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    Default Complete Cleric Domain List [3.5]

    Since I play clerics a lot (most of the time actually), I have quite a list of cleric domains that I've looked at. Since my DM is very open to just about everything, I have compiled them into a list for myself for easy access.

    I used all the official non-setting books, plus all the Eberron, and Forgotten Realms books, Dragon Magazines, Oriental Adventures, Ghostwalk, all the Dragonlance books, and all of the Kalamar books.

    If the domain had a different name, it was put in, even if it was very similar to another. Domains of the same name from different sources, I tried to use the most up to date one.

    Page numbers on some of them may be weird, as I tended to use the page of the PDF, not of the actual book.

    I think I have a finished list now, but maybe you guys will know of any that I have missed.

    Spoiler: Cleric Domains

    Abyss Domain (Planar) (Spell Compendium 282)

    Air Domain (Player's Handbook 185)

    Alteration Domain (Dragonlance Campaign Setting 102)

    Animal Domain (Player's Handbook 186)

    Arborea Domain (Planar) (Spell Compendium 282)

    Army Domain (Dragon Magazine #317, pg. 70)

    Artifice Domain (Eberron Campaign Setting 104)

    Assassination Domain (Faiths of Tellene 213)

    Avarice Domain (Dragon 323 63)

    Baator Domain (Planar) (Spell Compendium 283)

    Balance Domain (Spell Compendium 271)

    Beastmaster Domain (Kalamar Player's Guide 153)

    Beguilement Domain (Dragon Magazine #312, pg. 50)

    Bestial Domain (Book of Vile Darkness 80)

    Blackwater Domain (Stormwrack 109)

    Blightbringer Domain (Unapproachable East 34)

    Builder Domain (Faiths of Tellene 213)

    Cavern Domain (Spell Compendium 271)

    Celerity Domain (Spell Compendium 271)

    Celestia Domain (Planar) (Spell Compendium 283)

    Celestial Domain (Book of Exalted Deeds 86)

    Chaos Domain (Player's Handbook 186)

    Charity Domain (Dragon Magazine #355, pg. 18)

    Charm Domain (Spell Compendium 271)

    Chastity Domain (Dragon Magazine #355, pg. 19)

    Chill Domain (Faiths of Tellene 213)

    Chromatic Dragon Domain (Dragon Magazine # 344, pg. 89)

    City Domain (Races of Destiny 162-163)

    Cold Domain (Spell Compendium 271)

    Commerce Domain (Eberron Campaign Setting 105)

    Community Domain (Spell Compendium 271-272)

    Competition Domain (Spell Compendium 272)

    Corruption Domain (Fiendish Codex I 88)

    Courage Domain (Spell Compendium 272)

    Craft Domain (Spell Compendium 272)

    Creation Domain (Spell Compendium 272)

    Darkness Domain (Spell Compendium 272)

    Death Domain (Player's Handbook 186)

    Deathbound Domain (Spell Compendium 272-273)

    Deathless Domain (Eberron Campaign Setting 105)

    Decay Domain (Eberron Campaign Setting 105)

    Demonic Domain (Fiendish Codex I 88-89)

    Destiny Domain (Races of Destiny 163)

    Destruction Domain (Player's Handbook 186)

    Diabolic Domain (Fiendish Codex II 100)

    Divination Domain (Kalamar Player's Guide 155)

    Domination Domain (Spell Compendium 273)

    Dragon Domain (Spell Compendium 273)

    Dragon Below Domain (Eberron Campaign Setting 106)

    Dream Domain (Spell Compendium 273)

    Drow Domain (Spell Compendium 273)

    Dwarf Domain (Spell Compendium 273)

    Earth Domain (Player's Handbook 186)

    Elemental Domain (Faiths of Tellene 215)

    Elf Domain (Spell Compendium 273)

    Elysium Domain (Planar) (Spell Compendium 283)

    Emotion Domain (Dragon Magazine #340, pg. 38)

    Endurance Domain (Book of Exalted Deeds 86)

    Entropy Domain (Fiendish Codex I 89)

    Envy Domain (Spell Compendium 273-274)

    Ethics Domain (Faiths of Tellene 215)

    Evil Domain (Player's Handbook 186)

    Exorcism Domain (Eberron Campaign Setting 106)

    Expressive Domain (Faiths of Tellene 215)

    Family Domain (Spell Compendium 274)

    Fate Domain (Spell Compendium 274)

    Feast Domain (Eberron Campaign Setting 106)

    Ferocity Domain (Faiths of Tellene 215)

    Fey Domain (Book of Exalted Deeds 86)

    Fire Domain (Player's Handbook 187)

    Fizban's Gift Domain (Races of Ansalon 149)

    Force Domain (Spell Compendium 274)

    Forge Domain (Dragonlance Campaign Setting 102)

    Fury Domain (Fiendish Codex I 89)

    Gem Dragon Domain (Dragon Magazine #344, pg. 89)

