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    Default Dragons of Oblivion

    My second entry in the Creatures of the Void, I bring you Oblivion Dragons. Deadly and incredibly, terrifyingly evil, Oblivion dragons are beings hunted down by the dragons of Creation and all other beings that wish to continue existing, Oblivion Dragons often do not live to see their adulthood, much less Wyrmdom. But those that do... well, you'll see.

    Oblivion Dragons

    Dragon (Void)
    Climate/terrain: The Void (Uncommon, can appear on other planes)
    Organization: Solitary (All ages)
    Treasure: Triple standard (No actual gold/ items) (See; Personality and physiology)
    Alignment: Always Neutral Evil
    Advancement: Wyrmling 8-10 HD, Very young 11-13 HD, Young 14-16 HD, Juvenile 17-19 HD, Young adult 20-22 HD, Adult 23-25 HD, Mature adult 26-28 HD, Old 29-31 HD, Very old 32-34 HD, Ancient 35-37 HD, Wyrm 38-40 HD, Great wyrm 41+ HD
    Challenge rating: Wyrmling 5, Very young 6, Young 8, Juvenile 11, Young adult 13, Adult 17, Mature adult 19, Old 22, Very old 24, Ancient 25, Wyrm 26, Great wyrm 29

    {table=head]Age category | Size | Hit dice | Str | Dex | Con | Int | Wis | Cha | BAB/ Grapple | Attack | Fort | Ref | Will | Breath weapon (DC) | Frightful presence | SR
    Wyrmling | M | 8d12+16 (64) | 14 | 10 | 14 | 12 | 14 | 12 | +8/+10 | +10 | +8 | +6 | +8 | 2d8 (16) | 16 | 8
    Very young | M | 11d12+33 (99) | 16 | 10 | 16 | 12 | 14 | 14 | +11/+14 | +14 | +10 | +7 | +9 | 4d8 (18) | 19 | 11
    Young | L | 14d12+42 (124) | 18 | 10 | 16 | 14 | 16 | 14 | +14/+22 | +17 | +12 | +9 | +12 | 6d8 (20) | 22 | 14
    Juvenile | L | 17d12+85 (199) | 20 | 10 | 20 | 14 | 16 | 16 | +17/+26 | +21 | +15 | +10 | +13 | 8d8 (23) | 25 | 17
    Young Adult | H | 20d12+100 (220) | 22 | 10 | 22 | 14 | 16 | 16 | +20/+34 | +24 | +17 | +12 | +15 | 10d8 (25) | 28 | 20
    Adult | H | 23d12+138 (276) | 24 | 10 | 20 | 16 | 18 | 18 | +23/+38 | +28 | +19 | +13 | +17 | 12d8 (27) | 31 | 23
    Mature adult | G | 26d12+156 (338) | 26 | 10 | 22 | 16 | 18 | 18 | +26/+43 | +31 | +21 | +15 | +19 | 14d8 (29) | 34 | 26
    Old | G | 29d12+232 (406) | 28 | 10 | 26 | 16 | 18 | 20 | +29/+47 | +35 | +24 | +16 | +20 | 16d8 (32) | 37 | 29
    Very old | C | 32d12+256 (446) | 30 | 10 | 26 | 18 | 20 | 20 | +32/+54 | +38 | +26 | +18 | +23 | 18d8 (34) | 40 | 32
    Ancient | C | 35d12+315 (525) | 32 | 10 | 28 | 18 | 20 | 22 | +35/+62 | +42 | +28 | +19 | +24 | 20d8 (36) | 43 | 35
    Wyrm | C+ | 38d12+342 (570) | 34 | 10 | 28 | 20 | 22 | 22 | +38/+70 | +45 | +30 | +21 | +27 | 22d8 (38) | 46 | 38
    Great wyrm | C+ | 41d12+410 (656) | 36 | 10 | 30 | 20 | 22 | 24 | +41/+73 | +49 | +32 | +22 | +28 | 24d8 (40) | 49 | 41

