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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    I don't normally shoutout to crowdfunding stuff, but Lab Zero, the guys who made the fantastic Skullgirls fighting game need some help with the last push for their next game: Indivisible.

    The game is currently budgeted to be 3.5mil, of which the publisher, 505 games, will front 2mil if Lab Zero can make up 1.5mil. They managed to get 955000 and were able to get the extension, but they still need help.

    There is currently a free playable prototype/proof of concept showcasing four characters (Ajna our protagonist, the archer Zebei, Tungar the swordsman and Razmi the WaifuShamaness), the metroidvania style level design & platforming and combat with several enemy types: from a goofy looking ricebowl, to what seems to be a flying head and organs to mayan-themed moblin/orcs and a boss that wouldn't look out of place rendered alongside the angels in bayonetta. And a hidden boss so hideously devious your mind would shatter

    Combat is interesting as each character in your four-person party is mapped to one of the face buttons, and tapping a button will make the corresponding character attack when their Final Fantasy-esque ATB meter fills up.

    directional inputs allow you to alter how your characters attacks, similar to how in Smash Brothers your Up, Down and neutral attacks all have different functions, so when Ajna uses her Down Attack while equipped with the axe it launches an enemy in the air, while the same Down Attack will cause the Shamaness Razmi to use a turn slowing debuff on the enemy.

    Chaining longer attacks between characters allows you to build up Iddhi, equivalent to a fighting game special meter, faster. Up to 3 levels of Iddhi is shared among the party and is used both for special attacks (from attack to healing) and defense (yes, this is your block resource). after a fight is over, your leftover Iddhi converts to healing.

    combat is a mix of chaining combos to get your Iddhi up then managing it's use between offensive and defensive uses, in addition to using individual character abilities when appropriate.

    As it uses a somewhat-realtime combat engine you can't just sit on your laurels between attacks, and it can admittingly get confusing when you first try it as you control 4 characters at once, but after a few rounds of combat with the full cast of characters, it becomes rather fluid.

    also: when multiple enemies are on screen you can switch between them to decide who you want to focus on, as there are a few instances of encounters with some trash enemies you'll want to clear away first so you can focus on the stronger ones unimpeded.

    platforming is handled in traditional X/Y plane and Ajna can run, jump and do a wall jump all at a very comfortable pace. Once you get the Axe you can use it to "climb" up vertical surfaces without requiring two opposing walls, though the wall jump is likely faster if available. It can take a bit of getting used to, but it's currently classic, if simplistic platforming with some interesting use of metroidvania backtracking once areas become more accessible later on

    all done in Lab Zero's unique style with fluid moving 2d sprites, beautiful backgrounds and all set to music by Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta.

    Give it a try and if you feel up to it, throw some money their way.
    Spoiler: not mockups, actual images of the prototype's gameplay

    The start screen/first area

    More location

    Platform inside the dungeon

    Two screencaps of battles

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    Ignotus Peverell avatar made by the great Bradakhan.

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    CONSORTIUM: The Tower is the sequel to CONSORTIUM, which I haven't actually finished yet, but so far it's very cool and the sequel looks even better. Described by the developers as "the original Deus Ex combined with Die Hard."

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    Default MOBA WARS - Board Game // February 14h kickstarter


    We will use this thread to update everyone about MOBA WARS, the new MOBA style (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) boardgame (obviously it's not online^^) in which you can recreate epic battles between two sides, fighting to destroy the enemy's power core.

    MOBA WARS will be available on kickstarter February 14th (time to be determined).
    We will be updating on this forum, all kind of information.

    (We will add a direct link to our kickstarter the moment it is launched)

    Cover (Beta):

    Now, let's get down to buisness...

    How is MOBA WARS born?

    MOBA WARS comes from the idea to build a “bridge” between two gaming worlds, computer/console games and board games. We think that the wargame and board game community is becoming increasingly scattered, and despite the new and great games that the market has to offer, a community cannot be consolidated with a game/system that brings together the majority of the sector.

