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    Default Ninjas and Evasion

    I'm looking over the Ninja base class from Dragon #318, and I like the flavor a lot. It's basically a cross between the rogue and the monk, with a few powers all its own.

    One puzzle, though: the Ninja gains Evasion at 12th level, an ability gained by both monks and rogues at 2nd. Even rangers get Evasion at 9th level!

    I'm wondering what you folks would say to switching the Ninja to gain Evasion at 2nd level and (possibly) Improved Evation at 12 level. Indeed, it seems likely to me that this is how the Dragon magazine Ninja class was supposed to read, since Rogues typically gain Improved Evasion at 10th or 13th level as a Special Ability.

    While this change will certainly make the Ninja more powerful, I don't think it will unbalance the Ninja relative to the Rogue, given the relatively lesser power of the Ninja's Sudden Attack ability by contrast to the Rogue's Sneak Attack.


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    Default Re: Ninjas and Evasion

    I totally agree, Evasion is something that MUST be with a ninja, for he be no ninja at all without.
    And improved Evasion at lvl 12... agree!

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    Default Re: Ninjas and Evasion

    I am not sure if it fits the flavour as much as for the rogues but atleast as much as for the rangers... So sure. I would up it a few levels though. And ninja is not too strong class anyways, so it won't overpower it at all.
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    Default Re: Ninjas and Evasion

    Ninja was reprinted in Complete Adventurer. Not sure what changes, if any, were made.
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    Default Re: Ninjas and Evasion

    Evasion's still at 12th, which I agree is late. Bump away!

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