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    Default Magic Explosion [Spell]

    Magic Explosion
    aoe:10 foot radius sphere
    save:reflex half*
    SR: yes

    I don't know about the description but
    1d4/level max of 10d4to all creatures but the caster, reflex half
    any character in a square threatening the caster is threatening does not recieve a saving throw

    what do you think?
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    Default Re: Magic Explosion [Spell]

    Okay, giving it the force type is a bit more powerful, give it eletricity, cold, or fire. I'd also consider cutting the range to about 10ft, but making it so casting the spell doesn't provoke AoOs
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    Default Re: Magic Explosion [Spell]

    noted however i wanted it force because i see that as more magic energy. i did reduce the damage to 1d4 to compensate though, and lowered the range, i don't think i should add the no AoO otherwise it'd probably have to be a higher level spell, especially because i dont know of any spell save featherfall that doesn't provoke (w/o MM feats)
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    Default Re: Magic Explosion [Spell]

    10d4 damage, no saving throw?!?! Even for a melee range spell, that's ridiculous for level 3. Definitely needs to be higher level.
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    Default Re: Magic Explosion [Spell]

    level 3 spells max out damage at 10 dice. Increasing the level will increase the max dice.

    This seems fine, basically a fireball, but its force (so d4's) and personal range.

    The only thing you could do to make it better is play around with the presentation and that... but mechanically, I see not fault.
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