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    Default [Peach] The Commando, a Final Fantasy / Anime / Gaming inspired class

    So here is what I'm thinking. Mundanes, and especially melee classes, are at a severe disadvantage in a fight. But in games like final fantasy, league of legends, and in shows like bleach and DBZ, fighters can beat wizards and casters down in record time.
    I want to build an aggressive, powerhouse, melee-oriented class that packs a surprising punch against wizards and the like.
    I know it won't be a perfect fix, and they will still be T3 at best; but I think we can have some fun with this. I have several ideas already, but more are always welcome. I'll be designing it for PF, but a simpler version could be used for 3.5...
    Also, please forgive spelling and formatting errors; I'm doing most of this on my tablet at work.

    I'm currently leaning toward a PrC, though I'm open to the idea of doing it as a base instead.

    Class features will include gap-closers, ranged attacks, powerful strikes and defenses against fighter-bane effects like stagger and blind.
    Many abilities will be Supernatural (Su), and could be flavored as learning a special weapon style that can strike at air, transfer inertia, or magnify the force of his attacks.

    Other names I'm considering are the Scrapper, Skirmisher, or Bruiser.

    tentative name

    Role: Bruiser/Tank/Scrapper

    Alignment: Any

    Hit Die: d10

    To qualify to become commando, a character must fulfill all of the following criteria.
    Base Attack Bonus: +5
    Size: Small or larger*
    Feat: Power attack
    Strength: 16 for small, 20 medium, 28 large, +12 per size category above large**
    *Temporary size reductions to tiny or smaller do not invalidate this class' features.
    **Temporary reductions to strength may invalidate class features while your strength score is below the required thresh-hold. Temporary increases in size do not invalidate class features if your new strength score is below the threshold for your temporary size.

    Class Skills
    The commando's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Acrobatics (Dex), Climb (Str), Fly (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Ride (Dex), and Swim (Str)

    Skill Ranks per Level: (4 + Int modifier)

    Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special
    1st +1 +1 +0 +0 Improved Power Attack, Fountain of Fury
    2nd +2 +1 +1 +1 Execution, Monstrous Strength
    3rd +3 +2 +1 +1 Execution
    4th +4 +2 +1 +1 Execution, Furious Force
    5th +5 +3 +2 +2 Execution
    6th +6 +3 +2 +2 Execution
    7th +7 +4 +2 +2 Execution, Improved Furious Force
    8th +8 +4 +3 +3 Execution
    9th +9 +5 +3 +3 Execution
    10th +10 +5 +3 +3 Riastrad

    Class Features
    All of the following are class features of the commando:

    Improved Power Attack (Ex): You may choose to take a penalty on all melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks to gain a bonus on all melee damage rolls. You may choose any amount as your penalty, up to 1 + half of your BAB (rounded down), and you gain double that amount as the bonus. This damage bonus is increased by +50% if you are making the attack with a two handed weapon (in one or both hands) or a one handed weapon wielded with both hands.
    You must choose to use this ability before making an attack roll, and its effects last until the start of your next turn. The bonus damage does not apply to touch attacks or effects that do not deal hit point damage. This ability is an improvement to power attack, and cannot be combined with the benefits of that feat. This ability is otherwise considered equivalent to power attack for the purposes of other abilities and features.

    Fountain of Fury (Su): The commando gains power from his anger and determination, and may channel this power in a variety of ways. He gains a pool of Fury points equal to his class level + his charisma modifier. This pool refreshes after a short rest, usually after each encounter. He also gains one point of Fury at the start of any turn in which he is under a rage effect (be it barbarian rage or the rage spell), though he loses one point per round while exhausted or fatigued.
    He may spend a point of Fury for any of the following effects:
    - He may spend a point when making an attack to add a bonus to his attack and damage rolls equal to his charisma modifier +1.
    - He may spend a point when making an attack of opportunity. If he does so, that attack does not count against the number of attacks of opportunity he may perform that round.
    - He may spend a point after failing a save against a mind-affecting effect. He may then attempt a second save at the start of his next turn. If he succeeds this second saving throw, then any conditions he is suffering as a result of that effect immediately end.
    Additionally, as he gains executions, he will often gain new ways to spend fury points for different effects.