    {table=head]Age category | Speed | Initiative | AC | Special abilities | CL
    Wyrmling | 60ft, Fly 60ft (average), Swim 60ft, Burrow 60ft | +0 | 17 (+7 Natural armor), 10 touch, 17 flat-footed | Breathless, Body of oblivion, Terrifying aspect | --
    Very young | 60ft, Fly 80ft (average), Swim 60ft, Burrow 60ft | +0 | 20 (+10 natural armor), 10 touch, 20 flat footed | Ray of Enfeeblement | --
    Young | 60ft, Fly 80ft (average), Swim 60ft, Burrow 60ft | +0 | 22 (-1 size, +13 natural armor) 9 touch, 22 flat footed | Vampiric touch | --
    Juvenile | 60ft, Fly 80ft (average), Swim 60ft, Burrow 60ft | +0 | 25 (-1 size, +16 natural armor), 9 touch, 25 flat footed | Ender's weapons | 1st
    Young adult | 60ft, Fly 80ft (average), Swim 60ft, Burrow 60ft | +0 | 27 (-2 size, +19 natural armor), 8 touch, 27 flat footed | DR 5/ +1 | 3rd
    Adult | 60ft, Fly 80ft (average), Swim 60ft, Burrow 60ft | +0 | 30 (-2 size, +22 natural armor), 8 touch, 30 flat footed | Soul breaker's maw, Chain lightning | 5th
    Mature adult | 60ft, Fly 80ft (average), Swim 60ft, Burrow 60ft | +0 | 32 (-3 size, +25 natural), 7 touch, 32 flat footed | DR 10/ +2 | 7th
    Old | 60ft, Fly 80ft (average), Swim 60ft, Burrow 60ft | +0 | 35 (-3 size, +28 natural), 7 touch, 35 flat footed | Aura of ruin, prismatic sphere | 9th
    Very old | 60ft, Fly 80ft (average), Swim 60ft, Burrow 60ft | +0 | 37 (-4 size, +31 natural armor), 6 touch, 37 flat footed | DR 15/ +3 | 11th
    Ancient | 60ft, Fly 80ft (average), Swim 60ft, Burrow 60ft | +0 | 40 (-4 size, +34 natural armor), 6 touch, 40 flat footed | -- | 13th
    Wyrm | 60ft, Fly 80ft (average), Swim 60ft, Burrow 60ft | +0 | 42 (-5 size, +37 natural armor), 5 touch, 42 flat footed | DR 20/ +4 | 15th
    Great wyrm | 60ft, Fly 80ft (average), Swim 60ft, Burrow 60ft | +0 | 45 (-5 size, +40 natural armor), 5 touch, 45 flat footed | Scream of Oblivion | 17th

    Breath weapon (su): The Oblivion dragon has two breath weapons. The first weapon deals disruption damage in d8's, allowing a saving throw for half damage. The second breath weapon deals fire damage in d6's, and ignites all creatures that are damaged by it. Creatures ignited by this breath take an additional 1d4 fire damage/ age category at the start of the Oblivion dragon's turn for the next ten rounds. If the oblivion dragon is slain before the duration ends then the fire goes out harmlessly. A reflex save is allowed on this second breath for half damage and to avoid ignition.

    Caster level: An Oblivion dragon of at least the young age category may begin to learn and cast spells as if it was a sorcerer of the marked level. They may prepare divine spells off of the cleric spell list. In a game that allows Psionics, the Oblivion dragon may instead learn powers, gain manifester levels and gains power points as if they are a Psion specialized in psychokenesis, using Charisma as their primary casting stat instead of intelligence.

    Fire immunity (ex): The Oblivion dragon, being a monster from beyond the time when all things burnt to nothing, is immune to all damage from any source of fire.

    Breathless (ex): Despite the Oblivion dragon being a living creature and possessing a breath attack, it does not actually need to breathe in any environment.

    Body of Oblivion (ex): Even as a wyrmling the Oblivion dragon has spell resistance equal to its hit dice, and can take the Awaken Spell Resistance feat at any time. As well, any character that strikes the Oblivion Dragon must make a reflex save DC (10+1/2 HD+Con modifier) or the weapon that strikes the dragon immediately takes 3 points of damage. Projectiles are immediately destroyed with no saving throw. Relics are allowed a fortitude save (DC 15, relic's saving throw is based on its users) to negate this effect.

    When the Oblivion Dragon strikes a creature with its breath weapon or natural weapons, that creature's armor and shield (if applicable) are dealt 2 points of damage. If it uses a sundering attack, then the damage from the sunder is increased by +2.

    If the Oblivion Dragon equips an item, it will absorb that item into itself completely, destroying it within 1 day/ enhancement level. Once destroyed, the item provides a permanent bonus and takes up the slot it had been equipped to, only removable by a "break enchantment" spell. If a destroyed item is removed in this manner, its magical essence fades from reality and the oblivion dragon is able to equip a new item in its place.

    Terrifying aspect (su): The Oblivion dragon gives off an aura of wrongness so strong that no creature can look upon it without involuntarily shuddering in fear. They have a frightful presence even as a wyrmling, and even creatures that are normally immune to mind or fear effects must roll a saving throw against it. Additionally, the DC of their frightful presence is increased by +1 for each age category of the Oblivion dragon.