    Generosity Domain (Dragon Magazine #355, pg. 20)

    Ghost Domain (Ghostwalk 46)

    Glory Domain (Spell Compendium 274)

    Gluttony Domain (Spell Compendium 274)

    Gnome Domain (Spell Compendium 274)

    Good Domain (Player's Handbook 187)

    Greed Domain (Spell Compendium 275)

    Guarding Domain (Faiths of Tellene 216)

    Hades Domain (Planar) (Spell Compendium 284)

    Halfling Domain (Spell Compendium 275)

    Hatred Domain (Spell Compendium 275)

    Healing Domain (Player's Handbook 187)

    Herald Domain (Book of Exalted Deeds 87)

    Home Domain (Faiths of Tellene 216)

    Hope Domain (Dragon Magazine #340, pg. 32)

    Humility Domain (Dragon Magazine #355, pg. 20)

    Hunger Domain (Spell Compendium 275)

    Hunt Domain (Dragon Magazine #342)

    Hunting Domain (Faiths of Tellene 216)

    Illusion Domain (Spell Compendium 275)

    Injustice Domain (Faiths of Tellene 216)

    Inquisition Domain (Spell Compendium 275-276)

    Insight Domain (Dragonlance Campaign Setting 102-103)

    Inspiration Domain (Faiths of Tellene 216)

    Invigoration Domain (Faiths of Tellene 217)

    Journey Domain (Faiths of Tellene 217)

    Joy Domain (Book of Exalted Deeds 87)

    Knowledge Domain (Player's Handbook 187)

    Kobold Domain (Web Enhancement)

    Law Domain (Player's Handbook 187)

    Liberation Domain (Spell Compendium 276)

    Life Domain (Eberron Campaign Setting 106)

    Limbo Domain (Planar) (Spell Compendium 284)

    Locust Domain (Faiths of Tellene 217)

    Love Domain (Faiths of Tellene 217)

    Luck Domain (Player's Handbook 187)

    Lung Dragon Domain (Dragon Magazine #344, pg 89)

    Lust Domain (Spell Compendium 276)

    Madness Domain (Spell Compendium 276)

    Magic Domain (Player's Handbook 188)

    Mechanus Domain (Planar) (Spell Compendium 284)

    Meditation Domain (Eberron Campaign Setting 107)

    Mentalism Domain (Spell Compendium 276)

    Mercy Domain (Faiths of Tellene 218)

    Metal Domain (Spell Compendium 276)

    Metallic Dragon Domain (Dragon Magazine #344, pg. 89)

    Mind Domain (Spell Compendium 276-277)

    Misfortune Domain (Faiths of Tellene 218)

    Moon Domain (Spell Compendium 277)

    Mysticism Domain (Spell Compendium 277)

    Nature Domain (Faiths of Tellene 218)

    Necromancer Domain (Eberron Campaign Setting 107)

    Necromancy Domain (Dragonlance Campaign Setting 103)

    Night Domain (Dragon Magazine #342)

    Nobility Domain (Spell Compendium 277)

    Oblivion Domain (Faiths of Tellene 218)

    Observation Domain (Faiths of Tellene 219)

    Ocean Domain (Spell Compendium 277)

    Ooze Domain (Fiendish Codex I 89-90)

    Oppression Domain (Faiths of Tellene 219)

    Oracle Domain (Spell Compendium 277-278)

    Orc Domain (Spell Compendium 278)

    Pact Domain (Spell Compendium 278)

    Passion Domain (Eberron Campaign Setting 107)

    Pain Domain (Book of Vile Darkness 81)

    Patience Domain (Dragon Magazine #355, pg. 20)

    Pestilence Domain (Spell Compendium 278)

    Planning Domain (Spell Compendium 278)

    Plant Domain (Player's Handbook 188)

    Pleasure Domain (Book of Exalted Deeds 87)

    Pondering Domain (Faiths of Tellene 219)

    Portal Domain (Spell Compendium 278)

    Pride Domain (Spell Compendium 278-279)

    Profit Domain (Faiths of Tellene 219)

    Protection Domain (Player's Handbook 188)

    Purification Domain (Spell Compendium 279)

    Raconteur Domain (Faiths of Tellene 220)

    Radiance Domain (Dragon Magazine #321, pg. 52)

    Renewal Domain (Spell Compendium 279)

    Repose Domain (Player's Guide to Faerūn)

    Restoration Domain (Dragonlance Campaign Setting 104)

    Retribution Domain (Spell Compendium 279)

    Revered Ancestor Domain (Faiths of Eberron 149-150)

    Rune Domain (Spell Compendium 279)

    Sagacity Domain (Faiths of Tellene 220)

    Sand Domain (Sandstorm 107)

    Scalykind Domain (Spell Compendium 279)

    Scorn Domain (Faiths of Tellene 220)

    Seafolk Domain (Stormwrack 110)

    Seduction Domain (Dragon Magazine #312, pg. 50)