    Monstrous Strength (Ex): The commando has learned to make the most of his incredible strength. He may wield two handed weapons (made for his size, or the one handed weapons of larger creatures) in one hand, and may wield two handed weapons of creatures one size larger than his own with two hands. When wielding a two handed weapon in one hand, he still treats it as a 2 handed weapon for power attack, bonus damage from his strength modifier, and other factors.

    Furious Force (Su): One of the most notable abilities the commando possesses is the ability to unleash massive waves of force with his strikes. He may channel his furious force any time he would be able to make a melee attack, though doing so requires him to spend two points of fury. Alternatively, he may use this ability as a standard action, or immediately after a charge (for this reason, he may charge into an isolated area; he need not charge to melee range of an enemy)
    Make a single attack roll, and compare it to every creature in a 30 ft line. Any creatures with a lower AC than this result takes damage as though hit by your melee attack, including power attack and other bonuses, though not any form of precision damage. Roll the damage once and apply the damage equally to all targets. For every 5 points of damage your attack deals beyond 30, increase the length of the line by 5 ft. This damage cannot critically strike, and is considered a force effect.
    Beginning at level 7, you may use furious force to attack all enemies in a cone-shaped burst, centered on the normal line. Creatures caught only in the cone, or creatures in the line that were missed, take normal damage from the attack but may attempt a reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 BAB + 1.5 strength) for half damage. Creatures hit in the middle line take normal damage and cannot attempt a save. Using this improved form of furious force costs an additional point of fury.

    Riastrad (Su): Upon achieving 10th level, the commando has developed one of the fiercest fighting forms ever conceived. This ability is called riastrad, and he can use its power once per day. Activating riastrad is a full-round action that costs 4 points of fury. Once activated, riastrad lasts for 1 minute, or until all adversaries are defeated.
    While under the effects of riastrad, the commando must succeed a will save (DC 20 + Cha) at the start of his turn or he loses control of himself for 1 round. Should this occur, there is a 50% chance that he attacks the nearest creature or the creature who most recently attacked him, a 25% chance that he attacks the strongest creature in sight, and a 25% chance that he attempts to intimidate the nearest creature. While in his riastrad state of mind, the commando is immune to charms, compulsions, fear effects, fatigue, exhaustion, stagger, stun, daze, and death effects.
    Riastrad also conveys up to eight other benefits. If you possess any spell-like abilities from the fury magic execution, you may activate them as part of riastrad for 1 fury point each. If you activate less than eight spell-like abilities as part of riastrad, then you gain a bonus to attack and damage rolls, fortitude and reflex saves, combat maneuver checks, AC and CMD equal to 8 minus the number of spell-like abilities you activated. This bonus is untyped and lasts until the end of your riastrad.