    Ender's weapons (ex): Starting at the Juvenile category, all of the Oblivion dragon's natural weapons deal an extra 1d8 disruption damage for every 4 age categories the Oblivion dragon possesses. If an Oblivion dragon's natural attack or breath weapon kills a creature, that creature may only be resurrected by a True resurrection, Reincarnation, Miracle or Wish. All of its natural weapons count as Magical and Adamantine for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

    Soul breaker's maw (ex): An adult and older Oblivion dragon automatically gains the capability to swallow creatures whole, following the rules and mechanics for swallow whole. The oblivion dragon deals an extra 2d8 disruption damage per round to any creature it swallows, and if it kills a creature it has consumed it instantly destroys their soul. Only a Miracle or Wish can resurrect a creature that the Oblivion dragon has consumed.

    Aura of ruin (su): The once per day as a swift action for up to 1 round/ 4 HD, the dragon may manifest an aura that deals 4d6 disruption damage to all creatures within 20' of it at the beginning of each round, and deals 2 points of damage to all objects and items carried by the characters. Item damage may be negated by a successful fortitude save (DC 10+1/2HD+Con) This aura may be deactivated at will.

    Scream of Oblivion (su): Once per day, when an Oblivion dragon reaches the age of a great wyrm, it may release a soul-shattering scream that can slay armies. Creatures up to the Oblivion Dragon's hit dice must make a fortitude and will save (DC 15+1/2HD+Con modifier) or be instantly slain. Succeeding on one save or the other but not both results in the creature taking 22d6 disruption damage instead. Creatures that succeed on both saves only take 11d6 damage. If a creature has the Mettle feat, then they must succeed on both saves to negate all of the damage. Creatures killed by this scream may only be resurrected by a Wish or Miracle spell.

    Spell like abilities: At the proper age category the Oblivion dragon gains the following spells as spell like abilities. Ray of enfeeblement - 3/day, Vampiric touch - 3/day, Chain lightning - 3/day, Prismatic sphere 1/day. All DCs are Cha based.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________

    Appearance: The Oblivion dragon has literally no features, no eyes, no mouth, no scales, it appears to be the moving, darkness-filled outline of a real dragon. The air itself seems to crack and warp around them, and light funnels into their bodies, swallowed into an infinite, empty maw. Even on the Void, their blackness stands out and they seem to consume even the empty nothingness that dominates the majority of the plane. The mere sight of these creatures often drives the minds of mortals past the brink of sanity, and sometimes visions of the ends of all things follow in their wake.

    Personality: The Oblivion dragon is a cruel, cunning and incredibly dangerous creature, driven almost past the edge of sanity after witnessing the end of everything. Despite this, they tend to be charismatic and incredibly driving beings, capable of forcing the lesser mortals to listen to and believe in their cause, while never fully revealing what their cause entails. For the Oblivion dragon is a creature that seeks to bring about a final end to all things but itself, making them like unto a god if they get their way. While they will revel in what the mortal world has to offer, it is to them just a mere passing distraction, and the mortals that inhabit it are mere toys.

    Despite being genuinely and in fact openly evil beings, Oblivion dragons get along with just about anyone they meet. They are calm and self assured to the point that they just seem to project an aura of command, and even the strongest defenders of justice and hope can be brought low with just the simplest of phrases said at just the wrong time if they are spoken by these beasts. Add to this influence the ability to sew terror into the very essence of a foe, and the reason for the Oblivion Dragon's arrogance becomes obvious. Only the strongest willed foes are seen as dangerous to these ancient and alien creatures.

    Physiology: It's actually impossible to look into the Oblivion Dragons or their origins, their bodies don't technically exist, and if they are born from eggs, then they are born outside of time, space and reality. All that is known of them is that they exist, what can be observed of their eating habits, and what little information the Creation Dragons dole out.

    Oblivion Dragons consume everything around them, but it does nothing to help them grow or change. In fact, there is speculation that what they consume merely supports their wrong presence on the multiverse, using the energy stripped to force themselves where they do not belong. (As far as is known, the Oblivion Dragons are the only creature that can literally consume the Void and subsist on that alone, and it seems to sustain them just as perfectly as physical matter.) As such, the Ovlivion dragon does not grow or change once it appears in its chosen plane, though this lack of growth might just be from how swiftly they are usually hunted down by the Creation dragons and their allies.

