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    Default The Undead Scourge

    Sleep doesn't come easy to you, and as you toss and turn you can't stop thinking of the coming battle. Naturally, your greatest concern is your role, what is expected of you and what you can actually accomplish.

    With the first ray of sunshine you are awakened for a quick breakfast and your journey starts. For most of you this is a first time passing through the Amn wilderness, and you are surprised by the lush vegetation, you never imagined it would be full of life. Aside from a minor skirmish with some trolls that have taken over a local keep you encounter no problems ad by the time the sun setts you reach the gates of Trademeet. Though the town is smaller than Athkatla it is much better decorated, it is almost as if the entire town is glowing. However, a dark shadow looms over it, and you can see despair and suffering in people's eyes. Walden tells you that you are free until morning, when you will report to Alistair.

    As the morning comes you feel uneasy. Something is in the air, you can almost taste it. As you make your way towards the troops Alistair intercepts you and after a short introduction he warns you that the soldiers are unmotivated and they could use a little morale boost.

    Spoiler: OOC
    You get to spend the night in Trademeet, be creative with your time.

    Skill challenge.

    5 successes, 3 fails
    Diplomacy, Bluff and Religion as primary skills.
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    Default Re: The Undead Scourge

    Don't forget that allies within 10 squares of Adrie get a +1 bonus to Diplomacy and Insight! (And Inititative, for that matter.)

    Adrie immediately senses a city in need, and who better to cure what ails a despairing city than a Lliiran priest? The awkwardness of her encounter with the Order of the Radiant Heart forgotten, she now can feel herself called to this place.

    One evening, of course, would not be enough time to organize and conduct a proper revel. She would have to start small. Find an inn or a tavern where there was some base level of energy among the patrons that could be sparked into a rousing celebration. Find some morsel of good news in this depressed community to build on.

    There had to be one. That was one of the basic precepts of Lliiran faith -- there's always a reason for a party.

    She of course invites her group -- and in fact, anyone traveling with Walden -- to join in the origination of this fest, or, if not that, then at least to join in the fest itself.

    Okay, ever see The Music Man? Hill comes into River City and asks Marcellus for the latest gossip. He finds out there's a local bar that just put in a pool table, and Hill seizes on that minor detail. He works the townspeople into a panic over the evil Pool Hall out to corrupt their children. Adrie is doing exactly that, but with the opposite intent -- she wants to inspire them to joy, not fear.

    Various checks to implement this plan:

    Perception (to keep an eye out for trouble and anything that might help or hinder her plan): (1d20+5)[18]
    Streetwise (to locate appropriate venues): (1d20+3)[9]
    Insight (to find a group of citizens who could be inspired into a real party): (1d20+12)[31]
    Diplomacy (to inspire a real party): (1d20+10)[27]

    In the morning, exhausted but exhilarated, Adrie takes Alistair's suggestion to heart. She immediately grabs his arm and drags him (and the others in her group) with her to glad-hand as many of the troops as they can find. She emphasizes the righteous nature of their task and the moral and spiritual rewards of undertaking their effort.

    Diplomacy: (1d20+10)[19]

    Adrie Everbright

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