    Executions (varies): Beginning at 2nd level, the commando gains his first execution; a powerful ability that augments his fighting style. He gains an additional execution at every level beyond 2nd, with the exception of level 10 when he gains the Riestrad ability. He may select any execution whose prerequisites he meets, and he may not select any execution more than once, unless otherwise noted.
    • Combat Training (Ex): Your levels in this class stack with levels in your other classes to determine your effective fighter level when selecting combat feats. If you have no fighter levels from another class, then you gain an effective fighter level equal to your class level.
      Also, you may train and practice your skills for one hour to gain the benefits of one combat feat for the rest of the day. You must meet all prerequisites for these feats, and you may change feats throughout the day if you have the training time to spare.
    • Violent Training (Ex): Your levels in this class stack with levels in your other classes to determine the number of rounds of rage you get per day. If you do not have the rage class feature from another class, then you gain the rage feature as a first level barbarian, with a number of rounds of rage per day equal to two times your class level.
      Also, you gain one rage power, chosen from the barbarian's list, for which you meet the prerequisites. You may spend rounds of rage as if they were fury points.
    • Mystic Training (Ex): Your levels in this class stack with levels in your other classes to determine the number of points in your ki pool each day. If you do not have the ki pool feature from another class, then you gain the ki pool feature as a fourth level monk, with a number of points in the pool equal to 1/2 your class level. You do not gain the ki strike, extra attack, extra movement, or dodge bonus qualities of the ki pool, however.
      Also, by spending one hour in meditation and exercise, you may choose one ki power from the Qinggong monk "4th-Level Ki Powers" list which you may use for the rest of the day. You may change powers throughout the day, provided you have enough time to meditate and exercise again.
    • Holy Training (Ex): Your levels in this class stack with levels in your other classes to determine the number of uses for lay on hands you receive each day. If you do not have the lay on hands feature from another class, then you gain the lay on hands feature of a second level paladin, with a number of uses per day equal to 1/2 your class level.
      Also, by spending one hour in prayer, you may choose one mercy from the paladin's 3rd or 6th level mercies to gain for the rest of the day. You may change this mercy throughout the day, provided you have enough time to pray again.
    • Taunting (Ex): Whenever a creature you can see that threatens you makes an attack against one of your allies, as an immediate action, you can compel that creature to attack you instead. This is a mind-affecting, enchantment (compulsion) effect. When you compel a creature to attack you, you must first succeed at an intimidation check, and the creature can attempt a Will saving throw to ignore the compulsion (DC 10 + 1/2 BAB + Strength).
    • Specialized Slayer (Ex): Select one creature type from the ranger's favored enemy list. Any attacks you make against creatures of that type gain the benefits of the bane weapon property (+2 to weapon enhancement, +2d6 damage). You may select this execution more than once, choosing a different creature type each time.
    • Powerful Rush (Ex): When making a charge, bull rush, or overrun attempt, you may spend a point of fury to gain a bonus to your move speed equal to your strength score. You also make vertical leaps at the same DC as horizontal jumps when using this ability.
    • Double-jump (Ex): By expending a large amount of force, you are able to make a short jump while in the air. You may only use this ability if you are airborne by your own methods and not subject to any force that would cause you to lose control of your movement (such as being knocked out of the air or falling from a trap).
      To use this ability, you must spend one point of fury as a free action while moving through the air. Make an acrobatics check, using any currently applicable modifiers to the check or DC, but use your strength modifier in place of your Dex modifier. Divide the result of your check by 2 before calculating the distance covered.
    • Air Combo (Ex): When you succeed with a bull-rush attempt, you may choose to knock the opponent airborne, at twice the difficulty to knock them sideways (5 ft. vertically for every 10 you beat their CMD by). Also, your speed allows you to intercept airborne enemies, be they falling, rising, leaping, or flying, before they hit the ground. Doing so requires 1 point of fury, and allows you to spend an immediate action to make a single move toward the desired airborne opponent. If you successfully reach that opponent, you may make one melee attack against them as a free action. Furthermore, if the opponent is rising, dropping, or otherwise moving away at the time that you reach them, they provoke an attack of opportunity from you.
      You must have the double-jump execution before you select this one, and you must have an initiative modifier of +4 or better.
    • Gravity Strike (Ex): When leaping, falling, or flying into a square within reach of an opponent on the ground, you may spend a point of fury to gain a free melee attack against that opponent. This counts as a charge attack from higher ground, giving the attacker a +3 bonus on his attack roll total.
      In addition, your attacks against prone opponents deal additional damage equal to half your strength modifier (rounded down; 1.5xSTR for 1-handed weapons, 2xSTR for 2-handed).
    • Overwhelming Onslaught (Ex): If your melee attack damage exceeds the DR of the defending creature, resolve the damage for that attack as though the attack bypassed DR entirely. Any energy resistance that would apply to secondary damage dealt by your attacks (such as fire resistance against your flaming weapon) is reduced by half against your attacks.
    • Aggravating Assault (Ex): Your attacks are fast and brutal, weakening you opponents defenses aver time. On your turn, you may declare one enemy to be the subject of your assault. For the rest of the round, each time you attempt to attack that opponent, he takes a cumulative -1 penalty to his AC, CMD, and reflex saves against his other opponents. When this penalty has reduced his AC to his flat-footed AC value, he is considered flat-footed until the penalty is removed or his gains a bonus to AC from some source. This penalty lasts until the start of your next turn, you attack another creature, or until you no longer threaten the victim.
