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    Default The Mad Scientist's Menagerie [Gramarie Creature Compendium]

    This thread will function as a compendium for all the templates, subtypes, and creatures created for the gramarie subsystem.

    There is the current Main Thread for Gramarie.

    Asura|Arcanist's Ultimate Warrior|Jerall?
    Basic BattleChassis|Mech with energy fists|-
    Crawler|Blue Eyed White Dragon Scout|-
    Doppelganger|Servant or Worker Android|-
    Knull-Unkellese|Walking Fiat|FH
    Leviathan|Living Spaceship|-
    Nordae Laboursuit|Lifter Mech|FH
    Greater Laboursuit|Bigger Lifter Mech|-
    Pededoloria Spider|Spiderman's Origin|-
    Pulser|Radiation Pulsing Plant|-
    Sculls|Gramarie Trolls|-
    Virtue|Living Chasity Belt|-
    Big Flying Thing|...Guess|-

    Milo's Grafts 1|MM1 <3

    Cora|Post-Calamity Humans with ancestral memory|FH
    Erina|Assimilating Tentacle Birds|FH
    Ferix|Giant Blind Snake Mermaids|FH
    Illirin|Imaginary Elves|NM
    Nalan|Post-Calamity Elves|NM
    Nordae|Time Infused Slave Warriors|FH
    Reshar|Techno-Organic Robots|FH
    Xendrik|Giant Psychic Spiders|FH

    Avatar|Sentience Behind the Planes|FH
    Gramarie Subtype|For Gramarie creatures|-
    Psychomantic Shadows|Shadows from Persona|FH
    Radiomantic|Radioactive Creatures|-

    Godking|The undisputed rulers of Jerall. While not truly Divine in nature, these entities are the closest things to Gods that Jerall will ever truly get.|Jerall
    Gramaric Creature|A creature of living Gramarie|-
    Half-Jerallian Dragon|The genetically modified spawn of a Jerallian Dragon. Only awarded to the most valorous of soldiers in the service of their God-King|Jerall
    Innovated Creature|Gramaric Template + Innovated Template|-
    Innovative Creature|Built in lesser Gramarist|-
    Radiomantic Ghoul|The after effects of a creature surviving a radiomantic explosion, that "lived" to tell about it|-
    Tainted Creature|Radiation poisoned individuals|-
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