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    Default Ideas for unique monsters

    Hello people,
    I would like to hear your ideas about crazy, strange, irritating and hilarious monsters. And I also would like to share some of my ideas with you. I don't mind if you steal these ideas for your game.

    - Bobobo, a large Gibbering Mouther. My players encountered Bobobo as the boss of a dungeon which was occupied by Derros who worshipped Bobobo as their god. My players were very serious when the fight started because they were low on hitpoints and almost out of spells. Then I described Bobobos first turn:

    "The countless mouths of this disgusting bunch of flesh start to hum a melody and it's whole body wobbles in time with the humming."

    First my players were puzzled by this unexpected action. After some seconds of akward silence one of the players bursted out laughing and asking: "That is a bard?!?"

    He was right, Bobobo was a large Gibbering Mouther with class levels as a bard. He was not so hard to beat as expected, but that was not so bad because the fight was hilarious.

    - A redcap with small bells on its iron boots, a long white beard and a white bobble on its red cap. He screams to his victims how naughty they are when he beats them with his stick. Only use this one in not so serious games.

    - A Wood Golem that looks like a pleasant nutcracker from a Disney movie. But don't underestimate it! It has the grab feature and a natural bite attack that deals damage as the Golem would be a size category larger then it is. Perfect for cracking nuts and the heads of careless adventures.

    - A centaur with class levels as a cavalier. However, I didn't think any further with this.

    Are these good ideas? Do you have anything to share?
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    Default Re: Ideas for unique monsters

    Quote Originally Posted by It Sat Rap View Post

    - A centaur with class levels as a cavalier. However, I didn't think any further with this.
    That one made me laugh

    I've not been playing many fantasy RPG's and the funny monster menagerie has been... scarce
    Although I came to think about a few fun ones from the swedish equivalence of mutants and masterminds, none of them my creations but part of the game:

    The Powderbug - a medium sized bug that really loves to eat gunpowder. It will find its way into your tent while you sleep and eat whatever gunpowder it finds. Somehow this makes them extremely explosive. Chasing them away is dangerous, stepping on them is lethal, and be careful to check the bags and shoes before handling them

    The Beard oak - Durkons worst enemy, moving threes. Act pretty much like blind, spontaneously stampeding cows. A heard of them can suddenly come crashing towards you, and itís hard to dodge a grove. To spice things up there is a specie, the Blood oak, which looks exactly like its less aggressive kind, but is carnivore. It usually sneaks up on you while you sleep

    The Bumblebee king - a giant bumblebee, three meter in diameter, and absolutely peaceful unless itís provoked (or someone tries to steal its honey)

    The Rubbits - A sort of rabbit-folk. And all of them are radical militant vegetarians, and hate all meat-eaters. They are the most well-armed, trigger-happy and dangerous group one will ever encounter, and responsible for the majority TPK:s. If you canít talk your way out, extremely quickly, and don't possess the physical capability to outrun a pack of bunnies, they will destroy anything short of a small army.
    No, no! Iím not accusing you of anything, Iím brainstorming

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