    • Staggering Blows (Ex): Opponents hit by your melee attacks or combat maneuvers take a cumulative -2 penalty to their CMD. This penalty expires at the start of your next turn. Furthermore, when you succeed at a combat maneuver check, the defending creature must succeed at a fortitude save (DC 10 + strength) or become staggered for 1 round.
    • Spell Breaker (Su): You possess enough raw power to shatter metaphysical effects with pure force. You may use the sunder combat maneuver to break ongoing spell effects in an area or on your victim. Treat this as a dispel check with a result equal to the result of your CMB check.
    • Blastwall (Su): You swing your weapon with sudden power, causing a backlash of ambient force that prevents attacks from reaching you. Using this ability is an immediate action that costs 2 points of fury. When you use this ability, you create a 10 ft. tall wall of concentrated energy that lasts until the beginning of your next turn. The length of this wall is equal to 5 ft. times the number of damage dice normally dealt by your weapon (greatsword [2d6] would be 10 feet, longsword [1d8] would be 5 ft.) without adding in any multipliers like critical hits or Vital Strike. Effects which increase weapon size to a level with more dice will increase the wall length.
      Roll damage as though you had successfully hit with a melee attack against the square your wall is centered on. The wall has hardness equal to twice your charisma modifier and health equal to the result of your damage roll. Any ranged attack aimed at a creature on the other side of the wall automatically fails, but deals normal damage to the wall itself. Spell effects are blocked by the wall as well, unless their damage causes the wall to be destroyed, in which case the effect continues with reduced damage.
      Creatures may attempt to overrun the wall as part of a charge, but it has the same CMD as its creator. Should a creature break through the wall in this way, it is immediately destroyed.
      This wall otherwise functions as a wall of force, with a caster level equal to your base attack bonus. The maximum range for this effect is the same as the maximum result for the damage roll you make as part of it, rounded down to the nearest 5 ft. interval.
      (For example, a medium Commando with +8 BAB, 15 charisma and 20 strength using a medium greatsword and power attack could create a 10'x10' wall with 4 hardness and 2d6+16 health at up to 25 feet away.)
      You must be at least level 4 to select this execution.
    • Deflection Wall (Su): When you use blastwall to successfully block a ranged attack or spell effect (and the wall still stands afterward), the attack or effect is turned back upon its point of origin. If you blocked a projectile attack, nothing happens. If you blocked a burst or line spell effect, then that effect reverses direction, as if it were emanating from the center of your blastwall and aimed at the square of the original caster. The range of this burst is reduced by the distance traveled by the original effect. (if a lightning bolt with 100 ft range travels 40 ft. before striking a blastwall, then it will travel 60 ft. back, passing the original caster and hitting people up to 20 ft. behind him.)
      Deflected effects treat all creatures at targets, if possible, so spells which may originally not have affected the caster's allies will affect those allies after being deflected.
      Your blastwall now deals damage to any creature attempting to charge or overrun through it, dealing damage equal to the amount of health it had before the creature collides with it. You may use blastwall against a rushing opponent to deal damage to them if they do not stop approaching.
      You must have the blastwall execution before selecting this one, and you must have an initiative modifier of 4 or more.
    • Fury Magic (Sp): The fury in the commando's body manifests in semi-tangible ways, creating an effect similar to sorcery. When you select this execution, you gain access to one spell-like ability, chosen from the following list. Using any of these abilities is a swift action, and costs a number of fury points equal to the level of the spell effect you are using. Your caster level for these effects is your class level, and the spell effect can only target you. All spell-like abilities from fury magic have a duration of "1 round / caster level" but they end immediately if you are knocked unconscious.
      You must have at least 12 charisma to select this execution. You may select this execution more than once, gaining a new spell-like ability each time.
      You may choose your spell-like abilities from the following list: bear's endurance, bull's strength, cat's grace, certain grip, enlarge person, kinetic reverberation, lead blades, light, magic fang, natural rhythm, remove fear, stalwart resolve, sun metal, and suppress charms and compulsions.
      If you have at least 14 charisma, add the following spells to this list: battle trance, blessing of fervor, blood rage, deadly juggernaut, divine power, good hope, greater magic fang, haste, heroism, mighty strength, rage, and righteous vigor.
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    Default Re: Final Fantasy / Anime / Gaming inspired class

    Do you know Tome of Battle? Its classes can pretty much be used for what you want to accomplish.

    Siela Tempo by the talented Kasanip. Tengu by myself.

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    Default Re: Final Fantasy / Anime / Gaming inspired class

    I made a class that has similar abilities (in terms of fluff). You can check it out if you want, maybe it'll give you some ideas. Havoc Knight. Although I'll admit the two-handed Path of Destruction for my class needs a little work. Just fixed it. But hopefully the class as a whole will help you out!
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    Default Re: Final Fantasy / Anime / Gaming inspired class

    The havoc knight seemed a little too supernatural for what I was trying to do. It could make a neat antipaladin archetype, though.

    I do not have the ToB, but I know there are a lot of good fixes there.

    I guess then I'll work on a class that's not designed to fix imbalance, but rather add more offensive power in general.
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