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    Default Oracle of the Bottle: Or Drunken Mage


    ”In vino veritas.”

    A wizard has his pipe filled with strange herbs, an oracle their cave gas that induces visions of the future, and both occasionally their wine which serves as the focus of their powers. The Oracle of the Bottle is the mage, or priest, who serves the bottle, a specialist in divinatory magic, although with abilities that apply outside that scope.

    How you would normally become a member of this prestige class.

    Skills: Knowledge (any) 8 ranks, Craft (Wine/other alcoholic beverage) or Profession (Herbalist) 5 ranks.
    Feats: Great Fortitude.
    Spells: Ability to cast at least 3 divination spells or 3 spell-like abilities that copy effects of the divination school.
    Caster Level: 5th.

    Class Skills
    The Oracle of the Bottle's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Decipher Script (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Forgery (Int), Gather Information (Cha), Knowledge (each skill taken individually) (Int), Listen (Wis), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Spellcraft (Int), and Spot (Wis).
    Skills Points at Each Level: 2 + int

    Hit Dice: d6

    Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save
    Fumes of Power +1 level divination
    Second Sight +1 level spellcasting
    Empowered Oracle +1 +1 level spellcasting
    View through the Haze +1 level spellcasting
    In Wine Metamagic, Oracle Domain +1 level divination
    Empowered Oracle +2 +1 level spellcasting
    Metabolize Toxin +1 level spellcasting
    Flow with the Wine +1 level spellcasting
    Empowered Oracle +3 +1 level spellcasting
    Eye of the Gods +1 level spellcasting

    Weapon Proficiencies: An Oracle of the Bottle gains no new weapon or armor proficiencies.

    Spellcasting/Invocations: At every level other than 1st and 5th an Oracle of the Bottle gains an increase to their ability to cast spells as if they had gained a level of a spellcasting class they had levels in previously. At 1st and 5th level an Oracle of the Bottle gains an increase in spells as if they had gained a level of a spellcasting class they had levels in previously EXCEPT that the increase to their caster level and spells per day only apply to Divination spells; they may still select non-divination spells as spells known granted by these levels.
    If used to advance an invocation or mystery using class all levels apply fully.

    Fumes of Power (Su): An oracle of the bottle’s body handles alcohol and intoxicants differently from other people’s. He can drink a large tankard of ale, a bottle of wine, a corresponding amount of stronger alcohol, or imbibe a similar amount of intoxicant (an intoxicant significantly stronger must be taken in significantly reduced dosage or have its normal effects on an oracle of the bottle) as a move action. Every such dose he consumes during combat reduces his Strength and Constitution by 2 points each, but increases the save DC of spells (and spell-like abilities) they cast by 1. An oracle of the bottle may benefit from a number of drinks equal to his class level. The duration of both the penalty and the bonus is a number of rounds equal to the character’s oracle of the bottle level + 3.

    Second Sight (Ex): An oracle of the bottle’s mind sharpens when others would dull. When under the influence of an intoxicating substance (even if its normal effects were negated by Fumes of Power) they gain an insight bonus to Wisdom based skill checks equal to ˝ their oracle of the bottle level.

    Empowered Oracle (Ex): Beginning at 3rd level an oracle of the bottle gains a +1 insight bonus to their caster level for Divination spells and spell-like abilities while under the effects of Fumes of Power. This bonus increases to +2 at 6th level and +3 at 9th level.

    View through the Haze (Sp): Beginning at 4th level an oracle of the bottle may enter a trance by consuming 5 times the normal amount of alcohol or intoxicants to activate Fumes of Power. By doing so they may duplicate the effects of a Divination or Scry spell. This ritual takes 10 minutes and can be performed 2 times per day. CL = Character level plus any bonuses from abilities such as Empowered Oracle.

    In Wine Metamagic (Su): Beginning at 5th level an oracle of the bottle may forgo the normal benefits of Fumes of Power to instead reduce metamagic costs of a spell cast. Each +1 to DCs that they forgo can be used to negate 1 level increase due to metamagic, up to ˝ class level on a single spell. This spell must be cast during the duration of Fumes of Power, and this ability cannot be used to reduce the metamagic cost of Extend Spell or Persist Spell.

    Oracle Domain (Ex): Beginning at 5th level an oracle of the bottle gains access to the Oracle Domain, and adding its spells to their spells known and for free to their spellbook when they obtain spells of the proper level; otherwise this functions as per the Extra Domains section of Complete Divine.

    Flow with the Wine (Su): Beginning at7th level an oracle of the bottle’s sixth sense improves further while under the influence of Fumes of Power. They gain an insight bonus to AC and Fort and Ref saving throws equal to the save DC bonus gained from Fumes of Power (if they forgo points of the save DC bonus to fuel In Wine Metamagic they also forgo points of this bonus). In addition if they have a +2 or better bonus from this ability they gain the benefits of Uncanny Dodge (this does not count as Uncanny Dodge for prerequisites), if they have a +5 or better bonus they gain the benefits of Evasion (again not for prerequisites), and if they have a +8 or better bonus this also grants immunity to being flanked.

    Metabolize Toxin (Ex): Beginning at 8th level an oracle of the bottle can choose to suffer no effects from any alcohol, drug, intoxicant, potion, or poison, even magical ones. An unconscious oracle is simply immune to their effects.

    Eye of the Gods (Sp): At 10th level an oracle of the bottle gains the ability to enter a more powerful trance. This ability functions like View Through the Haze, but it can duplicate the spells Greater Scrying, Discern Location, and Find the Path in addition to those of View Through the Haze. This ability is usable twice per day.

    Brief description on how to play the class you are designing.
    Combat: Here's a section where you will describe common combat methods for your class. Remember to include information on how your class will use his powers in combat.
    Advancement: This is a section on different options and paths that the class can go down when they advance in power.
    Resources: What resources might a member of this PrC be able to draw on..

    A quote of somebody else talking about your class!

    A brief description of how your class is persevered in the world and how he interacts with the world.
    Daily Life: Some general information about the typical day in the life of your class.
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    Organizations: Some information about organizations dedicated to the practice of your class and other organizations which members of your class will be attracted towards.

    NPC Reaction
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    This is a good place to provide a quick note on how your class will effect game play statistically.
    Adaptation: This is a place where you put in detail how people can adapt your class into their campaign setting.
    Encounters: This is a place to describe what sort of encounters PC's will have with NPC versions of your class.

    Sample Encounter
    Give an example of how one might encounter a member of this PrC.
    EL x: Give the encounter level and description of a sample member of this class and a stat block for him/her.

    Init +0, Senses: Listen +, Spot +,
    AC , touch , flat-footed ()
    hp ( HD)
    Fort +, Ref +, Will +
    Speed ft. ( squares)
    Base Atk +, Grp +
    Atk Options
    Combat Gear
    Spells Prepared
    Supernatural Abilities
    Abilities Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha
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