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    Default Re: X-COM: The Fourth Dimension IC (D&D 4E)

    While Kaeravak listens on, his mouth contorts with apparent outrage, almost configured in a snarl as he abruptly sits up.

    "If you ask me I'm personally I'm itching to drop a hammer on this Bavinon guy; sounds exactly like the sort of amoral **** that's better off rotting six feet under than brokering deals with our enemies. I'm proposing a little shock n awe: jump him with his employer, capture and interro who we can, kill who we can't, lay the rest to waste. Put the fear of death into him, make the bastard an offer he can't refuse. We make an example of the punk and this city's underworld will answer to us. For all its duplicity and secrecy organized crime isn't complicated; in the end, the strongest make the rules, and we are far stronger than any group of thugs."

    Having discharged his vitriol, the tiefling regains some measure of composure as he settles back into his seat, indignation fading from his features by degrees.

    "From the sound of things, we've only got a couple of hours, so if we're gonna get the drop on his contact, we'll have to act quickly. Get a layout, assess the defenses, plan out our assault, and execute. El'sie should be of help here."

    He nods towards the captive.

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    Default Re: X-COM: The Fourth Dimension IC (D&D 4E)

    Cinder Ashborn, Pixie Harrier

    Cinder looks at the rest of the team, and with a serious frown says, "I ain't likin' th'idea of tryin' to assault the club while our people are still 'eld 'ostage. I'd be to easy for this Bavinon person or 'is client to 'ave them killed if we try anything. So if there's time and a chance, we need to try to rescue 'em first."

    She then turns back to the prisoner. "I ain't trustin' you - but it ain't personal: I ain't the trustin' type. If you ain't about to stab us in the back, 'ere's your chance to prove me wrong: please, take us to your under'elm contact."
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    Default Re: X-COM: The Fourth Dimension IC (D&D 4E)

    Kaeravak appears to verge somewhere between surprised and confused at Cinder's response, eyes squinting quizzically as he looks between her and their bound captive.

    "Look, I'm just talking about getting the layouts, defenses, disposition of forces off the drow, not having her tag along like she were one of us."

    A pang of agony seems to shoot though the tiefling, compelling the nursing of his shoulder wound with a reflexive rub. Grimacing, he fights through the pain to speak.

    "As for the captives, yeah, of course. We're not gonna abandon em or just rush into the lion's den here. Any good squad based assault starts with a plan and discretion; surprise n strike. Learned that in basic."

    Satisfied that his intentions are clear, he allows his words to settle before continuing.

    "All I'm saying is, we take this fight to Bavinon sooner rather than later, preferably before the opportunity to stick him with his contractor passes. Tracing the men is our priority, but I'm not sure how hopeful we should be; hasn't been long, but it doesn't take an airship more than a couple of minutes to clear out some real distance, and for all we know, they've already been ported off."

    The pyromancer muses on the point for a moment, stance easing as he seems to come to a determination.

    "I think crashing his joint will dovetail both our objectives rather nicely, but we're gonna want more intel for sure, see where we stand, what our next step should be."

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    Default Re: X-COM: The Fourth Dimension IC (D&D 4E)

    "The drow can hear you."

    El'cie snapped, frowning at Kaeravak. Although she raises an eyebrow as the tiefling's words sink in.

    "Wait . . . you aren't planning on infiltrating Bavinon's club - you actually want to assault it? Wit jus the half dozen of you?"

    El'cie starts to snicker, which turns into a melodious laugh as she pounds the table with the flat of her hand, tears welling in her eyes. It is a full minute before the drow operative manages to regain control of herself, although she still bites off a guffaw now and again as she begins to explain.

    "Bavinon has fortified heez club to withstand a full-on raid by City Security, at least long enough for him to slip away. He has tree ways to get out of the building that I know about, and probably a fourth that no one but him knows. The club is an old temple to Lolth that he refurbished, built into one of the pillars that holds Dudinnas aloft. There are tree main levels - the lowest level eez the club itself. That's where the main entrance eez, and the only place you can enter unless you work for Bavinon. Second level eez VIP rooms and back rooms where Bavinon keeps eez inventory for heez other businesses. Entrance for servants is also there. Third level eez Bavinon's office, personal suite, and escape tunnel - that's where he and his client will meet. I kin sketch you map if you want but if I'm not there wit you I kin only guess as to where heez security will be. First let's talk about heez security."

    "The club itself eez not hard to enter if you're not looking like you want to cause trouble inside. Simple five gold cover charge to get in the door - Bavinon likes to keep the entry fee cheap to encourage more people to come. Gives heez club a look of legitimacy, and plenty of hostages should City Security ever launch an honest raid. There's a half dozen bouncers on duty whenever the club is open - mix of races, but mostly tieflings and drow like the rest of heez operation. They jus have clubs, light armor that can be worn under uniform, nothing special - mostly there to throw out riff-raff that get past the two guards outside. The dangerous security are the assassins Bavinon has hidden throughout the club, blending in with the crowd and other staff. Sometimes they're patrons dancing down on the floor, sometimes the musicians - once even the bartender - oi, that was a bad night. Club closed early to avoid a riot over too many poorly mixed drinks."

    At the memory El'cie shakes her head with a wry smile.

    "There's always at least four, and up to as many as a dozen - Bavinon likes to randomly pick how many to seed into the crowd. Though depending on the fact that this client is an unknown, expect it to be on the higher end tonight. They're trained to either attack any invaders from ambush, or take hostages first to use as shields. These are members of Bavinon's personal security - they'll only have knives, handcrossbows, garrotes - things that can easily be hidden to use as weapons, but they are all hardened killers. And then there's Bloodgut, the Head Bouncer. He's an ogre."