    Though there has been a liberal use of the word "they", it is actually unknown what kind of numbers the Oblivion dragons possess, or even if there is more than just a single one of these terrifying beings, as there has never been more than a single one in existence at any time. Not on any plane, not on any planet, not in any alternate timeline. There has only been... one. Whether this is because of the rabid ferocity with which the dragons of Creation hunt them or just because the multiverse will not allow any more to exist is unknown, but it is likely a combination of both, and there is probably a very, very good reason for it...

    Relations: Though the enemies of all things, Oblivion dragons only have one creature that naturally hunts them, the Creation Dragons. Almost every other creature remains too ignorant of these rare, terrifying beings that they do not know what to do about them. Often, the Oblivion dragon will have multiple allies and servants to help them bring about their goal, which always seems to be the construction of one specific device or artifact...

    If slain by adventurers, a dragon of Creation will immediately come to the victorious party and grant them more than ample treasure and items for the deed. Basically, every Oblivion dragon has a bounty on them worth fifteen times their weight in gold (or the equivalent weight in goods), and the Creation dragons are more than willing to give it out to anyone.

    Combat: The Oblivion dragon has a cruel intelligence about it, and it uses this intelligence to pinpoint and eliminate key targets (those that will be the largest long-term threats).
    Round one: The Oblivion dragon will open up with one of its breath weapons. For a more fragile or fire-immune party, it will use its main breath weapon (disruption) to attempt to end the encounter immediately. For a more durable party, it will try opening up with its igniting breath to deal damage over time and weaken its foes.
    Round two: Selecting the most imposing target (the most buffed, the one that dealt the most damage or a caster, decided at the moment), the Oblivion dragon will either cast one of its spells or powers to eliminate them from range. If there is no clear target, then it will use an AOE power.
    Round three: The Oblivion dragon will either use its full attack or attempt to devour anyone in melee with it, depending on its size category and what foe it is currently fighting. Or it will cast another AOE damaging or debuffing spell if its enemies still refuse to spread out.
    Round four: The Oblivion dragon will use its breath weapon again (if recharged) and will repeat steps 1-3, changing as seems most opportune and logical.

    Knowledge; Arcane
    {table=head]DC | Information
    20 | There is a creature that claims to be from beyond the end of all things, and it takes the shape of a dragon. This creature seems to be the last of its kind.
    25 | The creature is called an Oblivion dragon, and its body is incredibly damaging to anything that touches it. Adventurers should take care to ensure that their weapons are not exposed to the dragon's flank for too long.
    30 | Oblivion dragons are monsters of the highest degree, manipulative, cruel and seemingly motiveless, they appear without warning and in their wake bloodshed and death always follow.
    35 | The Oblivion Dragon's goal is to create a portal to the time of oblivion, so that its armies and brethren can enter and shatter the flow of the multiverse. If more than one Oblivion dragon can find its way into existence, then the universe itself will begin to crumble, slowly releasing them from their prison.

    Note: Yes, these are supposed to be big, bad boss creatures. I hope you enjoy them and that someone will find some use for them in their setting.

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    Default Re: Dragons of Oblivion

    There we go, finally done! So, comments/ questions/ concerns are all welcome.

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    Default Re: Dragons of Oblivion

    Is Disruption really a damage type or did you make it up? Because I've never heard of it, but that doesn't mean much . And it sounds like they should have Disruption Immunity.

    Aura of Ruin: Needs a duration. You say 1/day, but don't say how long it lasts. Also, I think it'd be fair to allow the characters a will save to negate the item damage.

    Scream of Oblivion: Without CRs, it's hard to say, but this seems incredibly powerful. By default, the SoO's two DCs are 47. No way a pre-epic character is making that fort AND will save.

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    Default Re: Dragons of Oblivion

    Disruption is a subset of Force... so yeah I sort of made it up, but it's a common thing for the Void (and something that will be present among most creatures...). And this isn't the only strange damage type present even among core dragons (For example, the Topaz dragon deals dehydration damage to creatures with its breath weapon). I chose to give them immunity to fire instead of force because Void dragons have immunity to force already and for fluff purposes.

    I did give Aura of Ruin a duration, but that section is badly written... >.> It's 1 round/ 4 HD. And yes, I could see a saving throw being a thing, though maybe it should be fortitude instead, since the items are being damaged instead of suppressed or having their magical qualities removed?

    Yes, Scream of Oblivion is an epic-level ability. If I had to eyeball it, it wold come online somewhere around CR 25-27, by which time a DC 47 ability with two chances to save isn't the end of the world. And remember, a character only has to make one of the saves to survive, the second one is only to avoid taking 22d6 damage.

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