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    Default Iron Heroes - Building Dodge and/or Parry pools

    I thought up a combination of feats in Iron Heroes that could allow for a quite safe way to go about combat, but I am in doubt about the usefulness in a party.
    If you take Combat Expertise and Dodge (and later on the Combat Expertise EM 3, which gives a parry pool), and you use the first few rounds to build up parry and dodge tokens, while fighting defensively and using combat expertise.
    A few round later you can then smash the enemy from the safety of you pools.

    But I wonder whether those rounds you spend waiting are worth it.
    Won't another party member just smash down the enemies while you are sitting around? And you also need an enemy to try and hit you, which might not be very likely if its one enemy, and in an encounter with multiple enemies, the mighty build beserker just hacks down one of them each round. (DISCLAIMER!: THIS IS AN EXAGERATION!)

    So what do you think? Is it worth using this combination? Why? Or why not?
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    Default Re: Iron Heroes - Building Dodge and/or Parry pools

    Use Vorpal Hurricane to make sure you can get attacks in whilst gathering tokens.

    I think those rounds spent waiting are worth it in a big fight. Don't bother with random encounters with low-CR bandits and such
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