    El'cie quickly shakes her head, correcting herself.

    "Not just an ogre - Bloodgut eez smart. Well, smart for ogre at least. He lived in Dracomar before coming here, studied Flensing Talons - that's the name of the martial art practiced there, isn't it? Bloodgut doesn't have talons, of course, but he knows how to use heez whole body in a fight. I watched him throw an entire party of surlier-than-usual dwarves out of the club one time. He picked up two of them and used them like flails against the others, while headbutting and kicking. It was . . . surreal, watching something so ungainly as an ogre move so fast and nimbly. I have no doubt he will die if you cut him enough times, but it will take you more time than you probably have. Once the fighting breaks out, you will have only a short time to get to Bavinon before he makes heez escape - he may or may not take the client wit him, of course, but after you cause a mess in his club you will be enemies for life."

    El'cie shrugs.

    "VIP areas shouldn't have a lot of guards save whatever the VIPs brought wit them. Back areas where Bavinon has his other businesses will be crawling with his men though. He has a bunk room built to hold thirty people back there - most of his men will be elsewhere on various tasks, so you won't have that many to deal with but I'd guess at least another dozen or so, who will all come running to defend the stairway up to the third level once fighting starts. The servant entrance also has its own built-in security system, a left-over from the temple to Lolth to ensure only the worthy could enter by that door. Never saw it in action myself, but supposedly the stone itself comes alive and tries to kill you or some nonsense. If you can disable it without upsetting it that might be a good way in, but if you can't, the door will try to kill you, the alarm will be raised, and you'll have to fight your way in every step. *IF*, and I do mean if, Bavinon hasn't revoked my entrance privileges yet, I could slip in, but that still wouldn't let you enter most likely - the door's enchantments do not permit unauthorized people from entering, even if they are escorted by someone that is authorized."

    El'cie takes a deep breath, wincing as the motion pulls at the stitching on her side.

    "Assuming you get through all of that and get up to the third level, you'll still have to deal wit any men Bavinon has up there, and his personal bodyguards, the Twins. The Twins are a pair of identical metal men some svirfneblin tinkerer made for Bavinon years ago. They are completely loyal to Bavinon, and he probably would have more of them now if he hadn't killed the tinkerer shortly after completing the work on the Twins as Bavinon thought the tinkerer might have built some sort of override to seize control away from him. Whether that was just Bavinon being his usual paranoid self or not, I don't know, and we'll probably never know now that their creator is dead."

    El'cie shurgs.

    "And then, of course, you'll have to deal with Bavinon and heez client, assuming they haven't fled already while you were busy being swarmed under by all of heez security. I hope you understand now that my amusement at the idea of assaulting Bavinon's club is not a judgment of your skills. It is simply a reflection of reality - if we had more time, we could try to find an opportunity to slip inside or lure Bavinon out, or assemble a much larger team. But in my present condition and with only the handful of you, this is suicidal foolishness."

    With this intelligence in hand, you all withdraw a moment to quietly discuss amongst yourselves what to do now, and the consensus, more or less, seems to be to investigate down the path of El'cie's contact in Underhelm. Bavinon could wait, so long as you could find another route other than his client to trace back to where your missing people had been taken. Hearing your decision, El'cie nods and pushes herself up to her feet.

    "Alright then. First, unchain me, then fetch me my armor - you can keep the weapons. You're going to have to trust me to make the introduction - I can try to pass myself off as a fixer, there to bring you together with my client, instead of negotiating on your behalf if you wish. But if I show up beaten half to death as your prisoner he's going to . . . overreact. Idiot might even try a rescue, he always did have a soft spot for me. The only way we can avoid such a misunderstanding is if nothing appears wrong, which means me in the lead, in my armor. Second, whether he likes me or not, he eez businessman, and heez trade is information and favors. He'll probably want you to do something for him in return for risking his neck, nosing around in Underhelm's military records. Probably want you to do it now, before he gives you information - trust eez the trait of a fool in Dudinnas, and he doesn't know any of you. Eez this going to be problem? You may be able to pay him off instead, but unless you have large reserve of Dudinnas currency hidden here somewhere, you'd have to rob bank to get enough."

    El'cie chews nervously on her lip a moment, and then sighs.

    "I don't know why I tell you this, but I have private stash I was keeping. Hoped to use it one day to retire, go to surface, find my sister - I don't know. It might be enough for this, but we'd have to go get it. Dangerous, rundown part of the city on the lowest level next to the lake docks - no one goes there by choice. But hey - if we go there, you can drag me around tied up and half-dead as much as you like - no one living down there is going to be surprised."
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    Default Re: X-COM: The Fourth Dimension IC (D&D 4E)

    Aithos; Satyr Psion—

    While the idea to bust into Bavinon's club had occurred to Aithos, eventually it had not sounded like the best options they had. Finding their people was more important than attacking that criminal individual, who would be around much longer than any chance to find the kidnapped people. Aithos would much rather know their people back with them, where it was vaguely safe, than in the hands of the Outsiders.

    With the decision made, Aithos looked around to see who actually could unlock El'cie's chains — he wasn't the satyr for that job.

    "What?" He sounded surprised and not exactly approving of her offer. She had no true alliance to X-COM, and while it was a generous did not truly sit well with him. "I cannot say I feel comfortable with the idea to take your life savings for this. I would much rather we return the favor in kind." And, thus, keep it within their organization.
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