    Sentinel Domain (Faiths of Tellene 220)

    Shadow Domain (Eberron Campaign Setting 108)

    Sky Domain (Races of the Wild 174)

    Slime Domain (Spell Compendium 280)

    Sloth Domain (Spell Compendium 280)

    Spell Domain (Spell Compendium 280)

    Spider Domain (Spell Compendium 280)

    Spite Domain (Heroes of Horror 126)

    Stealth Domain (Faiths of Tellene 221)

    Storm Domain (Spell Compendium 280)

    Strategy Domain (Faiths of Tellene 221)

    Strength Domain (Player's Handbook 188)

    Suffering Domain (Spell Compendium 280-281)

    Summer Domain (Sandstorm 107-108)

    Summoner Domain (Spell Compendium 281)

    Sun Domain (Player's Handbook 188)

    Temperence Domain (Dragon Magazine #355, pg. 21)

    Tempest Domain (Faiths of Tellene 221)

    Temptation Domain (Fiendish Codex I 90)

    Terror Domain (Faiths of Tellene 221)

    Thirst Domain (Sandstorm 108)

    Time Domain (Spell Compendium 281)

    Timing Domain (Faiths of Tellene 221)

    Trade Domain (Spell Compendium 281)

    Transformation Domain (Races of Eberron 180-181)

    Travel Domain (Player's Handbook 188)

    Treachery Domain (Dragonlance Campaign Setting 104)

    Trickery Domain (Player's Handbook 189)

    Truth Domain (Races of Eberron 181)

    Tyranny Domain (Spell Compendium 281)

    Undeath Domain (Spell Compendium 281)

    Underworld Domain Spells (Faiths of Tellene 222)

    Valiant Domain (Faits of Tellene 222)

    Vice Domain (Faiths of Tellene 222)

    Vile Darkness Domain (Lords of Madness 209)

    Void Domain (Faiths of Tellene 222)

    War Domain (Player's Handbook 189)

    Warding Domain (Faiths of Tellene 223)

    Warforged Domain (Faiths of Eberron 150)

    Water Domain (Player's Handbook 189)

    Watery Death Domain (Underdark 54)

    Wealth Domain (Spell Compendium 281)

    Weather Domain (Eberron Campaign Setting 108)

    Windstorm Domain (Spell Compendium 282)

    Winter Domain (Frostburn 85)

    Wrath Domain (Spell Compendium 282)

    Zeal Domain (Dragon Magazine #355, pg. 22)

    Also, many thanks to this list for being my starting point.

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    Default Re: Complete Cleric Domain List [3.5]

    What a comprehensive list. Bookmarked for later use. Thanks.
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    Thumbs up Re: Complete Cleric Domain List [3.5]

    Nice list - good work.

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    Default Re: Complete Cleric Domain List [3.5]

    Thank you sir, bookmarked for me as well!

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    Default Re: Complete Cleric Domain List [3.5]

    Very nice.

    If you like, you can check out the Encyclopedia Vinculum Draconis availible in my sig file, go to Spells/Spell Lists v4.02 and Search for Cleric Domains to compare your list against mine to see if you missed any.

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    Default Re: Complete Cleric Domain List [3.5]

    For my next cleric, I shall get the commerce and pondering domains!


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    Default Re: Complete Cleric Domain List [3.5]

    That seems to be a good list.

    There is this online resource which covers most domains in more detail.

    This is a list of the domains missing from the online list above.
    • This is the list of the ones which are absent.
    • Arborea
    • Army
    • Baator
    • Celestia
    • Charity
    • Chastity
    • Chromatic Dragon
    • Elysium
    • Emotion
    • Gem Dragon
    • Generosity
    • Hades
    • Hope
    • Humility
    • Hunt
    • Lung Dragon
    • Mechanus
    • Metallic Dragon
    • Radiance
    • Spirit
    • Spite
    • Temperance
    • The Abyss
    • Undead
    • Vile Darkness
    • Zeal

    Between these two lists you should be able to check that you have everything — also please let me know if I'm missing any.

    I haven't included the Shaman domains obviously.
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    Default Re: Complete Cleric Domain List [3.5]

    One domain that is almost universally missing from lists is the Cat Domain from the Fabulous Cats! online article.

    The Cat Domain has the same power as the Luck Domain, but is useful if you need to double-dip it for some reason (nothing says they don't stack).
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    Default Re: Complete Cleric Domain List [3.5]

    Thanks everybody!

    @ Story: I think I'll be keeping the Cats domain off of my list, since that is an April's Fools article. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though!

    @ nedz: I have indeed looked at the link you gave me, it's where I got my starting point (I linked it in the OP)! And yeah, Shaman domains, and Mystic domains (from Dragonlance) where not included, since they are not for clerics.

    I have all the domain information as well, not just the names and sources, but did not include them in this since it would be a ton of info. Also not sure if I can post it, since a lot is from non-core books.

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