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    Default Regeneration and...

    I have a question.

    My players are going off against a band of trolls, and I realized I don't really understand how regeneration works.

    Are creatures with Regeneration vulnerable to sneak attacks? How about poison? Can an assassin's death attack kill one?

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    Default Re: Regeneration and...

    Creatures with regeneration are vulnerable to sneak attacks, just remember that all damage taken is converted to non-lethal damage.

    Poisons that do not deal hit point damage ignore regeneration.

    And quoting from the srd: "An attack that can cause instant death only threatens the creature with death if it is delivered by weapons that deal it lethal damage", which is to say fire or acid for trolls.

    Check out the full by-the-book regeneration rules here.
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    Default Re: Regeneration and...

    Also note: the assasin's Death Attack can be used to paralyze them without any problem. (other than the fact that a troll has a +11 fortitude save and will probably beat the save DC without too much trouble).
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