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    Pixie in the Playground

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    Default Hello! i'm new member here about indie rpg game

    I'm Esther new accounts here,nice to know you ^^

    i'm trying to send private messages to Roland St. Jude but i can't
    i hope it ok to ask here

    now me and my friend makeing a RPG Life+Farming Game
    base on rune factory and harvest moon name Memory Trees RPG Life+Farming Game

    but Our game is in M rate on Ps4 and steam( like the witcher 3 or dragon age ).

    So i'm not sure is that ok to post it in Roleplaying Games Forum?

    Sorry i'm really don't know did not mean to disturb
    thank you so much for your time

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    Sheriff in the Playground Administrator
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    Default Re: Hello! i'm new member here about indie rpg game

    Sheriff: There are two possible problem with what you propose. First, a game rated M may well be inappropriate for this forum in terms of graphic violence or explicit sexuality. This is generally a family-friendly forum with a roughly PG-13 rating. Second, advertising is prohibited. These rules are more complex, but be sure to review them to avoid violating the Spam and Advertising rules.
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