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    Question Warshaper....kinda

    Ok so my Dm has asked me to come up with a PRC that my druid might take. The only one I was semi interested in was Warshaper. However, I don't want to lose spell casting.

    So currently this is kinda what I came up, but having never made a PRC not sure if this is too over powered.

    Lvl BAB F R W Ability Spell casting
    1 +0 2 0 0 Wildshape, Morphic weapons +1 to spell casting lvl
    2 +1 3 1 1 Animal companion, Morphic Body ---------
    3 +1 3 1 1 +1 to spell casting lvl
    4 +2 4 1 1 Morphic Reach -----------
    5 +2 4 1 1 Morphic Healing +1 to spellcasting lvl

    The wildshape will allow druid wildshape to stack with "warshaper" level.
    Morphic weapons is the same as the orginal warshaper
    Animal companion allows levels to stack again for determining bonuses for the companion
    Morphic reach and morphic healing are the same as the original warshaper.

    I thought this was ok with the drop of BAB and the loss of some of warshaper abilities, and also with not full spell casting. My Dm is thinking it over, but I would like your opinion and possible suggestions. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Warshaper....kinda

    Have you looked at the Master of Many Forms PrC?

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    Default Re: Warshaper....kinda

    I had seen that and while intriguing, I can't bring myself to waste two feat to get into it. Also it has zero progression of casting for 10 levels.
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    Default Re: Warshaper....kinda

    Firstly, tables will make this nicer. Or at least don't include BAB and stuff with your list of class features because it looks confusing.

    Looking at your class features, this doesn't seem good for the druid. I'm pretty sure Morphic Reach and Morphic Body don't work with wildshape (though the +HP from Constitution will stick around) since it's based on statblock-replacement. Maybe I'm wrong about this, though.

    Right now the class doesn't seem as strong as just going straight druid, but it's definitely stronger than the original warshaper class.
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    Default Re: Warshaper....kinda

    {table]Lvl|BAB|Fort|Ref|Will|Ability|Spell casting
    1|+0|+2|+0|+0|Wildshape, Morphic weapons|+1 to spell casting lvl
    2|+1|+3|+1|+1|Animal companion, Morphic Body|-
    3|+1|+3|+1|+1|-|+1 to spell casting lvl
    4|+2|+4|+1|+1|Morphic Reach|-
    5|+2|+4|+1|+1|Morphic Healing|+1 to spellcasting lvl[/table]

    Here you go.
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    Default Re: Warshaper....kinda

    The conventional wisdom is that for Druids, the only PrC better than more levels in Druid is Planar Shepherd.
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    Default Re: Warshaper....kinda

    You guys are aware that you're not required to take more than one level in a prestige class, right? Taking a single level in warshaper has slightly delayed animal companion progression as its only cost, and in return you get crazy warshaper natural weapon powers. That seems really powerful to me. Like, better than straight druid, and straight druid is obviously the best. I'd probably either shift the casting progression so you can't do the weird dip thing, or better yet add in a feat tax. This ability isn't that great if you need a feat for it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arbane View Post
    The conventional wisdom is that for Druids, the only PrC better than more levels in Druid is Planar Shepherd.
    Also moonspeaker, and lion of talisid approximately breaks even.
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    Default Re: Warshaper....kinda

    I'd bump the BAB up to medium, and drop the animal companion advancement. There's literally no reason to have it-- 3/5 casting and full wildshape advancement is more than enough. (Heck, the original class was often worth it when it didn't advance even wildshape)

    Oh, and MoMF goes best with Wildshape Ranger, which doesn't care about casting and gets Endurance for free. So that's what that's for. But really, you're still a crazy-good character with just the shapeshifting it gives you. A few levels of druid casting is just icing on the cake.
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