    We believe that great part of this situation is given by the new tendencies, as times are changing and we have to adapt to such changes. Nowadays, the digital era is not a myth, it's a fact. But as famous clothing fashions or good music come back and adapts to modern times, board games and wargames can also do so, in the same way, as mentioned before, bell-bottomed trousers or good rock resurface and set a trend.

    This is why we have chosen the new branch of videogames, already recognized as sport and with an exponential growth of participants and followers all over the world, E-SPORTS, where we will focus on the main branch, MOBAs. Over 100 million players in 2015.

    What novelties can MOBA WARS offer in regards to other board games?

    MOBA WARS offers an attractive game system focused on attracting a new, young audience. If we analyse patterns of such successful games as DOTA 2, SMITE, League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm, we can observe that they are games with a similar length, from 20 to 60 minutes. They are very smooth games, with a high tactical factor condensed in a group of “heroes” that directs very few people per team (1 hero – 1 person).

    En MOBA WARS we understand that to maintain the essence of having two reduced teams of people for the same game is a plus. For this purpose we have developed an easy and full of rules and mechanics system to create games for 2 to 10 people.

    The great difference from the other board games on the market are the mechanics included in MOBA WARS, that allow a fast learning of the game, infinite tactical possibilities and make you feel that you are really playing a MOBA videogame on a boardgame.

    We can say, that the main novelty of MOBA WARS regarding of other board games, is that all the game development is focused on adapting to the new gaming trends and offering an alternative a 100% compatible with them.

    You have mentioned “game modes”, will there be more game modes in the future?

    Of course, not only there will be, but we have already worked on several of them. We will include them completely for free on our web. As well as any kind of necessary update.

    As this question has came up, we also have to say, that we have already prepared an update system that will have no cost at all for MOBA WARS players and reward in some way those who get involved in the competitive community.

    At all official events, organized by us or shops, or collaborating clubs, apart from offering prizes, we want to contribute with these updates, as for example, if a hero has to change because the latest goal has unbalanced him, in addition to including the new hero card, printed on high quality cardboard, we will include it with no cost in future copies of the basic game, regardless of if the hero belongs or not to the initial pack. On top of that all official tournament participants will be given a copy of that hero card.

    In which languages will the game be available in?

    Initially the game will be available in English and in Spanish.

    The game seems fairly large... Can you point out what will be included in the basic game and it's measurements?

    Images of the prototype on which testing has been carried out:

    MOBA WARS will be available on kickstarter in different packs:

    The Basic Pack, with which you can play the whole game, as we have mentioned for 2 to 10 players, will consist of:
    x1 hard cardboard, totally detailed and coloured gameboard with its 4 trapezoidal complements, where attributes/miniature administration, “street” and turn administration, gold reserve are placed. Also a space dedicated to place the five hero tokens chosen for each side during each game.

    (The measuements of the fully laid out game is approximately 110cm x 80cm)

    x19 custom dice

    x79 miniatures in die-cut hard, high quality cardboard, full colour and each one with it's own base.

    x40 gold nugget tokens die-cut hard, high quality cardboard, full colour

    x20 State tokens die-cut hard, high quality cardboard, full colour

    x2 area templates die-cut hard, high quality cardboard, full colour

    x1 High quality paper rule book with coloured illustrations.

    Can you point out how you're going to structure MOBA WARS sales?

    In addition, an upgrade premium pack will be included in a second kickstarter campaign to complete it (after completing the first one) and transform the die-cut cardboard tokens into proper 3D miniatures. (We have chosen this system so we can make MOBA WARS more affordable for everyone without additional costs. In this manner, if you like the game, in future you can acquire the miniatures. Furthermore, with this system, we can manufacture the game in half the time).

    Another bonus we will provide is that all backers of the basic pack from the first kickstarter will have an additional 5€ discount, applicable even on the sales of the next kickstarter (miniatures pack).

    Also, with this system, we can offer a larger amount of heroes and “SG”, being able to provide a much more complete game, with more variety and an exponential competitive/tactical capacity.

