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    Default What if every feat had an additional ability unlocked by an action point?

    For example, for Toughness, spend an action point to turn all your HD to full HD for a whole encounter.

    Weapon Focus, use it just after you rolled an attack: +4 to crit range and +1 to crit multiplier.

    Skill Focus, a +10, +15 or +20 bonus to your roll, scaling with level.

    Weapon Specialization, add an action dice (1d4-1d10, depending on level), but maximize, and maximize the damage roll, too. For example, doing this at level 4 with a great sword would be minimum damage = full d4 + full 2d6 + 2 = 18

    Combat Casting, succeed at the Concentration check, or dodge the attack of opportunity provoked by casting a spell.

    Weapon finesse, make a touch attack.

    Improved Initiative, win initiative against everyone.

    Diehard, spend an action point while at negative hit points. You get one action point every round you must expend in that same round until you are healed up to 0 hp or more.

    Actually good feats should give a less dramatic effect like another daily use, for example. Or no action point unlocked use at all.

    I think the weaker, RAW, numerical bonus only feats lack more than power, they lack awesomeness. An action points are about expressing the awesomeness you bring inside of yourself. Isn't it elegant?


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    Default Re: What if every feat had an additional ability unlocked by an action point?

    The problem is, the amount of effort involved in applying the ideas presented its probably faster to just find superior homebrew feats.

    However the ideas could be worked into a more comprehensive and overall superior system, because it does have merit
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