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    Default Hazard Pay (new-ish webcomic)

    This is a story of theft and deceit, of paper money and ordinance steel, of deals cut in the frost of the Cold War. It's a story of base motives and iron wills, and a girl who's lived a hundred lives.

    So, back in July or so, my partner in crime and I started a webcomic called Hazard Pay as a way of practicing our art and comicking skills. It's an action-adventure comic set in Cold War Germany, following the explots of a young army brat and her first foray into the local black market. It's aimed at a bit more of a mature audience; lots of gunfights and car crashes and good stuff like that.

    You can find it here

    On a side note, we don't normally go around randomly plugging our stuff on other people's fora, but one of our readers recently started using a link to our comic in his signature in this forum. Since then, his various posts have been accounting for about 27% of our site's referrals(!) which leads us to believe that you guys might be interested.

    We're always up for comments, critiques, or suggestions on what we can do better, so please tell us what you think!

    Thanks for your time!
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    Default Re: Hazard Pay (new-ish webcomic)

    Cool comic. It isn't really my type (too serious for me) but your art looks really good and the writing is great. I'm sure it will appeal to fans of this type of comic series and become really popular with them. Good luck! :)

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