    Regarding the competitive field and our collaborations with shops and clubs we want to point out that we will have a direct commitment with them, as without this commitment and support, the community would not grow.

    One of our goals, as we have mentioned before, is to achieve a solid community. So to back our words up, we announce already that once the campaign is funded, this same year, we will hold the first national MOBA WARS tournament, with cash prizes over 1000€. Also, all backers of the first kickstarter campaign who acquire their basic pack will have a free participation ticket. The capacity will be limited somewhere between 200 and 500 spots, depending on the campaign itself, as the prizes.

    This is all very, very good. It seems like a huge game, is it going to be very expensive?

    Definitely not. With the system we're going to carry out, we can offer MOBA WARS, although it is a fairly big game, for a very economical price. The Basic Pack will cost somewhere around 60-70€ (to be yet determined, just a few details to be polished, but the first 500 copies will enjoy an exclusive discount).
    So despite it being very complete and the quantity of high quality elements that MOBA WARS will include, you can rest at ease that our commitment is to offer it in the most affordable way possible.

    I'm interested in knowing more about production. Could you explain a little more how the miniatures and illustrations are going to be like?

    Of course. Right now we have made several betas and the style we are going to use. During the launch and during the campaign, you will see many graphic improvements. Here are some examples of the illustrations and miniatures.
    Baloh, Chaos Buffoon:
    Shooter Minion:

    If I really, really liked it, could I get a board like that one? With 3D mountains?

    It was one of our goals we had in mind for a quite far future, but due to the tremendous interest people are having in MOBA WARS, we have decided to accelerate the process to offer all we have. For this, we want to set and planned a possible third kickstarter. This is, if we manage to fund MOBA WARS and upgrade with miniatures, y will create an affordable and transportable map for you. Furthermore, we have spoken with a painting studio the possibility of working with us as one of our official collaborators and offer you a painting service (for avid collectors) at very economical prices for a tremendous quality.

    We are aware that all this process needs a main ingredient, you. We truly thank you for passing this project on to your friends and family, and for this, although we repeat ourselves, we forever thank you.

    Our twitter:
    Our web:
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    Default Re: MOBA WARS - Board Game // February 14h kickstarter

    Three pages of description, couldn't find any "gameplay", which is arguably the main reason why one would buy a game.

    Having an idea of how the game is structured, mechanics, turns, etc. might give indication.

    Also, don't link a website if it's not even remotely complete.
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    Quote Originally Posted by actual quote from this forum
    So yeah. your wrong.
    Check out Camp Archimedes, a (slightly homebrew) mercenary camp full of interesting units. A great addition to any campaign (in my very biased opinion)

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    Default Re: MOBA WARS - Board Game // February 14h kickstarter

    Quote Originally Posted by Gandariel View Post
    Three pages of description, couldn't find any "gameplay", which is arguably the main reason why one would buy a game.

    Having an idea of how the game is structured, mechanics, turns, etc. might give indication.

    Also, don't link a website if it's not even remotely complete.
    Greetings Gandariel:

    I uploaded a thread to begin to explain some WARS MOBA. Soon it will be the English website with content.

    In a few days we got an explanatory video about the game.

    There are still twelve days to implement.

    At the beginning of the campaign in Kickstarter will be detailed information on all MOBA WARS.

    We appreciate your interest.

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    Codex is a hybrid of CCGs and deckbuilding that's designed as a game-in-a-box with an entire CCG's worth of replayability, customization, and experimentation. There's a lot of inspiration from RTS games (especially Warcraft 3), because you slowly "tech" upgraded units into your deck (a la Dominion) and try to destroy your opponent's base.

    There's a lot of really cool mechanics to the game that I like immensely, such as an asynchronous element that lets you set up hard decisions for your opponent, similarly to Hearthstone but (in my opinion) even more interesting. The CCG customization element kicks in when you assemble your Codex: instead of building a deck, you choose a selection of cards that you'll be able to add to your deck during the game. You get to customize which aspects of the game you want to build towards, but you can leave yourself enough options that you won't be helpless against your opponent.

