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Thread: Coldblooded

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    Default Coldblooded

    I want to give the reptilians in my game a vulnerability to cold without it being as nasty as a straight 50% damage increase. I've considered the sauran weakness (-4 to saves vs non-lethal cold), but it's too weak to be a serious threat during combat. My current compromise is whenever they take cold damage, they take an another 50% of it as nonlethal damage. It drops them as fast as the vulnerability, but it can be healed quicker as well.

    Any ideas?
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    Default Re: Coldblooded

    Cold dosnt really hurt reptiles any more than mamals, just it slows them down...

    How about, if a creature with the coldblooded trait takes cold damage, they make a frot save each round (DC = damage taken - 2 per round since last cold damage was taken) or be slowed. A heatsouce neaby gives the coldblooded creature a +2 bonus to the saves (subject to DM's decision).

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    Default Re: Coldblooded

    I would say that prolonged exposure to a cold environment that would otherwise deal nonlethal damage would also require a Constitution check equal to 10+previous checks made (like breath-holding rules), or be slowed.
    For worse cold, scale the DC to 15+ or 20+ the checks made.
    Exposure to warmth for ten rounds ends the slow effect and restarts the counter for turns exposed.

    Edit: Oh, and after cold-slowing has set in, you need to make checks to avoid falling asleep. Maybe if you fail three in a row you doze off, and the check increases each round...
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    Default Re: Coldblooded

    +X Damage Per Die (usually 1, sometimes 2) is another form of vulnerability that isn't anywhere near as lethal as +50%.

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