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    Default More Spirit Totems (D&D 3.5 Barbarian ACFs)

    The following are other Spirit Totem animals, in addition to Lion and the other official ones no one cares about (Bear, Eagle, Fox, and Wolf). As usual for Spirit Totems, these replace the Fast Movement class feature at level 1 and the Damage Reduction feature at levels 7, 10, 13, and so on. The alternate class features for Fast Movement and for Damage Redution are seperate. While you cannot mix and match Spirit Totems, you are not obligated to take the variant for Damage Reduction if you take the variant for Fast Movement, and vice versa--they are presented together simply for brevity.

    Spirit Animal 1st level feature 7th+ level feature
    Cobra Constrict special ability. Damage dealt is that of the barbarian's unarmed strike or a weilded light weapon Stacking +2 insight bonus to grapple checks
    Monkey Additional 2 skill points per Barbarian level Add a skill of your choice to the Barbarian's class skill list
    Badger Extra Rage feat Stacking +1 insight bonus to Fortitude saving throws
    Squirrel Immune to falling damage Stacking +4 insight bonus to Climb checks
    Beetle Slight Build special quality Stacking +1 bonus to Natural Armor
    Shark Swim speed equal to half base land speed Gain a secondary bite attack (1d6+1/2 Str base damage) at level 7; damage die increases one step every 3 levels thereafter
    Raccoon Scent special quality Stacking +2 insight bonus to Survival checks
    Housecat +4 insight bonus to Initiative checks Stacking +2 insight bonus to Tumble and Jump checks
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