    Spoiler: How the Game Works (big image)

    There's a bunch of articles about the game on the official site, and there's also spoilers for some of the cards--right now, a bunch of Red cards have been spoilered, plus a few of the Green cards.

    Currently, there's pledge levels for a Starter set (two single-hero Codexes that let you get a feel for the game), a Core set (two three-hero Codexes, although you can also mix-and-match these heroes and also swap in the ones from the Starter Set), and a Deluxe set (currently the Starter set + the Core set + the Blue factions + the Black factions). Of course, each level also has a few physical bits and bobs to help play the game--the stuff in the Core and Deluxe sets honestly rivals Fantasy Flight, from what I can see! There's also stretch goals to add the White and Purple factions to the Deluxe set.

    It's probably the coolest spin on CCGs I've ever seen.
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    Unless everyone's been lying to me and the next bunch of episodes are The Great Divide II, The Great Divide III, Return to the Great Divide, and Bride of the Great Divide, in which case I hate you all and I'm never touching Avatar again.

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    Default The MOST REVIEWED game on Kickstarter is fully funded! And only ONE WEEK LEFT!

    Hi everyone, I love being a part of this community. I want to share with you that my new game A.D.A.P.T., with 23 professional reviews, is now funded on Kickstarter and unlocking stretch goals and I hope you receive it well.

    Please take a look, let me know what you think, and back it today.

    A.D.A.P.T. is a card and dice game for 2-3 players, with stunning art, and fascinating new game mechanisms. A.D.A.P.T includes 3 sets of GKG exclusive Halfsies Dice.

    "I was a little leary But when I got to play it, yes, it was a lot of fun.
    The way they put this game together is pretty awesome."
    -NVS Gameplays

    In A.D.A.P.T. players start by choosing 1 of three guppies along with their color matching dice set...

    "This die is one of my favorite I currently have in my collection!" -Cloak & Meeple

    ...from there they must Adapt new bodies and parts, upgrading their fish, their stats, and their abilities as they go...

    "A.D.A.P.T. is a rather fun and clever card game that has some interesting aspects to explore. You’ll enjoy building some of the freakiest creations this side of Pripyat. A.D.A.P.T. is a tense back and forth tug of war battle with some surprising depth." - Club Fantasci

    Finally battling to the death to become "the last Masterfish in the sea".

    "This is the game some of my players were hoping for when they playtested Evolution.
    Personally, I like ADAPT better than Evolution."
    -Game Theory

    Finally, were offering "UFRST" worldwide flat rate shipping.

    That means free to USA and $7 to everywhere else, no matter where you live, how many copies you order, or how many bonus packs you add to your pledge.

    I really like the streamlined stretch goals... -Hillary, Current Backer

    Thanks a lot for reading!
    I hope to see you on Kickstarter.

    Remember, this is our LAST WEEK so it's your Last Chance to back!

    Thanks again fellow Giants!

    John Wrot!

    58 Unique Body and Fish cards (no 2 are the same, every card has unique art)
    3 Player Aids
    3 Player Mats
    3 Sets of Halfsies Dice (21 total dice with standard numbering)
    1 Rule sheet
    1 Thicker than usual box to hold it all (keeps cards and dice safely separate)

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    d6 The smallest titanium dice on Kickstarter!


    Just wanted to announce that i have created a super tiny gaming dice which is made from titanium. It is probably the smallest precision dice available and the project is now live on Kickstarter. You can check it out on Kickstarter - it is called CUBi DICE.


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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    JourneyQuest season 3 is being kickstarted:

    For those who haven't seen the early seasons it's a hilarious spoof on a group of adventurers getting involved in things way above their head.

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeon is on kickstarter right now. It's looking absolutely awesome, and the number of cards coming from the stretch goals is rivaling the number that will actually come out in the new expansion.

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    This is it, friends, the time has come!
    The Kickstarter campaign for my game company, Hack and Slash Games, has launched!

    Click here to check it out: Ophidian 2360 Survial of the Fittest!

