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    Default Troll Totem Warrior (3.5)

    The Troll Totem Warrior

    Most commonly found among barbarian tribes living in exceedingly harsh environments. The troll is sometimes considered a pinnacle of survivalists. Able to withstand harsher conditions than most could even tolerate for a short period. In battle a troll is terrifying, they loap across rough ground as though it were covered in peddles, and dash men into the surrounding rocks and ice as men might swat flies.

    Difficult to kill, refusing to die. Trolls.

    The troll totem barbarians mimic their abilities. Though usually they are tapping into their troll ancestry without realizing it.

    BAB +5
    Feats: Endurance, Diehard
    Special: The character must have the ability to enter a rage on itís own, either through a spell, spell like ability, exceptional ability, racial feature, or class feature.

    HD: D10

    Skills: The Troll Totem Warrior gains skills as a barbarian.

    2|+2|+3|+0|+0| Larger Than Life
    3|+3|+3|+1|+1| Damage Reduction
    4|+4|+4|+1|+1| Font of Fortitude
    5|+5|+4|+1|+1| Great Steps
    6|+6|+5|+2|+2| Stronger Than All
    7|+7|+5|+2|+2| Trollís Blood
    8|+8|+6|+2|+2| Regeneration
    9|+9|+6|+3|+3| Improved Great Steps
    10|+10|+7|+3|+3|Troll Blooded[/table]

    Rage: Levels in this class stack with levels of brbarian for the purposes of rage and itís benefits granted through Barbarian class levels.

    Larger Than Life: The Troll Totem Warrior counts as one size category larger than normal during rage, whenever doing so would be beneficial for him. This ability stacks with bonuses granted by feats, race or other class levels, but does not stack with the effects of spells or other sources.

    Damage Reduction: The Troll Totem Warrior gains damage reduction equal to half of itís levels in this class. This bonus stacks with bonuses from race, feats or other class levels, but does not stack with enhancements from spells or other sources.

    Font of Fortitude: During Rage the Troll Totem Warrior is immune to critical hits, non-lethal damage and other debilitating effects such as ability damage, sleep, hold person, paralysis, and slow.

    Great Steps: The Troll Totem Warrior treats all terrain as level and is unimpeded during a rage.

    Stronger than All: The Troll Totem Warrior is always considered one size category larger whenever doing so would be beneficial to him. This ability stacks with bonuses granted by feats, race or other class levels (Including bonuses granted by Larger than Life), but does not stack with the effects of spells or other sources.

    Trollís Blood: The Troll Totem Warrior permanently gains immunity to non-lethal damage, sleep effects, and the conditions: stunned, crippled, and dazed.

    Regeneration: The Troll Totem Warrior gains Fast healing equal to itís levels in this class during Rage. It also gains the ability to regrow and re-attach lost limbs, even while not raging. It also heals ability damage and drain at a rate of 1 per hour, this does not effect level drain or loss. The Troll Totem Warrior does not gain any of the other benefits of regeneration other than those described above. (For example, it does not convert any damage of any type into non-lethal damage, and still dies when it reaches negative ten hit points as normal.)

    Improved Great Steps: The Troll Totem Warrior always treats all surfaces as level ground, and cannot be impeded by terrain. (This does not effect areas of deep water, or water above the waist.)

    Troll Blooded: The Troll Totem Warrior is treated as having the Giant Type whenever doing so would be beneficial for him. This makes the Troll Totem Warrior immune to any spells or effects with Ďpersoní or Ďmonsterí in any situation in which those effects would not be beneficial to the character.
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