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    Default Statting another poster

    Since it's so niche that it's not really covered in the rules, am I right in thinking I need a poster's permission to stat that poster out (i.e write a character sheet/ creature entry/etc. under a game system representing that person), and indeed the same with anyone else who doesn't post on the forums?

    If so, I don't suppose any mods would like to be statted out as part of my homebrew project?

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    Default Re: Statting another poster

    I don't know what the legal situation is on this, but I think you really should ask them (even if you are legally allowed to, imo it would be rude to just use their names or maybe even some quotes from/information about them without asking).

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    Default Re: Statting another poster

    I can only see this ending poorly and with hurt feelings.

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    Default Re: Statting another poster

    Done without permission, I would call this one of the ruder things I have heard of.

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    Default Re: Statting another poster

    Sheriff: I would say yes, you need permission, for the same reason that we required poster to opt-in to Hurt/Heal games, fan-fiction, and other similar activities. Don't use other people's forum personae or real life identities without their permission. Perhaps we need a general rule on that.
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