    Awesome relaunch of the original Ophidian 2350 CCG - Now in an LCG format, fully compatible with the original game (add to existing cards) or playable as a stand alone! Game mechanics include a "momentum" based play that eliminates traditional turns and replaces them with combos and the ability to combine both cards and actions to make for more realistic combat simulations. Uses timing, resource management, and card placement as well as (optional) deck building to make a challenging game that has high replay ability. For more info check out or and search for Ophidian 2360 Survival of The Fittest.

    Ophidian 2360: Survival of the Fittest is both a stand-alone game and an expansion, and can either be played by itself or with Ophidian 2350. It is a sequel game to the original Ophidian – as it contains the same core gameplay but adds all-new Gladiators, Minions and Pumps - 13 years later! All of this is accompanied by some of the original artists AND all new artists bringing this game to life in spectacular fashion.

    Do you like:
    ►Strategic Gameplay that offers Multiple Choices at nearly every stage of the game
    ►Gritty combat theme
    ►Top-quality cards with Beautiful and Compelling Artwork
    ►Non-Collectible games with customizable decks that play like boardgames
    This is probably the perfect 2-4-player strategy game for you!

    Why back us?

    ● Improved Quality: We're printing at Cartamundi with some of the best quality card stock and materials!
    ● Incredible Gameplay: Ophidian features some of the most original and engaging gameplay on the market!
    ● Player Skill: Do you like competition, where the player's skill is a major determining factor in your odds of winning?
    ● Unique Stretch Goals: Your contributions will make the game better for everyone... more cards and... more!

    Not allowed to post links yet, sorry.

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    Well, looks like Ghostbusters: The Board Game, was a success, since now we have Ghostbusters The Board Game II coming. Already made some good stretch goals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerd-o-rama View Post
    Star Wars canon is one of those things where people have started to realize that the guys in charge are so far off their rockers that it's probably for the best to ignore them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Triscuitable View Post


    Quote Originally Posted by Maxios View Post

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    Looking like the game "Nekro" that was Kickstarted a couple of years ago is imploding. Le sigh. I just had a look at my Kickstarter history, and it seems I've backed 18 game kickstarters. Of those, 7 aren't finished yet (which means the likes of the Mandate, Maia and Star Citizen are way delayed past their original posted release dates), three were horribly disappointing for various reasons (Elite: Dangerous, Carmageddon: Reincarnation and Broken Age), and Nekro will now likely never appear. On the plus side, Wasteland 2, The Banner Saga, Shadowrun (both Returns and Hong Kong), Pillars of Eternity, Divinity: Original Sin and Sunless Sea were all pretty darned good.

    Definitely will think more than twice about backing another game Kickstarter unless it's from a company that has already shown they can deliver the goods, though.

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    I just saw this really cool card game on Kickstarter. It's called Town of Salem - The Card Game. It is made by an indie company(always love supporting small teams :D) and they have an online game that they are adapting into a card game version. It is a new take on the party games Werewolf and Mafia that is themed in the Salem Witch Trials. It is really awesome looking actually and I have played the online game as well. Just wanted to share something awesome I stumbled upon :)

    Here is a link to their Kickstarter if you want to check it out:

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    Haven't seen anyone talking about this:

    Chronicles of Elyria is intended to be a sandbox MMORPG based around giving players control of the story through multiple generations of their family line. I think it looks pretty neat.

    They've made their original goal and are going for stretch goals now, but seeing as the stretch goal I really want is $250k away... >.>

    Also my friend code for the CoE forum is F6BF97. But shh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by archaeo View Post
    Man, this is just one of those things you see and realize, "I live in a weird and banal future."

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    Victory Point Games is crowdfunding a second edition of Darkest Night. For those who aren't familiar, Darkest Night is a fantastic (and fantastically difficult) fully cooperative board game for one to four (five in a pinch) players in which the players play the last heroes of a kingdom in which evil has already won and overrun the land in darkness. It's one of those few board games that I am always down for playing. It's more for everyone else's sake than for mine that I post this, since it's already funded, but this is a game that every group of D&D geeks should have in their group. Also, I would love to hit some more stretch goals.
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    smile Scarab - Starship Map Poster & Miniature

    "Scarab" is the latest Armada Codex poster and miniature combo available on Kickstarter.

