Warning: wordy feats.
Sylvan Pact[binder]
You can invoke the power of Eurynome to convince an animal to do your bidding.
Prerequisite: ability to bind Eurynome
Benefit: Once per day, you may make a Sylvan Pact. Doing so requires that you draw a modified verison of Eurynome's seal(essentially an enlarged version of the starburst pattern on the left of the normal seal), and make a binding check against her DC(21). Failure on the binding check means that it works, but you fall under Eurynome's influence and must show her sign. A Sylvan Pact does not grant any abilities, but instead allows you to propose a course of action with an attendant reward to all animals nearby. You may offer any reward, including rewards that will be provied by somebody else(the other person knows what the reward is and that it will benefit you if they provide it), but the animals are aware if you can provide it, if you truely intend to provide it, if you expect any third party to cooperate, and the level of danger you expect the task to entail. Possible tasks assignable with a Sylvan Pact include duplicating an animal messenger spell, attacking a specified creature(this task alerts every animal within range of your location and that of the target, which may attract predators), allowing the binder to ride it for a specified distance, finding a specified creature and leading it to you(the creature is instinctively aware that the animal is leading it to you), or fetching an item. An animal chooses to accept the Sylvan Pact or not as if it were a Neutral creature with an Intelligence score of 10 with all of it's previous experiences in life. An animal that has participated in a Sylvan Pact remembers this, and may be more willing to accept if it considered the outcome favorable. On the other hand, it might also betray you to anybody who casts speak with animals on it. The Sylvan Pact is communicated entirely empathicly, and does not require any speach on your part. If no animal accepts the Sylvan Pact, your daily use of it is not expended.

An example of a Sylvan Pact: Morden, the dwarf binder(described on page 16 of Tome of Magic), has been imprisoned based on false information provided by the Order of Seropaenes. His cell is guarded by a rather incompotent and cruel guard, who has fallen asleep with his keys on his belt. He offers a Sylvan Pact to some rats in his cell: if one of them steals the keys and brings them to him, he will murder the guard and place his corpse in the cell for them to devour.
The rats, with the knowledge and intelligence temporarily granted by the
Sylvan Pactmaking process, know that the guard's corpse will be removed from the cell before they can eat much of it, and therefore refuse. Morden then decides to offer the same task, but change the reward to a day's worth of trail rations that he had in the same place he had the chalk used to draw the special seal. Faced with this more immediate reward, one of the rats accepts and steals the keys.
Special: This feat should be considered to be a part of the Pact Magic chapter of Tome of Magic for the purpose of being taken as a bonus feat.

Channel the Otherworldly[binder]
Instead of binding a vestige, you can instead offer the place near your soul to a creature from another plane, if it shares some ideals with you.
Prerequisite: Ability to bind multiple vestiges at once, Knowledge(the planes) 5 ranks
Benefit: Choose one alignment component(either Neutral components are allowable) that you have. You may bind outsiders with that alignment component as a subtype. The outsider must be truely willing, and not controled or coerced into the pact(bribery or a promise to use the abilities they grant for a particular task is acceptable). The outsider must be present. Binding an outsider bears only a passing resemblence to binding a vestige. The binding check DC is equal to 15+the outsider's CHA modifier. Failure on the binding check means that you fail to bind the outsider and cannot attempt to do so again for another 24 hours. You cannot bind an outsider with Hit Dice higher than your Equivalent Binder Level. Rather than exerting an influence, a bound outsider may attempt to take control over your body by winning an opposed CHA check. If it wins, you may attempt to do likewise. New CHA checks may be made with a minimum of one hour between them. A special sign may be chosen by the DM, which you may show or reveal as you desire. Binding an outsider allows you to use the outsider's special abilities and special attacks, substituting your EBL for any level-dependent variables such as caster level, and using your own save DC for any abilities that allow a saving throw.

The process of binding an outsider is also different from binding a vestige. The binder draws a circle large enough to hold the outsider, then the outsider steps in and draws a design that they find pleasent(rather than a seal). If the binder successfully makes the binding check, the outsider's body vanishes and it's power and soul reside in the binder. This special pact lasts for 24 hours, and can only be ended if both parties choose to and the binder has the Expel Vestige feat. The outsider and the binder may communicate telepathicly for the duration of the pact.

Special: This feat should be considered to be a part of the Pact Magic chapter of Tome of Magic for the purpose of being taken as a bonus feat.

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