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    Default [3.5 PrC] Brainstorming a "Green Arrow" PrC

    I'm putting together a few ideas for a "Green Arrow"-style PrC. The basic idea is a 5-level PrC, geared to a multiclass Ranger (or Fighter)/Artificer who's able to turn his arrows into some gimmicks, without being as terrible as Arcane Archer.

    What I have so far is below. I'd love to put in a few more "mechanical arrows." It (very badly) needs a capstone. And I'm drawing a complete blank as far as what to call the thing. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Prereqs: Weapon Focus (any bow), Point Blank Shot
    Craft (Fletching) 8 ranks
    Base Attack Bonus +5
    Ability to use 1st-level Infusions

    Full BAB, d8, Good Fort and Reflex saves, 4+Int skills.
    Level 1 Mechanical Arrows, Alchemical Arrows. Enhance Arrows +1
    Level 2 Infused Arrows, +1 caster level of Artificer, Enhance Arrows +2
    Level 3 Bonus Feat: Craft Magic Arms (bows and arrows only; CL= (PrC name) level * 3), Enhance Arrows+3
    Level 4 Magical Arrows, +1 caster level of Artificer, Enhance Arrows +4
    Level 5 Enhance Arrows +5

    Mechanical Arrows: May spend 15 minutes/day preparing a number of special arrows equal to (PrC name) Level * 2 plus intelligence bonus. The character may modify an arrow to make it function as one of the following items: net, bolas, harpoon. If the arrow strikes its target, the target is affected as though by one of those items. Arrows prepared in this manner last only 24 hours.
    Alchemical Arrows: By making a DC 15 Craft (fletching) check, the character may combine any alchemical item they possess with an arrow. The character must purchase or create the alchemical The alchemical item takes effect wherever the arrow strikes. Any damage the alchemical item does is in addition to the regular arrow damage. Alchemical arrows may be made at any time, and do not count against the daily total of special arrows. Making the alchemical arrow consumes both the arrow and the alchemical item.
    Infused Arrows: The character may use any Infusion on a group of 20 arrows as a standard action (or less, if the infusion casting time is less).
    Magical Arrows: By making a DC 20 Craft (fletching) check, the character may combine any scroll with an arrow. The arrow’s target is now the center of the effect.
    Enhance Arrows: 1st level, every magical arrow a (PrC name) nocks and lets fly becomes magical, gaining a +1 enhancement bonus (or a special ability of equivalent modifier). This ability stacks with any enhancement modifier the arrow already possesses (or receives from a bow). The (PrC name) may choose to alter the bonuses or special abilities once every 24 hours by spending 15 minutes meditating. Unlike magic weapons created by normal means, the archer need not spend experience points or gold pieces to accomplish this task. However, an archer’s magic arrows only function for her. For every level the character advances past 1st level in the prestige class, the magic arrows she creates gain +1 greater potency.

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    Default Re: [3.5 PrC] Brainstorming a "Green Arrow" PrC

    The trick arrows seem like they should be items, not class abilities. Probably expensive, unwieldy and finicky items.
    If you want a Green Arrow class, make the trick arrows as items first and build the class around reducing penalties for using them.

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    Default Re: [3.5 PrC] Brainstorming a "Green Arrow" PrC

    Capstone suggestion;
    ability to recover arrows you've crafted and shot at an enemy (% roll?), little underwhelming

    Name suggestions;
    'Hooded Archer'
    'Mechanical Archer'
    'Warrior Fletcher'
    'Infused Marksman'
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