    The poster is 24x36 inches, full color, double sided, with a 1 inch grid built into the art.
    The miniature is hand cast resin, unpainted, and includes a flight stand.

    Please stop by for more information, images, and links to the campaign.
    Future Armada : miniature-scale starship deckplans

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    The Darkest Night Kickstarter has three days remaining. A week ago when pledging stalled, VPG announced that they were unlocking all the gameplay-related stretch goals and spending the funding on Kickstarter fulfillment; they will not do a large enough print run to distribute the game outside of Kickstarter (unless they get enough in the last days to hit their original targets, one presumes). So if you want in on this game, this is your only chance. I reiterate I can't recommend it enough.
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    Default Massive Darkness

    This new CMON project has more then just zombies. For $120 you're getting a DMless dungeon crawl board game. Oh did I forget to mention it also comes with over 148 miniatures and counting so far!

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    Default VR Dungeoneering as it should be.

    Beautiful crowfunding project that aims to bring multiplayer VR dungeon exploring to the masses.

    The promise of virtual reality has finally been realized, and exploring a dungeon in virtual reality is everything you dreamed it could be. The first time you put up your sword to block the blow of an attacking orc, and it feels as real as life, you know that there is no going back to the dice rolls of table-top gaming or the controller clicking of video gaming.

    There is a hugely important element missing from current virtual reality role playing options, however, and that is your party, your questing buddies, your ka-tet. It's a lonely world without them, and when you're being overwhelmed by a horde of undead skeletons and you hear the battle cry of your friend as he hacks his way in and saves you, you know there is no going without them.

    We also cannot forget the crucial role played by the game master, the creator of worlds, the dungeon lord, the spawner of monsters, the voice of NPCs. A static world is just that, static, without the game master there to pull the strings and breathe life to the monsters and NPCs.

    The game will be available to be played INDISTINCTLY whether in PC or mobile, and you will be able to play with your friends no matter the version they use!!

    It can be played in PC with either HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.
    In mobile it can be played with a Google Cardboard compatible headset. It plans to support Google Daydream .

    Create your character, then join with your friends, or get matched with other players at the same experience level as your character, and play a quest together. A quest may be a one-off or may be part of a larger campaign that you can work through, slowly leveling up your character so that you can take on harder and harder quests.

    Spoiler: For game masters
    The map builder can be used in two ways, either as a traditional desktop top-down map editor, using the mouse to create rooms and place items and monsters, or you can build the quest around you in virtual reality, walking around the dungeon creating rooms, and placing items and monsters. A simple trigger system will allow you to add logic to your quests.

    For those who like to create story-rich worlds, you can string quests together into campaigns, where players have to complete each quest to progress.

    If you are joining the quests with your players you can control all aspects of your quests as they are playing, including spawning items and monsters. You can even control your NPCs and monsters in real-time, acting with your motion controllers and voicing your NPCs.

    Spoiler: Playing and moving around

    With headsets that support room-scale, like the HTC Vive, you can walk around the room as normal for close range exploration and combat, and for moving outside of the area you have available you can teleport by pointing your motion controller at your destination and pushing a button, much like you can on most current Vive games that support exploration.

    For headsets with no positional support, like Google Cardboard, you can use two other phones as your motion controllers, networked over wifi to give their orientation and acceleration, much like Wii Motion Plus controllers. With these you can wield your weapons and shield, and also point to a location to teleport. Your old cracked-screen phones finally have a purpose. You may also optionally enable touching a button on of one of your hand controllers to move forward if you happen to be immune to motion sickness.

    Why Teleport?

    After trying a number of locomotion options teleport feels the most natural and offers the least possibility of motion sickness. It has been adopted by most room-scale virtual reality games. We will keep our eyes open for better options. Positional tracking for phones is on the horizon and we'll be sure to implement that technology as soon as it is available.

