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    Default Blade Master [Base Class]

    This is my first attempt at a homebrew base class...

    so without further adue! the Blade Master!
    (i have no idea how to do tables)

    The Blade Master is someone who has devoted his life to his sword. He has gained proficiency in this weapon as the cost of all others. (hense the good will save)

    Blade Masters get along well with fighters and other primary combat classes. The Blade Master see rogues as cowards. Spell casters are simply people who wasted their life on meaningless words and tricks. Blade masters are exceptionally proud people who will not ever back down from a fight unless death is completely certain.

    Blade Masters are just as likely to come from one race as another.

    HD: D10
    BaB: Best
    Saves: good will and fortitude
    skills: 2+int intimidate, ride, climb, jump, swim
    proficiencys: simple weapons, and 1 bladed weapon of choice, and meduim armour and no shields.
    1 weapon focus (chosen blade)
    4 weapon specialization (chosen blade)
    6 ki blade 1/day
    8 improved critical (chosen blade)
    10 improved ki blade
    11 greater weapon focus(chosen blade)
    12 ki blade 2/day
    14 greater weapon specialization(chosen blade)
    18 ki blade 3/day
    20 superior ki blade

    all feats as written in PHB
    ki blade- this allows the Blade Master to make
    a single attack with his chosen weapon as a touch
    attack as a standard action using his highest
    base attack bonus
    improved ki blade- as ki blade, but 2 attacks
    as a standard action using his 2 highest base
    attack bonuses
    superior ki blade- as ki blade, but 3 attacks
    as a standard action using his 3 highest base
    attack bonuses

    edited: removed fighter multiclass

    Critiques? I'm guessing ki blade is probably a little too powerful, but i wanted a fighter that was specialized... and had some special feature since he has trained with this weapon for the majority of his life.
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    Default Re: Blade Master [Base Class]


    First, never name a base class (anything) Master. Because quite simply put no one is a master of anything at level 1, and as a base class, you start at level 1.

    Second, considering all levels taken in this class as levels taken in fighter is not cool. One of the few things a fighter has going for him is Weapon Specialization, which requires levels in fighter. If you give this class the same ability, you kind of knock the fighter out of his niche.

    Third, even though it is a real pain in the rear end, throw this stuff into a table because it will look more attractive and people will be more willing to critique it (in my experience anyhow).

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Blade Master [Base Class]

    hmmmm, maybe i should turn it into a 6 level PrC that requires: weapon focus, weapon specialization, and imp critical all in the same bladed weapon?

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    Default Re: Blade Master [Base Class]

    So, in exchange for just about everything except one weapon, you get the ability to cast wraithstrike a few times per day? Nope, what you want is a nice 5 level PrC.

    Take a look at ToB, it might have what you're looking for.
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    Default Re: Blade Master [Base Class]

    There used to have a Weapon Master in the Sword & Fist. I'm reading the Complete Warrior to see what equivalent they have.

    Btw: "Meaningless words" is not something you can say about a person that uses these words to bend reality :p Most combat-based classes usually see spellcasters with mistrust, fear, or in awe. Hardly as something "useless".

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