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Thread: End of an Era

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    Default End of an Era

    A gaming group I've been with for 13 years has come to an end. I'm not upset about it as I thought I would be. The group was dying the last year, and I've been playing with a new second group anyway. Still, it was by far the longest gaming group I've been in. Despite recent troubles there are lots of great moments of gaming to remember.

    All is not lost as I continue on with my new group and am even having a turn as DM. We had one session already that went off to a good start. They liked how I went right into the main adventure interrupting the introductions. Another good sign is that years ago when I tried this same campaign a playing group dismissed a particular encounter as incompetence on my part and refused to play again where as this group understood what was going on and is interested in the Great Mystery the encounter introduced.

    Bugbears destroyed an Elven village. The surviving Elves escaped. The party encountered and defeated a small Bugbear troop. The other group was upset they could defeat Bugbears that supposedly destroyed the Elves. This group understood immediately the Bugbears they encountered were not the whole army. They also knew and confirmed with an NPC that the Bugbears were led by someone quite powerful to account for their victory over the Elves. That's the set up for the BBEG.
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    Default Re: End of an Era

    My current gaming group is 10 years old. (I define the group as, at all times, at least two of the current members are 'originals'.)

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    Default Re: End of an Era

    It's shame to see a group go. Of the originals from my oldest group that started in 1993, I'm the only one left, though two of the group came to the game within a year of my first game and are still playing. There have been a few additions and a few drop-outs over the years, but the core solidified around 15 years ago and is still going even if it saw a significant drop in number of sessions in 2013. We used to play once a week regular as clockwork, now it's dropped to about once a month - twice if we're lucky.
    Still, my second group, of which the core has been around for about 10 years manages to meet once a week pretty regularly, so I'm not hurting for games, and that doesn't include the less common games with the third and fourth groups (with me and the girl showing up in all of those groups).
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    Default Re: End of an Era

    I've been involved in several evolving gaming groups over the years. In the next year or so, I expect to be moving away from pretty much all of them, and it IS something I will miss; we have an almost weekly tradition. That's life, I suppose. If I still have the itch for D&D I'll look for a new group, though my current one is made up of friends that I see outside gaming as well, so a new group will be a strange experience for me.
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