modifier.
    • Ray-If the Master Abjurer releeases the energy in a ray, he must make a ranged touch attack and deals 100% of the absorbed damage stored if it hits. No save.
    • Burst-If the Master Abjurer releases the energy in a burst it acts as a burst centered on the Master Abjurer with a spread of 20 feet dealing 1/2 total damage stored. Save is reflex based for half damage. The DC is 20 plus intelligence modifier.

    (needs new name. A little backstory may help with ideas for names. He's the king of a city called High Noon and he is considered to be the chosen of their God, The Wanderer).

    Character Level 20
    Lawful Good Alignment
    Rightful heir to the throne

    All skills are considered class skills for a King
    8+intelligence modifier skill points per level

    Will to Rule
    The King has had a lifetime of practice telling others what to do. He deeply resents anyone attempting to coerce his actions and will fight tooth and nail to resist any coercion. A King receives a +1 to will saves relating to mind affecting abilities or spells per level.

    Lordly Inspiration
    All who look upon The King are inspired by his bravery and absolute confidence that the day will be his and those who stand with him. All allies within line of sight of the King receive a +2 inspiration bonus to to attack damage, saves and skill checks. This bonus stacks with all Bardic abilities. This bonus increases by +2 for every two levels after second, up to +10 at 10th level.

    Blade of Heaven
    The King is Heaven's will made flesh. As such he is bestowed with the gift a heavenly blade. At first level a King recieves a +5 Keen Longsword. This blade glows a pale silver at all times of bright light up to 20 feet. At times when the blade is within 40 feet of of any who mean to harm the King or the Kingdom the blade shines a brilliant gold of bright light up to 100 feet. All those hostile to the king within 20 feet are affect as if by a Sunburst spell the first round inside the aura and every 1d6 rounds thereafter. The King may diminish or quell either light types as a free action. In addition, the blade treats all who intend to harm the kingdom as if it had Bane against their creature type. In addition (again) the blade receive +1 to its enhancement bonus every two levels, up to +10 at 9th level. Starting at 2nd level the King may apply any number of enchantments to his blade as long as the enchantments bonus does not exceed half his level. He may change these once per level. (I think this one may be overpowered, though I definitely intend to include some weapons which are at least as powerful as this in the later content.)

    Heaven's Steed
    The King rides into battle atop a holy dragon created by the will of Heaven Starting at 5th level a King may summon an Old Gold Dragon as a standard action. The Dragon functions exactly as an Old Gold Dragon and is perfectly loyal to the king. It cannot be killed, only dissipated temporarily. The king may summon the dragon for as many rounds as he possesses in levels plus his wisdom modifier. At 7th level the dragon becomes an Ancient Gold Dragon, at 9th it becomes a Great Dragon, Gold Wyrm.

    So that's the four classes I have so far. I'm currently only planning on having Master Abjurer and Blade Master as playable classes (though I doubt anyone will play the Master Abjurer, a very similar Master Illusionist will probably get some play). So take that into consideration, I guess. Also, I know most of them don't have capstones. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated for new and cooler abilities, and new and cooler names for them. Thanks for any help or comments you leave :)

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    Default Re: Epic Prestige Classes

    Figuring out balance for epic stuff is generally really difficult. Nothing here jumps out as substantially more game breaking than anything else at epic levels. My only critique is that the fluff is very blah, but they all make sense for what they need to do. Do you have any specific aspects you want input on?

    It would be nice if Master Abjurer got to get a spellcraft bonus to anything related to abjuration, maybe equal to their class level, or possibly twice class level. Similarly, Master Diabolist should get something similar for all knowledge checks related to devils.

    Also, in event you are interested in other epic prestige classes, you should look at Realms of Chaos's excellent homebrew.
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    My homebrew:


    ToB disciplines:

    The Narrow Bridge
    The Broken Blade

    Prestige classess:
    Disciple of Karsus -PrC for Karsites.
    The Seekers of Lost Swords and the Preserver of Future Blades Two interelated Tome of Battle Prcs,
    Master of the Hidden Seal - Binder/Divine hybrid
    Knight of the Grave- Necromancy using Gish

    Worthwhile links:

    Age of Warriors

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