I started this topic in 3.5 forms hear http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=317443.

The squid will probably loosely be based on Remorhaz and thoqqua.
the idea I have now is that the squid produce intense heat in the top of there cone, the cone has a sharp hard point.

there will be a hive of these squid like a bee hive.
there will be workers/hunters small size creature they have about a 3 foot body and 5 foot tentacles.
soldiers medium size creatures they have a 6 foot body and 10 foot tentacles.
guardians large creatures with a body about a 10 foot body and 15 foot tentacles.
Royal guardians huge size 20 foot body and 30 foot tentacles.
queen colossus creature 80 foot body and 160 foot tentacles.

workers and soldiers typically launch out of the snow or ice and stab there targets with there spear like point dealing piercing and fire damage or attempt a grapple and when successful get a free bite attack and constrict damage.

gaudiness types and the queen get to make 10 melee attacks, have reach equal to tentacle length, each tentacle has it's own HP equal to 1/10th that of the monster. they can regenerate tentacles that have been severed given some time. on a successful melee attack a tentacle can make a grapple check , on a successful grapple check a creature two sizes to small is grabbed and the squid will then on the next round make a bite attack. while grappled creatures suffer constrict and fire damage.

I have never tried to do anything like this. I have played a lot with templates and such but never created anything like this.