    How will it look when other players teleport?

    You will see a streak of color from their origin to their destination. Each player will display as a different color when teleporting.

    Spoiler: What will be the default storyline be?

    Mythica is a series of five fantasy films created by Arrowstorm Entertainment. Each one has received successful funding on Kickstarter thanks to loyal and generous fans. We are excited to bring those fans the world of Mythica in a whole new way, and many other worlds, and to introduce Mythica to those who haven't yet heard of the films you can watch trailers for all the movies here.

    In addition to campaigns created by game masters, Mythica VR will include a story-rich campaign set in the world of Mythica, created by the screenwriters of the Mythica series and featuring the characters that you've come to love from the Mythica series.

    Spoiler: Will there be stats, and what ruleset will be used?

    We plan on minimizing things that take you out of the immersion of the VR experience. We don't want you to be thinking about stats while you're in the middle of a battle. The amazing thing about VR is that you actually have to get physically better to get better. When you're using your own arms and body movements to fight you actually have to get better at fighting.
    There will still be a character progression system based on experience points that determine your level, though this will be most useful for matching you with players of the same level and quests of the right level for your character.
    Your character will also progress through getting better weapons, armor, spells, etc. We believe that having the amount of damage you can deal to any enemy based on the effectiveness of the weapon itself is more viscerally rewarding for the player than having it be determined by some abstract stat on your character.

    Spoiler: Will this have mod support?

    We will definitely have mod support. You'll notice the stretch goal is another campaign set in an entirely different world. This could be a western steampunk world, a gothic horror world, etc. We're going to let the backers vote on it.
    We plan to implement a marketplace allowing users to sell environments, monsters, items, etc. to each other, or make them free if they so choose.
    We believe that this kind of game is one that excels when it is defined by the community that plays it. We are not a large team with a lot of developers and artists that are going to make the next Skyrim. We are primarily focused on making the base game and the tools so that you, and the rest of the community, can make awesome worlds and quests.

    Spoiler: The team has Kickstarted 5 movies and delivered all projects in time.

    We're a small group of independent filmmakers and game producers, and have been at it for about a decade. It's our full-time job, and every film and game we have made has received worldwide distribution.
    We do pretty much everything ourselves, from conception to financing to production to securing distribution. We love fantasy and science fiction and know there's others out there like us, who we aim to please. You can learn more about our philosophy and our projects at our website.
    And, we are proud to declare that Arrowstorm has delivered on every Kickstarter we have ever funded that has come due for delivery!

    Disclaimer: This is not my project, I'm just very exited for it. Rogan, the main Software Engineer it's very active in Reddit and of course in Kickstarter. Just tonight he hosted demo adventuring for youtubers and backers!!
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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    Complicated Board Game: The Card Game is a fun card game that I had the privilege to try out (it's fun). It needs a bit more money and is in its last 2.5 days.
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    Default Rebel Minis Dark Hold Goblin Adventures RPG Funded!

    Rebel Minis Dark Hold Goblin Adventures RPG Funded!

    Dark Hold Goblin Adventures is dedicated to the small groveling races which scratch out an existence in the dark catacombs through which other heroes stride like unto gods. Can you survive as one of a lost culture of Goblins living in the abandoned tombs of a long forgotten empire?
    Dark Hold Goblin Adventures is a Savage Worlds compatible sourcebook allowing players and game masters to run a campaign revolving around low level goblin characters.

    WOW! We are soo close to the next goal! Our Kickstarter is really moving! Thank you all for your support and Spread the word and Share please! Let's Keep Going!

    Since I can't post links,, Please search for us on Kickstarter! :)

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    Hi everyone!

    I'd like to interest you in a new Lovecraftian Adventure Game being in development for last 3 years, which now is looking for your support in a crowdfunding campaign to get released.
    It's "Lovecraft Tales episode 1" and it's based on "Whisperer in the darkness" novel by H.P. Lovecraft!
    It looks really great and I think it deserves some support from us to get released.

