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Thread: hexblade spells

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    Default hexblade spells

    Need help deciding on levels for these spells, inspired by the greatest villain of all time.

    Dark Voice (V)
    Target: Self
    The hexblade's voice inspires fear in those who hears it for 1 minute/level, suffering -1 to will saves and a -1 to AC and attack rolls (morale "bonus")

    Insidious Voice (V)
    Target: Self
    As dark voice, but -4 to will saves, AC and attack rolls

    Crushing Grasp (S)
    Target: One opponent
    At a range of 30 feet, a character must make a will save each round or take 1d3 CON ability damage. This spell lasts as long as the hexbalde concentrates. The target takes a new will save each time.

    Redav's Hand (S) (M)
    Target: Self
    Any non-magic projectile is blocked for 1 round/3 levels, so long as the caster has a free hand. Component: A small piece of black leather

    We are blood (V)
    Target: One opponent & any relatives within hearing range
    The target(s) takes -10 to hit you until they succedd in causing you damage through weapons. They believe you are a relative of your choice.

    The time has come (M) (V)
    One 100ft cube. Caster and designated opponent must be within the cube
    The caster designates one opponent in the cube. The two are drawn together (i.e. neither can make a move that will increase the distance between them by more than 20ft voluntarily) and no other creatures within the area can attack either the caster or his target
    Component: A glove or small flag

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    Default Re: hexblade spells

    And here I thought all hexblades played the tormented emo-anti-hero...

    just kidding (thats seriously how I've seen hexblades played), but those sound pretty good; morale rather than damage is the way to go, and it's good to see the hexblade get some USEFUL spells..

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    Default Re: hexblade spells

    <b>and</b> you can now go "Thog, I am your father"

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