    You can contribute and download a free demo on this IndieGoGo page:

    Together we can fund the development of this great game (they ask only for 17000$), it costs almost nothing and we can make this happen!

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    Check out Temple Wars®: The World's First Fan-Funded Universe - Launching Monday 10/10/16

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    Youtube video kTLljRM8nhU

    Back From Hell - Upcoming CRPG Puzzle Adventure on Kickstarter 1st November

    Hello Giants, I've been working on a game for some time now and I would like to share it with you all.


    Back From Hell is an upcoming CRPG Puzzle-Adventure game set in two worlds: a 15th Century Spanish hilltop town and a journey to the depths of Hell and back again. The player in this photo-realistic 2.5D game will fight for the injustice his family has suffered, battling his way in the underworld, and taking decisions which could possibly lead to devastating consequences.

    In both worlds you will encounter a unique cast of fully voiced characters that bring the world of Back From Hell to life, all interactions and your subsequent decisions will have weight and impact. Conversations will be critical to solving many multiple first and third person puzzles and present the player with many difficult ethical choices as the game evolves. Back From Hell will also have a complex action RPG combat system, with multiple weapons and magical abilities to help you dispatch a wide array of enemies.

    Like Sierra's classic Quest for Glory series, Back From Hell merges classic computer role playing game mechanics with point and click adventure style puzzles and exploration. You'll face challenging environmental puzzles in the vein of MYST. Like Planescape: Torment and Age of Decadence the player interacts with NPCs in complex branching dialogue trees where every choice has consequences. Many quests and puzzles have multiple solutions which may affect the characters and game world and ultimately determine the player character's fate.


    Dialogue driven story that is full of complex characters, branching paths, unique locations, tough moral choices and multiple conclusions.

    A myriad of expansive environments to adventure in, explore and investigate

    Based both in the realms of the living and the dark depths of the afterlife

    First and third person elaborate puzzles that are both visually appealing and mentally taxing.

    Stat based combat system with multiple attacks, weapons and magic with a varied cast of enemies.

    Conflict resolution for the character - combat is not always the solution.

    Resource management, with a vast number of items to boost you in battle and objects to assist you along your journey.

    A highly detailed hand crafted art style reminiscent of classic adventure games.
    Full controller and keyboard support.

    The only log you will have is your own pen and paper, if you would like to complete the playing experience I would suggest a large bird feather and a bit of goatskin.

    Follow the project here

    backfromhellgame d o t c o m
    twitter @photoplaygames

    Thanks for taking a look
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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    Hi all,

    Myself and a few friends put together a classic computer RPG. It's packed with puns, funs, and nuns.

    As with all indie games, the graphics aren't amazing but if you're the type of person who prefers storyline and wit over graphics, then perhaps this game is for you.

    Anyhoo, there's a downloadable demo with about 3 hours of play time in it available at the kickstarter campaign. Even if you can't afford to pledge support, just spreading the word is still a huge help.

    Click here to go to the kickstarter campaign.

    I hope you like it, we had a lot of fun making it.

    The Gnomes.
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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    A friend and I have made some prototype pieces of Magic Lock modular Dungeon Terrain. They are looking great and should make a great product should we raise some money with this crowdfunding project.

    They lock together with magnets and we call it Magic Lock. Three standard parts make up most of what you need. With your backing we will make tooling to make production quantities of these and more parts.

    Check out what we have over on IndieGoGo, we think you will like it.

    No links for me so please seach "Magic Lock RPG" on the indiegogo main page.

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    Not sure how many people actually follow this thread... but anyway

    Dystopian Wars is having a Kickstarter to expand on the game. They are revising the rules (not a complete overhaul but making it easier to follow and fixing a few minor problems), putting out a new 2-player box, expanding the core nations, and probably going to add a new faction.

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    "Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous is a new 8-bit fantasy role-playing game for PC and C64 inspired by the classic RPGs of the 80's."

    This project by Stirring Dragon looks really nice, especially for those who loved the old Ultima games and other RPGs on the old 8bit computers/consoles. They're even making a Commodore 64 native version for people who still have one of those!

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